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Comments: Great shoes! It has really good stability and durability! It is a bit heavier though. At first, it was a bit stiff and really good traction on court.
From: Cambo, 2/13

Comments: These shoes are the best shoes I have ever had durability wise. They are very comfortable and look cool as well! I am a notorious toe dragger and only buy shoes with durability warranties for the most part. I guess they could be a little lighter but I believe you would sacrifice durability. Great job Head! I will definitely be a repeat customer!
From: Dave, 11/12

Comments: These shoes are very stiff, which makes it uncomfortable and painful to play tennis in. There's a reason they are only 59 bucks.
From: Steven, 9/12

Comments: The first two months I had this shoe the top part near the toes started coming off (hard to explain) and I got a hole in it.
From: Jack, 8/12

Comments: First off, as far as durability is concerned these shoes are great! I usually wear out barricades in 2-3 months and these shoes lasted me the same amount of time. Although due to the vertical thickness of the sole they play heavier than the specs suggest because your foot is sitting so high up. It takes a match or two to get used to the way they play but all in all a good buy!
From: Alex, 7/12

Comments: Bought these shoes and they are very comfortable and fit really well. I used to use the 2K11's. I did replace the insole from the get go. It's a little on the heavy side but the uppers are very good quality. The sole is already kind of worn down after 1 1/2 months but I play 4 times a week and it has a warranty. Overall its a very good buy.
From: Christian, 7/12

Comments: The shoes look great. I do not like how they fit though. After using them in matches, I found that my feet hurt quite a bit, especially in the toe area. I think the problem is that area around the toes is too big and my foot moves in there - fit is not snug. Never had problems like this with other tennis shoes - wore adidas Barricade's (2,4,5) before this one.
From: Albert, 4/12

Comments: Bought these shoes a couple of months ago. Loved the looks, confort and stability provided. I can play 4 doubles games in one morning on Saturday and 3 more on Sunday and my feet will continue to feel great. The first two weeks they were very stiff. After three weeks they were great. I did change the insole for one that provides more cushion. Also it would be great if Head makes the shoe 1 oz or 1.5 oz lighter.
From: Miguel M, 3/12

Comments: Not a great shoe. There's no break in period, ok ventilation, but it's a little on the bad side, not great cushioning, way too high off the ground for no feel. Durability? I can't believe I wore this out in a month and a half!!! I'm a 4.0 player, which means the higher ones would have some trouble with this shoe. But traction was pretty decent actually, and superb stability.
From: Hyeoncheol, 3/12

Comments: Great shoe....and good looking shoe, but some flaws. The good part first. No break-in period and if you had previous ankle injuries or worried about twisting your ankle, this shoe does it's best to prevent it. The shoe definitely keeps your feet in place during fast pace court play and the stability is great, along with good comfort! I have very flat feet and put in (bulky) high arch orthodontics...and the shoe still had fantastic comfort. Ok, the drawbacks. Depending on your play, the soles will not last very long at all. I had the same problem with a previous pair of Head shoes with the soles wearing out in 2-3 months when playing 2 times a week. The outer design of the shoe is awesome, but underneath needs some work. After 6 hours of play, I had a white circle shape appear on the very front (top) of each foot. Explanation: Under the black exterior is the color white...if you happen to drag the top of your toe area on the court, it removes the black color on the shoe and brings out the white color underneath. Solution: use a black sharpie to make it black again. Overall, with the flaws, it really is a great shoe.
From: Eric, 2/12

Comments: Not a big fan of these shoes. Have played in them a few times now and I do not like the support. They feel cheaply made. The cushioning is about the only positive I have for these shoes.
From: NM, 2/12

Comments: My first pair of Head shoes and I'm very impressed. These do need a bit of a break-in period but after that, great comfort and lateral stability. Like most off-the-shelf shoes the insoles are less than desirable so I put in a pair of my favorite insoles. The only real drawback to the shoes is the weight but in the long run I'd rather have the comfort and support. Believe it or not, these shoes are also great to wear when driving your car - just stiff enough but with great feel - perfect for those road trips to play tennis :-)
From: Joel, 1/12

Comments: These shoes are very stable but too a little breaking in. Cushioning was good but the inserts were pretty unimpressive so I took the ones out of my recently retired T22's and put them in. Now it has a more cushioned feel than the T22's. I feel like they have improved my serving too, not certain how. It must be that new shoe effect? I love the color scheme. It looks great with my navy blue warmup pants. If they last 6 months then great!
From: John, 12/11

Comments: I'm very picky about my tennis equipment; darn near obsessive about my shoes! I'm an all-court, mid 30's, 190 lbs male player. I have been a long-time adidas Barricade V wearer and could not wear the Barricade VI because they were too narrow in the forefoot. I primarily play singles and need a stable, comfortable shoe that has enough space to accommodate my ankle braces and Super Feet Inserts. This shoe fit my needs nicely. They break in easily and are very comfortable. They are probably the most stable shoes I have ever worn. The only drawback to this shoe is the weight. I am sacrificing a little speed and mobility for safety and security, but actually these shoes have helped me learn to play more aggressively and move my opponent around; I can't rely on being as fast on defense as with lighter shoes. The durability won't be as good as the Barricade's, but it isn't so bad that the warranty is needed.
From: Mike, 11/11

Comments: These shoes are very comfortable, fit my feet really well (size 10 UK, long feet, medium width). Nice cushioned, soft upper with great padded tongue which means you can tie laces tight if necessary. Extra lace hole for those of us with thinner ankles. They remind me of the Barricade V's but with the comfort of the CB 2.3's with a bit more room in the toe box. I'm an all court/serve and vollyer and like a sturdy shoe and stability wise these are right up there with the best. Not worn Head before but they are top of my list now.
From: Richard, 11/11

Comments: Best fitting pair of tennis shoes I've had in 10+ years. I used to wear the adidas Barricades exclusively but by the time they got to the Barricade 6; the shoe was not wide enough. Glad I found these shoes. No break-in required, feel great, and look good. Head has my tennis shoe business.
From: Phil, 10/11

Comments: This is a really great shoes for performance tennis players. It has very good lateral support and is super comfortable. I am always ready to sprint in this shoe. Lastly, it looks very nice.
From: Serkan, 9/11

Comments: I've had these shoes for about one month. I really like them a lot, best tennis shoe I've owned so far. They're comfortable and have really good grip and cushioning. I'm a size 10, ordered a size 10, and they fit perfectly - my foots a little wider (too wide for Barricades) but these are great. Lastly, they look amazing, everyone just stares at my feet.
From: Anon, 9/11

Comments: I've worn the Prestige Pro shoes for a while and once the Speed Pro. I'm a big fan of Head shoes. They are the most comfortable out of the box I've worn. These Radical Pro shoes are no different. The shell has a little softer feeling than the other two Head shoes, this contributes to great comfort but also the need to snug up the laces a little after the shoes have stretched a bit. Sole is the same as the other Head shoes so I love the traction and cushion but I also know I'll burn through it in about 4 months of 4-5 times a week playing.
From: K, 8/11

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