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Comments: I commented in December and March and this is my sixth month wearing these shoes. I usually don't get 6 months of tennis out of a shoe without at least the mid soles breaking down. These have exceeded Adidas Barricade IIs which I thought impossible and there is still decent outsole left and good traction also -- but they are close to being done. Good job Head
From: S.M., 5/13

Comments: I was the 12/12 poster for these shoes. I now have a couple of months playing in them. I have no complaints whatsoever. I would agree with the most recent poster -- about equivalent to the Barricade with much better fit for a wide forefoot person like myself. No heat issues, good even wear. Similar fit to the K Swiss Defier RS but a little narrower in the heel which is good for me as it keeps the heel in. A little less squishy that the KS sole-wise. As good a shoe as I have had.
From: S.M., 2/13

Comments: This is the second one I got from HEAD. They are so good. The comfort is the best when you are playing. I recommend 100%.
From: Julio, 1/13

Comments: Really good shoe. I've worn barricades for the past 5+ years and have switched to these. They feel a little higher in the heel but just as stable. A little bit of a break-in period, but a great fit for a wide foot. I swapped out the insoles and it is an extremely comfortable shoe. Also, it has runner's lace-locks to keep your heel secure. I didn't have a problem with heat or ventilation - no better or worse than barricades.
From: J.D., 1/13

Comments: I've had these shoes for a couple of weeks and played a few matches in them. It's the winter indoor season here but I don't find the shoes to be abnormally hot at all. They seem just fine. They have a wide forefoot and a narrow, slightly elevated heel (like many Adidas) which is exactly what I need. These and KSwiss generally fit me well but I find the lateral heel support of these to be superior and snugger. They are medium weight and provide good support and cushioning. Good grip. Overall, a very good shoe fit and feel wise for me, too soon to tell wear wise.
From: Anon, 12/12

Comments: You absolutely cannot breathe in these shoes. Ventilation is horrible. I tested just by walking in them for a day and my feet were sweating. I didn't even step on the court!
From: EC, 5/12

Comments: I have wide feet and had toe bleeding with worn-in Nike Ballistec 4.1. With the herringbone version of the Prestige Pro II, I wore them for one day off court, and played today- no problems with toes. Nike Ballistec 4.1 is more comfortable and perhaps stable but for my feet, only for light practice. Prestige Pro II don't have indestructible feel of the adidas Barricade 5's but a fine/great shoe for my feet.
From: Manolis, 4/12

Comments: I purchased this shoe based on the high reviews for comfort. Aside from the added cushioning in the heels, there was little comfort to be found in this shoe, especially in the forefoot which was very harsh and plastic feeling. Also, the outsole durability is terrible, even the Lunar Vapor shoes are more durable than this one. While it does have good stability, I felt the outsole material to be too 'boxy' and brick-like. There was a very clunky feel on the court. It was not worth even sending back to get replacements, in my opinion.
From: James, 4/12

Comments: I had to go out of my way to comment. I've had about 8 pairs of the Head Radicals and loved them for the price compared to Barricades. Quality, not too light / not too heavy, and durable. However, total opposite with Head Prestige. I literally went through these shoes in 6 sessions (2 1/2 weeks) on the court. I mainly play doubles and typically play for 3-4 hours at a time. Typically, shoes will last me 2-4 months. I will be turning these in for store credit rather than a warranty
From: Brian, 1/12

Comments: I almost feel it my duty to tell those of you who are wide of foot to stay away from the Prestige ll if you loved the original Prestige like I did. In the previous model I could play forever without a thought to my feet. They were the best wide foot shoe on the market even though they only came in a D width. While the previous model cradled your foot perfectly the Prestige ll pinches the forefoot enough to cause mine to be black and blue after only a couple of week's play. Note to all tennis shoe manufacturers: leather works best! I paid more for these made with petroleum uppers and got debilitating results. I am known for my speed around the court but waiting for the ibuprofen to kick in so I don't wince doesn't cut it. I am an EE wide for those of you wondering.
From: Eric, USA, 1/12

