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Comments: This is the best shoe I've tried. They have a super soft back-ankle pad that is most comfortable. They are better than Babolat Propulse 3, KSwiss Uproar, Prince T22, and New Balance 804 in my opinion. They are super stable on my my low arch. (Yet to try Nike and Adidas.).
From: David, 12/12

Comments: The best shoe all the way around since the Barricade V. I've been using it since and really hope Head keeps making it. Amazing cushioning, stability, and good weight but not too light for those who like really light weight shoes. The mid lower sole control is superior for traction and side to side movement and it actually lasts decent.
From: Ali, 11/12

Comments: These shoes offer great value, as they are good quality at a very good price when on sale. The performance is great. The soft rubber sole grips the court really well. The lateral support is very good, and ventilation is excellent, better than most other tennis shoes I've tried. The fit is medium width, giving a better fit than the Barricade 6, which were too narrow for me. On the down side, the insoles included with these shoes are garbage, (as it is the case with most other tennis shoes these days). However, once I replaced them with some quality sport insoles, the comfort level increased dramatically. Also the shoes require a little break-in, they started to feel a lot better after a few days. As I previously said, the outsole is made of a relatively soft rubber, and offers great traction. It also means that it will wear fast, probably faster than your average tennis shoe. For me personally, I don't mind sacrificing durability for better performance when it comes to tennis shoes. It helps me move faster, and also avoid slips/injuries. Besides, with the 6 months warranty, you get two for one, and at the sale price, that's a pretty good deal.
From: Vlad, 6/12

Comments: Great stability and shock absorption simultaneously. I really like them. I used to use K-Swiss and Nike, but I like the cushioning of the Heads better.
From: Ben, 6/12

Comments: I came from using the Barricade 6.0, and before that the Barricade 5. This shoe from Head had some nice reviews about being closer to the Barricade 5.0, which sounded good to me since the B6 I did find to be narrower, and much more difficult to break-in. So far, the Speed Pro has been more like the B5 as far as shorter break-in and the fit is like the Barricade 5.0, not as narrow as the Barricade 6.0. I will say, the Barricade 6.0 was durable like a tank, I could not wear through the outsole in 4 months. Only 1 month into the Speed Pro, and the tread looks like my 4 month-old Barricade 6.0. It is not as durable as a Barricade, but if you are looking for a wider fit like the Barricade 5.0 with decent comfort and shorter break-in, Speed Pro is good so far. If you can't wear through Barricade and want a shoe that will wear out in 6 months to get the second pair, this one is much less durable than the Barricade, and it is very very stable and comfortable too!
From: James, 1/12

Comments: I have been an adidas Barricade II user for many years and wanted to try a different shoe. I purchased the Head Speed Pro on September 9th and I am very disappointed with the shoe. I play an average of 2 times a week and after only 4 months I already have worn a hole in the toe.
From: Bob, 12/11

Comments: I got a pair of Barricade 6's and I knew they were going to be stiff and it would take me a while to break them in so I bought a pair of Speed Pro as my "back up". Well, turned out that the Barricade's were smooth and easy to break in where as the Head Speed Pro are extremely stiff and by the end of the match my feet really hurts. I've played with them about 8 hours. I hope they will get better but so far I am not happy with them.
From: Bruno, 11/11

Comments: The Speed Pro is a solid shoe. The toe box is medium and feels very close to what we all experienced in the Adidas Barricade 5. So, it fits great if you have a slightly wide foot. Note: The toe box not as wide as the Prince T22. For me this shoe is something of a cross between the Adidas Barricade 5 and the K-Swiss DS Defier. It has the traction and rigidity of a players shoe in the forefoot but with a soft feel in the heel for comfort. The softness of this shoe has not caused me any problems on aggressive cuts as the middle of the shoe stays rigid under duress. Lots of smart engineering in this shoe. Perhaps the nicest thing I can say about it is I played for 5 hours last weekend and had virtually no foot pain, which is a rarity for me. It's too early for me to really comment on durability as I've only got maybe of 10 hours of play on them. So far so good. Really my only problem with the shoe is it's lacing system. I really like Nike's sock idea and find myself wanting to make this shoe fit more snugly. But that's not a big issue. I highly recommend this product.
From: Anon. 10/11

Comments: This is a highly underrated shoe. For those of you who may have a tendency to think the big name brands first, don't overlook a hidden gem like this one. I couldn't believe how comfortable and supportive they felt. I've worn just about every high end Nike shoe and a couple of adidas as well as Reebok. These shoes are right up there. They take a day worth of playing to break-in, but the next time I put them on total bliss. And they have a nice look to them as well. I wear orthodic inserts, so this shoe was wide enough to accommodate them. They are well cushioned and the mesh adds for breathability. Durability seems to rival the big name shoes.
From: Vince, 10/11

Comments: I used to wear adidas Barricade 5's and I loved them. The Barricade 6 did not fit right so I looked at this shoe. It took me about a week to really break it in and I absolutely love this shoe. Cushioning is better than the Barricade 5's and the shoe offers great support. I will get a second pair due to 6-month warranty. I am really impressed, love the shoes.
From: Malik, 9/11

Comments: I am 6 hours in and these shoes are great. I'm a huge Adidas Barricade V fan due to the room in the front part of the shoe and the amount of support they offer, however they were a tad heavy. The Barricade 6 was too narrow for me and even made my feet sore after playing with them, even though I loved the light weight feel. These Head Shoes take the best qualities of the Barricade 5 and 6 as they're very comfortable, have great support and feel much lighter than the stated 17.3 oz. I play a lot so the 6 month guarantee is a no brainer.
From: Eric, 7/11

