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Comments: Update on my review below. This racquet has ended up nudging out the MP for my matches. I really think this is an underrated stick for a 3.5-4.0 player. We all seem to be in a big hurry to handicap ourselves with a heavy racquet. I have found this racquet to add pace and spin to my groundstrokes. You can feel the open string pattern really grab the ball. For someone with good form but who hasnt developed blazing fast racquet head speed, this racquet will make heavy groundstrokes "easier" (for lack of a better term). Despite the light weight and open string pattern, this racquet also had great control. My one complaint is that my volleys are a little more wild with this racquet than with heavier offerings. I have it strung with Sonic Pro Edge at 50 lbs. No arm problems at that weight, but if you string it tight with poly it will be uncomfortable.
From: Nate, 7/15

Comments: I've used Head racquets for 20 years of playing. Swithced to a Babolat Lite in 2010 but lost the feel of my strokes. Recently returned to Head with the Speed Mid+ and in my late 40s I'm getting back the old results. Really love the stick.
From: Greg, 6/15

Comments: This racquet is an incremental change from the Speed MP. Half an ounce lighter and the balance is near about even. I prefer the MP, but this one is worth a try if you want something just a little lighter with a little bit more of a HH balance than the MP. Definitely worth looking into at the $99 price point, I think it must get unjustly overlooked by quite a few players. Pretty fantastic baseline stick.
From: Nate, 4/15

Comments: I'm just checking if the feedback actually works or if they are putting fake comments up.
From: Nick, 3/14
Note from TW: Yes, we only add actual feedback that gets submitted to us!

Comments: I use to be a Babolat freak and played with a Babolat Storm for years. When the frames felt dead, I decided to find a new stick. I hit with this racquet and found that it generated lots of spin and pace. My only comment is Head should make it a tad heavier. Sometimes it is easier to overhit and send the ball out with very little effort. To maximize hits, I learned to follow through with a exaggerated finish to be sure that the ball travelled the distance. I added some lead tape at the 3 and 9 o clock position, that helped a bit. Mine is strung hybrid style at 52 lbs. with Babolat Hurricane Tour and Prince Synthetic gut. Very lively racquet and easy to maneuver both at the net and the baseliner. Ideally suited for baseliners.
From: Joge, 8/13

Comments: Switched from a Pure Drive. Nice power and better control compared to the PD. Allows me to swing harder with more racquet head speed and still keep the ball in play with good spin. The PD is a very good racquet but it tends to send my shots flying if I did not hit plushly. Paired it with RPM Blast 17 at 56 lbs. My racquet of choice for now but since it's a bit head heavy, may keep looking out for a more lighter feeling racquet.
From: Marcus, 8/13

Comments: Been using the last 2 versions of this stick and I hated it 1st time out. It felt cheaper and not as solid as the last years model with INNEGRA. When I had it strung by my regular stringer who uses 2 knots vs 4 it felt much better. Then I had to replace the grip with the hydrosorb tour which is thicker and also helps to cut down on vibration. I now like this stick but honestly cannot tell a huge difference from last years Elite with Innegra. Perhaps Head shold have left the innegra in the raquet and added the Graphene.
From: Jeff, 4/13

Comments: Excellent racquet, I needed a little more pop on my groundstrokes and volleys. It is a little heavier than my Yonex racquet but it has great feel, is easy to manage, and excellent power and control. I have it paired with my Big Banger Timo 18 gauge and it is great. It gives me great depth and angels on my shots. I am a USTA rated 4.5 player.
From: Howie, 3/13

Comments: Impressive racquet, very stable for its weight category. Feel is very smooth, yet crispy, so you can generate topspin shots with good pace and comfort. Nice balance between power and control here. Very good response with kick serves, great maneuverability, flex and open string patern allows you to generate a heavy spin ball. All in all, a very good racket that suits my game perfectly, similar to the Youtek Radical but much more spin and ball bite, and only a little less control.
From: Pablo, 3/13

Comments: Powerful racquet, easy to maneuver, and head heavy which is good for serving flat or with pace. It wobbled at the net, but otherwise it's a great racquet for players looking for pace and flat shots.
From: Lilibeth, 1/13

Comments: I have just bought this racquet and played several sets. I found plenty of spin with my groundstrokes and serve. The hand-feel is rather soft with almost no vibration during ball touch. It seems that I made a good choice.
From: Michael, 1/13

Comments: Same racquet with a new paint job. I hit with it today and could not feel any difference. I'm a 5.0 player.
From: Chris, 1/13

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