Comments: Great shoe for players with wide, flat feet, but the major downside is the durability of the soles. The tops of my shoes still look brand new, but the soles are too worn to play - and I have only been playing in them once a week for 5 months. I felt a little sluggish on the court with these shoes - and they seem heavy.
From: Eric, 12/11

Comments: Great shoe from the start. Great traction and stability. The rubber is definitely geared toward this. Even playing on a damp court was easy without sliding. Comfort is also great but the insert does lose its cushion after a couple months. I play at least 2 singles matches a week and the toes have gone smooth after 3 months and have just started to break through the rubber. I can also add that the rubber compound is still very tacky even after going smooth. When compared to my last KSwiss shoes when they went smooth I'd have no traction at all. Overall, still a great shoe. I don't mind getting great traction while sacrificing durability. The 6 month replacement helps with that anyway.
From: Scott, 12/11

Comments: Head has to increase the durability of the sole on these shoes! They are an absolute winner in every other category.
From: Jeff, 10/11

Comments: I play exclusively on fast hard courts and am very quick on my feet. I can resoundingly agree with the general claims made by the various players below. This shoe gets a 9 or 10 (on a 1-10 scale) in looks, comfort, and playability. It would be my go-to shoe for the next several years if I didn't completely blow through the bottom of both shoes in less than four months. The lack of quality on the outsole is almost inexplicable. Head engineers, if you are reading this: use better components in the shoe and you have a winner.
From: Damon, 10/11

Comments: These shoes were really comfortable. I switched to these from the new adidas Barricade's (which are way too narrow for my feet). The durability isn't that great, but it's not as bad as stated in the other comments at least in my case! These are well worth a try.
From: Sergio, 10/11

Comments: Sadly, this shoe wears out very fast. The top of my shoe looks brand new and the sole has a hole at the toe. Too bad because the shoe is the best I have ever worn. I have tried a lot of brands.
From: Bo, 8/11

Comments: Great comfort and support but very poor durability! Completely fell apart in less than three months (I play roughly 6 hours a week).
From: Matt, 8/11

Comments: I have the same comments as the others as far as excellent comfort with absolutely no durability. The grooves in the sole near the toe and heel wear down literally after the first time playing. Within 2 to 3 weeks, they are slick. By the 4th week the soles are falling apart, and I only play about 3 times a week!
From: Russ, 8/11

Comments: The positives of this shoe were great support, allowed me to play fearlessly, and there is no break in period. A couple negatives were that I wore through toe in 2 weeks and wore through sole in 3 weeks. I play around 30+ hrs a week. The verdict is I will buy them again, but will have to pick up my feet more.
From: Ian, 7/11

Comments: This is a very comfortable shoe but I'm disappointed with the durability. I play 3 times a week and after 2 months the sole is coming apart.
From: Mark Leonard. 6/11

Comments: Great style, very comfortable. The downside to these shoes is durability! This is supposed to be a 6 month shoe. Less than 3 weeks the outsole is already showing in the toe area. I have been wearing the Prince T22 shoes and they are awesome for durability. They are usually ready for replacement in 5-6 months. I just got tired of the Prince styling, which hasn't changed much lately and thought the more stylish Head shoes would be a nice change. I guess you can't have it all!
From: Bob. 5/11

Comments: These aren't for anyone with a narrow heel but durability seems okay. I had an issue with foot movement inside of the shoe.
From: David, Orlando, FL, USA. 5/11

Comments: This shoe is pretty comfortable and has support. The downfall is durability. I've had mine for 2 weeks and I'm already starting to wear through them.
From: Jordan, IL, USA. 4/11

Comments: One of the best shoe's I've ever tried. The last edition had a few flaws and now they came out with this shoe with style and comfort. Last model would rip on top when hitting a slice. This came reinforced to avoid this problem. All in all a great shoe.
From: Juan, San Diego, CA, USA, 03/11

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