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Comments: Great racquet! I totally love it.
From: Bob, 7/15

Comments: For those seeking tension suggestions: I use a hybrid setup with poly in the mains and a tension of 42 lbs and it works great.
From: Anon, 7/14

Comments: I am 40 years old and play 3 times a week. Bought this raquet and added some weights to the handle making it 8 pts headlight based on balance measurement after customization. Very easy on the arm, i have lots of control and spin to the ball. I get now higher percentage on my 1st serve. Very nice for those who customize raquets.
From: Jason, 7/14

Comments: I am 43 years old and play three times a week as a club player. I loved the old Speed Lite (white frame) but really didn't enjoy the last incarnation of the Speed. Having switched to the AeroPro Team, I have now decided to try the 2014 Head Speed Rev and I must say having played a few sets with it I do like it, but, be warned -- the max tension recommended on this frame is 57 lbs. I normally have this set up with RPM Blast at this tension but I have loads of control and have lost a lot of power. I do restring every three months so will revert to maybe 53 lbs next time and try that.
From: Ian, 6/14

Comments: I am a 9 year old competitive tennis player from Alanta, GA who started playing with this amazing racquet about a week ago. I used to play with the Pure Drive Lite but I can hit with so much more power and spin with the Speed Rev, it is crazy! The Speed Rev is great from all areas of the court and has no weaknesses. I reccommend this racquet to any young player who wants something different but better.
From: Isabella, 6/14

Comments: Could anyone that has suggested using the "right strings and tension set up" share what they currently use? I have been using this racquet for about a year and my arm/elbow issues immediately improved! I play mostly doubles at 4.0. I experiment every couple of months with strings looking for that feel and pop at the net (mostly hybrid set ups) but rarely with tension, I usually keep both around 52-54 lbs. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!
From: Anon, 4/14

Comments: Great racquet. I am a 5.0-5.5 player and recently got the Rev. I was able to hit a deep, powerful first serve with a lot of spin pretty frequently and a very consistent second serve with spin. I find this racquet to be a great tool, that once is adjusted to is very versatile. You will definitely love the racquet.
From: Anon, 3/14

Comments: Very good racquet. Great at the net, great on groundstrokes. I am a 5.0 player and am loving it. But you have to put the right strings at the right tension to get the right feel (for me it is Babolat Hurricane). This racquet has it all -- test it, you will love it!
From: Anon, 1/14

Comments: I am a 5.0 ranked tennis player, I am 50 years old and I was playing with a 95 Head racquet -- I thought it was time to switch to a bigger head size, so I tried the Head Rev. At the beginning, it was hard and I couldn't get used to the size and power, but after a while it was ok. The more you play the better it gets , I am an all-around player and the racquet is great at the net and ground strokes; my serve had more punch in it and my slice and kick serve are great, lots of spin -- it seems the heavy head weight helps a lot, so it does not feel too light. This Rav is not for beginners or intermediate players -- advanced players can play with it, but you should find the right tension and strings.
From: Jaffar, 8/13

Comments: Love the racquet but still trying to find the right string/tension. Currently using 17g Blast at 50lbs -- great spin, but too much power. Any suggestions?
From: Jack, 7/13

Comments: Before getting this racquet, I used a heavier head racquet. I had doubts switching to a lighter racquet. But this racquet is amazing, Once I started to adapt and hit with it for one day, my groundstrokes and volleys had a better touch to my style. With the right strings, this racquet is worth its price.
From: Luis, 4/13

Comments: I absolutely love this racquet! A solid 4.5 level player, I have been playing, teaching, and/or coaching tennis for 50 years. I am not sure that I have ever hit with a racquet with such a combination of feel, power, and control. I normally play with a 4.5 grip. A friend recommended that I try this racquet with a 4 and 1/4 grip. With the small grip, light head and light overall weight, it is possible to initiate tremendous racquet head speed that leads to a wonderful combination of speed and spin. A very versatile racquet, I would recommend this racquet to players of all levels. A true gem!
From: Bob, 4/13

Comments: Really good racquet for me, really powerful and light weight. Excellent at the net. At the baseline, it feels awesome. Hitting outside the sweet spot was not pleasant.
From: Jeffy, 3/13

Comments: First time I demo'd the Rev, I was hitting really well. So well that I bought one. I made the mistake of stringing it at what I used to string my YT Speed MP at about 53 lbs. with Wilson Sensation 17g. Took it out to hit and suddenly it was a completely different racquet. I couldn't control any of my shots and my tennis elbow flared up. I had the racquet restrung with Wilson NXT 16 and tightened up to 57 lbs. The control is back and with nice power, too. And the tennis elbow went away. So, if you're getting this racquet, I'd recommend upping the tension to keep the power and control in balance. It's a very nice racquet that's light but with good balance to help on groundstrokes. I play both singles and doubles and I'm rated 3.5-4.0.
From: Kin, 3/13

Comments: Good option for customizers, as it's stock specs are very platform-esque. Nice lower RA of 63, vs. 66- 68 for the Pro, MP & S, so it is more arm friendly. If you add 2 more ounces in the grip, via silicone or Blue Stick and lead, it will bring the overall weight up and make it more HL, and you're in business.
From: Anon, 2/13

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