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Comments: I'm a long time Rip Control fan so I figured why not give IntelliTour a shot! Well, so far so good. I played 2 matches and the first thing I noticed was the control was better then Rip Control and I think the feel is more crisp. Spin is there too. Not sure how long they last but hope I can get about 8 to 10 matches out of these puppies before they die.
From: Nate, 12/15

Comments: First hour of hitting these felt a little rubbery, after that, the feel increases, good control, muted power, very comfortable, holds tension well. But when you think you can play for long time with such a performer, thus a great deal, it suddenly breaks. The durability is acceptable, just not great.
From: Anon, 1/14

Comments: I hit with the Head IG Radical MP strung at 55 lbs with IntelliTour 16. Very nice feel. If you are poly user and you want to try another type of feel, try this one! It works for spin or flat hitters. Sound is ok as well. Price/Performance is far better than Wilson, Babolat or Prince strings. But Weisscannon, Pacific or Volkl strings are still top!
From: Jan, 7/13

Comments: This string was an experiment for me, in which I was just checking it out. Intellitour was all positive for me. I have been using a full poly or gut/poly hybrid up until now. While it is true that the strings don't grab the ball as well as poly, I must say that it didn't even matter, there was all the spin I needed but the control seemed off the chart. The feel and touch was superb. I installed intellitour in a PT57A racquet because this is the string Gilles Simon uses in the same frame, and i wanted to see why he didn't use a more expensive setup, and now i know. This is great stuff, really impressed, and didn't think i would be. Also when I flattened out my strokes, power was very available, even though it is considered to be a low power string.
From: Rudy, 4/13

Comments: The best Head string I have ever hit. It doesn't offer tons of spin but it does have great control, low power and great feel. I strung it in my Head Prestige MP at 55 lbs.
From: Anderson, 11/12

Comments: I was a long time Head Rip Control fan so I figured I would give these a try. It was a big mistake. There is less spin, less control, harder to string. String is just not that great.
From: Newton, 5/12

Comments: Awesome string!! Used to play with Head Rip Control on an Aerogel 500 Tour, I thought I'd give the intellitour a try. These strings have more of a crisp feel than the rip control and believe it or not provide more spin. I've tried various string set ups but this is by far the best, durability is outstanding (15 hours a week hard hitting) lasted just over 3 weeks with negligible tension loss. There's a reassuring crack sound!! On the ball strike, which seems to last throughout the life of the string. Excellent string highly recommended
From: Ian, London, England, UK, 09/10
Dunlop Aerogel 500 Tour (3D)
Strung..Head Intellitour 59lbs

Comments: Amazing string! I am an improving 3.5-4.0 level player. This IntelliTour 16 truly is an intelligent creation. I got them strung on my Babolat Drive Z 110 @54 Lbs. The only thing is these are not easy ones to string. Boy, how stiff they were! I tried to pre-stretch them; you know it alleviates the coil memory. As I pulled the strings, I realized there was hardly any elongation. But once they were installed, they became completely new species. It seems that the strings were designed to remain stiff until they are installed in the racquet and broken in, then they become elastic. The string bed has a nice pop, is lively and easy to the arm. It has adequate amount of power too. One thing to keep in mind is that these are control-oriented, low- power string; therefore they need to be strung at a fairly low tension. The string movement is minimal which is nice. Durability? I am not a string breaker so I am not really concerned about it. But theoretically, these strings should last very long if they are installed properly, I mean if the strings are not damaged during installation. The strings were not designed to last. But this is a hybrid system and there is a difference in the stiffness/hardness between the main and the cross strings. You see, RIP Feel crosses are softer than RIP Tour mains. Softer cross strings cause less friction burns to the harder main strings than the harder cross strings as in the case when the same string is used for both the cross and the main. If this theory is correct, every one should use some hybrid system where cross strings are softer than the main strings. In fact, many pros do this all the time. I know of a pro that uses kevlar on the mains and natural gut on the crosses. This type of hybrid system enhances not only the durability but the playability as well. Ah, one more thing! When the time comes to tie the strings, you may not want to use the string starter clamp to grab and pull the strings because this can easily break the strings, especially the main string. Hand pulling should be enough.
From: Mike, Vancouver, WA, USA, 06/10

Comments: This is one of my favorite strings. I actually strung it with RIP Feel in the mains - the comfort feels even better than gut with better control, but less power as well. Touch shots are great, control is top of the line, comfort is fantastic, spin is just average, and power is low. However, you can easily generate pace if you swing long and fast. For the price you can't find a better string. In a nutshell, I'd call it poly-like control with a gut-like feel. 15 hours into this so far, and the playability has barely dropped off. There's some slight fraying on the RIP Tour crosses - the RIP Feel looks barely worn, and I use a lot of spin, typically break synthetic gut around 8 hours of play and natural gut around 11-16 hours of play. One of a kind string! Will try the 17g next. Strung in a Pro Tour 630 at 52lbs. (18x20, 98").
From: James, OH, USA. 03/10
NTRP Rating: 4.5+

Comments: Used the 16g version for squash. Compared to the original (Prince Super SynGut 17) this string lacks power but is much more accurate. However, after only one game, one of the string knots got untied somehow and now I'm waiting for a free re-string of the same string. My original string lasted a full year (2-3 hours a week playing time).
From: Pro, Cyprus 10/09

Comments: This is my favorite string to play with, but I am having to try other strings, because these simply do not last me long enough. I am a 4.0-4.5 level player with a 106 mph serve and I play hard hitters, so durability is a must in a string for me and this string doesn't handle these playing conditions. If you are a recreational player I would highly recommend this string, but otherwise you either need to be rich to pay for restringing or find a more durable string.
From: Kevin, TN, USA. 4/07

Comments: Pretty good string, plays better after 3 hours when string has had time to settle into the frame. I use it on a Radical Tour 60lbs. Problem was by the 6th hour, I busted it. Broke at the mains, which sort of surprised me because the mains look pretty thick and durable. Good spin though, little less control with volleys, but good spin and adequate power on serves. I give it a 7 out of 10
From: Paul, Miami, Florida 08/06

Comments: This string is awesome. I string it backwards though with the smooth strings in the mains and the roughs in the crosses. I think it gives me more topspin and I know for a fact that it lasts longer that way. I break the string in a day the traditional way and I've been playing for three days the other way and they haven't broken yet.
From: Drew
Wetumpka, AL
String and Tension: 75 lbs

Comments: I strung this string on my I Radical at 63 lbs. It gave me plenty of power and control from the back of the court. I also got a great pop on my serves.
From: Bob,Timonium,MD,USA

Comments: Powerful and comfortable to sore elbows everywhere. String set will last approximately 10 sets of play or 1 and a half weeks when using a Wilson 2.0 Hyper Hammer Racquet. I am an ex - touring pro hitting with lots of spin and power. I will recommend this string to most 4.5 to 5.0 players seeking to reel in forehands with power. Remember, it's a lot better to replace strings than elbows.
From: Orlando, Fort Myers, FL, USA. 03/05

Comments: This string with my I radical MP @ 60 lbs. was a match made in heaven! I can generate plenty of power on groundstrokes and serves, and the feel and durability on these strings is awesome! TRY IT OR LOSE!
From: Ryan, Galvetson, Texas, USA. 01/05

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