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Comments: Good quality grip. However, even after stapling and using double sided scotch tape, I cannot get the leather grip to stay flush on the buttcap like factory installed leather grips. Very frustrating.
From: Eric, 5/16

Comments: Never used a leather grip before, so I thought I would give this a shot. I really enjoyed it when used under Yonex Supergrap. It gives a very firm feeling to my handle that I really enjoy.
From: Jason, 3/16

Comments: Nice grip that conforms to contours better than any leather grip I've tried. Very malleable. Easiest leather grip to install by far.
From: William, 9/15

Comments: Best leather grip ever! The Babolat leather is too stiff, the Wilson leather grip shrinks, the Volkl leather changes the grip size, but Head is just the best! Nice finish and easy to instal.
From: Jan, 3/13

Comments: I love this grip too. I prefer it without an overgrip and have not had any blisters, but I have developed hands already. It will add weight to your racquet though so you have to compensate or adjust. I got it just for that reason. It feels slippery when I'm not playing, but as soon as I start hitting on the court, I never slip! Tee best thing is that you can really FEEL the bevels, which helps me to lock in my position with confidence. I use it on a Head Youtek Radical MP. It improved the stick instantly.
From: Flip, 10/12

Comments: I never used a leather grip until I found a Head Prestige Pro (comes with Head Leather Tour). I was warned that I probably wouldn't like it or would get blisters at first, but I fell in love instantly (using the bare grip). I never got blisters. I used Wilson and Head synthetic grips before. I play about 5-6 hours a week on average. The Head grip is really tapered on the edge of the grip and it makes it easy to adjust your overlap to either make it perfectly flat, or overlap a little less and give it some valleys where it overlaps. It is good quality leather, and the orange-ish looks great with my racquets.
My friend has sweaty hands and he can not use my racquet with the bare leather. With in minutes, the leather is soaked and is too slippery for him. I found that if your hand is perfectly dry, or really sweaty, the leather is slippery. But my hands are slightly moist when playing (which I think is normal) and there is plenty of tackiness, and I can keep my grip loose and not loose the racquet or have it spin if I mis-hit. If you have sweaty hands though, or if you find the leather a little hard, an overgrip on top the leather works great, and still has the benefit of leather (feel, connection, control)
I highly recommend the Head Tour Grip.
From: Marcus, 9/11

Comments: This is the best leather grip on the market. Wrap it with Tournagrip and it's simply amazing. I've been on the Babolat bandwagon for 2 years, but I'll give Head credit for making a better leather grip.
From: Jessie. 6/11

Comments: Not bad, I have never had any problems, but as someone mentioned before you need to use an overgrip, don't try and play with just the leather grip because you will get blisters, but overall it's quite good grip.
From: Anon, Misissauga, Ontario, Canada, 02/11

Comments: The best leather grip out there! Thin but not too thin (thinner than Wilson, not as thin as the Tennis Warehouse leather 1.3 which is, in my opinion, too thin). Perfect feel for the bevels with a thin overgrip over it. And it lasts. Does not deform like the Wilson leather in time.
From: Steve, Lincoln, NE, USA, 09/10

Comments: I love using this grip with a thin tacky overgrip. You can really feel the bevels unlike any synthetic. Except maybe Babolat Skin Feel, which is close to leather in bevel feel, but not quite as firm and a lot lighter. Skin Feel is even a lot lighter than most synthetic grips. Speaking of weight, this leather grip doesn't add quite as much weight as other leather grips, but you can always add lead if needed. This grip plus an overgrip added ~10g to my Dunlop Aerogel Smoke. I was expecting more weight gain. Since most of my overgrips are ~4g that would mean this grip only added ~6g after trimming.
From: Chance B., Durham, NC. 4/10

Comments: This is a great feeling leather grip! The difference between a leather grip and a synthetic grip is day and night. With this HEAD leather grip I feel a noticeable weight added on, but you can really feel the strings coming off the racquet, and the bevels are sharper and more defined. HOWEVER, I recommend to put an overgrip over this at all times. the grip is blister- prone until you develop the calluses needed to wield this grip, as it is hard on the hands. Overall, a great buy, no regrets.
From: Anonymous, NJ, USA 08/09

Comments: I play 3 to 4 hours 5 times a week and I love this grip! It's so comfortable and it keeps your hand dry. Very good performance.
From: Nate, NH, USA. 06/09

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