Comments: These are very good shoes. I have Morton's Neuroma in one foot, so I was looking for a heavy-duty everyday practice shoe and these fit the bill nicely. Very good cushioning and comfort, plus good support and traction. And for a 17 oz shoe, they feel much lighter than that. I just bought my 2nd pair.
From: Dave, Charlotte, NC, 4/11

Comments: These are my go to shoe when it comes to matches. Very comfortable, soft but with excellent support. Durability is OK but when you want longer lasting shoes you sacrifice the comfort a bit. They come with 6 month warranty so get 2 shoes for the price of 1!
From: Juan, San Diego, CA, USA, 03/11

Comments: I bought these shoes about 6 weeks ago or so. First time I wore them, my right arch hurt so bad I didn't think I could continue to wear them. But after spending so much for them I pressed through. I now have to wear 2 pair of socks just to tolerate them. I do not like these shoes at all. They make my feet hurt and they're way too clunky. I have always liked New Balance shoes but can't stand the current styles they offer. They are so ugly but I guess I'll have to go back to them because I have to say they fit my feet better than any shoe I've ever worn. I am done with Head. Worst tennis shoes I've ever owned. 4.0 weekend warrior.
From: Matt, Wilson, NC, USA, 03/11

Comments: I have to admit, I wouldn't look at Head shoes before and got them just because of a whim. My other tennis shoes are Barricade V's. These Heads are on par performance wise compared to Adidas, have nice snug fit and overall are very good. Recommend.
From: Saguaro, AZ, USA, 02/11

Comments: My favourite tennis shoes are the Asics Resolution, in comparison these sneakers are comfortable and support is decent, but unfortunately they are not suitable for hard tournament use and feel way too rigid for frequent wear. also the arch support is insufficient and the outside sole wears out too fast. I don't think I am buying a Head shoe anytime soon.
From: Luigi, Paris, France, 01/11

Comments: Best shoe I've ever owned. I can play 5 sets and my feet never hurt. Blow adidas away, great shoe. Unfortunately never on sale.
From: Chriz, New York City, NY, USA, 01/11

Comments: These shoes are comfortable but they wear out pretty fast. I bought them and in a month and a half I had a huge hole in toe. I play everyday so if you only play a couple times a week, they will probably hold up.
From: Brodie, Cochran, GA, 10/10

Comments: I've tried the Prince Screams, Nike Vapor Vs, Nike Air Court Ballistec 2.3s, and this is the best so far. Great out-of-the-box comfort, roomy toe-box, super cushioned and the stability is fine. The free flip-flops are a nice touch too. Kudos to Head!
From: Randy, Denver, CO, USA, 08/10

Comments: I used to use Nike and Adidas but found the comfort got worse and worse 3 weeks with the Head Speed Pro I can say this is the best sneaker I have ever used the comfort is unreal. Just because its head don't overlook the sneaker it's a gem.
From: Rocky B, NY, USA. 06/10

Comments: These shoes are awful! I definitely don't think I ordered the wrong size. First 4 days make my feet cramp badly and then the last 2 days I've gotten huge blisters. Won't even bother wearing them out in attempt to get the 6-month durability guarantee.
From: Garrett, CA, USA. 06/10

Comments: HEAD tennis shoes of the past have not exactly inspired my confidence. I cannot recall if there is one ATP pro who I've seen in a pair. Past offerings have been more concerned with style than substance. However, maybe HEAD should consider a pro contract because they have created a great shoe that will rival any top quality Nike/KSwiss or Adidas shoes on the market today.
COMFORT: Very comfortable when teamed up with a pair of Superfeet shoe inserts available here on TW. No pinching, no break in, nice firm and super stable (torsionally stiff). TRACTION: Superb but not too sticky. APPEARANCE: Great, not gaudy, kind of plain (love that!). As close as you'll get to an all-white shoe.
WEIGHT: A bit clunky, but if you are like me, and getting older, you appreciate the support and cushioning for hard court tennis. LACING SYSTEM: Could be better if they just adopted the K-Swiss system or added one more hole. The final hole seems a bit low on the ankle. Fair.
SUPPORT: As good if not better than a Barricade or K-Swiss.
SKILL LEVEL: 5.0 - 55 Years old.
From: Mark, San Juan Capistrano, CA, USA, 05/10

Comments: I was also a devoted Barricade 5 wearer. I am a teaching pro and am on my feet long hours. My Head rep gave me a pair to try and it is the best shoe I've ever worn. Similar to the Barricade with much more cushion. You may give up a slight amount of stability but to me the trade off is well worth the improved cushioning.
From: David, Lexington, KY. 5/10

Comments: I really thought the Barricade 5 was my shoe of choice till I got to try a pair of these. Maybe for the first 10 to 15 minutes I had to "break them in" but after that everything was great. Traction, support, and durability. The thing I like most about this shoe is the comfort, very cushioned; this is what sold me on them. Very similar to the Barricade 5 in every department, but the softness really stands out.
From: Don, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 04/10

Comments: I currently have six pairs of tennis shoes. Typically buy Nike but the narrowness of their shoes is beginning to cause my feet to hurt after singles. Purchased these due to high ratings. Best tennis shoes I have ever worn!
From: Bob, Atlanta, GA, USA, 04/10

Comments: I picked these shoes because tennis magazine gave it the highest rating for cushion. I developed plantar fasciitis six months ago and had been struggling to keep it at bay. I needed something to make my first steps in the morning more tolerable. From day one I could feel the difference. As far as performance they perform as well as any other shoes I have used. But, the cushioning system that head uses is a blessing over other shoes I have tried. Looks like its head from here on out.
From: Ace, Houston, TX 04/10

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