Head Graphene Speed Pro Racquets Customer feedback

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Comments: After playing with a Rossignol frame for many years this was a huge leap for me. I managed to get a hold of an actual player's racquet with the only mod present being the extended length of 27.5". The weight is 328 grams and swing weight is 341. I was going to change the pallet to the standard size but have decided to leave it as i am loving the weight, plow through and head light features. The racquet has great control, and depth on all shots spin and flat. Slice is easy. Volleys are crisp and accurate. The racquet feels light, and I do not have any trouble with it's weight. Serves are easy to deliver, flat, kickers and even slice. Basically, this is one I will keep for a while. If I do get a second frame I will experiment with lead. I think having the extended length it has given me that effect, higher SW and weight/plow. People will definitely notice your game with this racquet. I have strung it with my favorite combination of VS gut in the mains 50 lbs and ALU Power Rough in the crosses.
From: Damir, 9/15

Comments: The Graphene Speed Pro was a great racquet for everyone I lent it to and for me personally as well. It had great stability, plow through, power, and even spin. But the two areas I feel deserve the most attention are groundstrokes and the control. This racquet was truly made for grinders from the baseline who enjoy long groundstroke exchanges. Amazing racquet, would definitely recommend to a friend.
From: Shintaro, 5/15

Comments: I decided I was going to get a heavier racquet to see if it would improve my game and I decided to get the Wilson Six One 95 (around 350 grams). I hated the racquet. I wanted to give it back but thought id give it some time to see if I started liking it, which did not happen! Not only was it too heavy for my aggressive and fast kind of game but it did not offer much power to me. With time, I got better but realized I needed a lighter racquet so I got the Speed Pro. It was the best decision I could have made! I am now landing powerful shots with depth (you have to have good control so I recommend it to advanced players), I have accelerated my game and best thing of all, I do not get tired so easily. I feel like I could go for hours. Thanks to this racquet I now love playing tennis. I will be ordering another one whenever I get a chance.
From: Andrew, 4/15

Comments: I bought this racquet when I was transitioning from a flat/power player to a consistent/topspin player. It was very good whenever I hit flat with power as it would always land deep in the corners and had great accuracy. But as I switched to a topspin player, I found I hit the frame and hit balls out a lot more often. Overall, if you are an aggressive baseliner and hit with lots of power and little spin, then it will be perfect for you. If you are a defensive/topspin player, then I would go with a AeroPro Drive or any other 16x19 racquet. My rating for this racquet would be an 8 out of 10. I played with this racquet for 2 years.
From: Hunter, 4/15

Comments: A great racquet for baseliners! Really helped me excel in my game! But is it the best racquet for baseliners? I'm looking for a racquet that has a good balance of spin, power, control and maneuverability.
From: Saketh, 2/15

Comments: Nice control and power. Big sweet spot. Would need to add lead at the 3 and 9 for more stability as it will twist on you in stock form. So that would up the SW to the 340+ to be suitable. If you string with full poly, it's going to hurt even at low 50s upper 40s. Need a hybrid setup. Overall an above average modern racquet, but I couldn't use it for long as it gave me tennis elbow.
From: Bob, 2/15

Comments: Easy power and control. Strung at mid 50 lbs with gut. Silky smooth. Will likely pick up a second frame.
From: Anon, 2/15

Comments: This racquet is unstable without weight customization (lead tape). The torsional twisting while hitting big groundies is a huge problem. Maybe finding out how Djokovic has customized his Speed Pro racquet would help. I am a 29 year old, 6.0 rated teaching pro in Florida, and I do not recommend the purchase of this racquet.
From: David, 1/15

Comments: I have used this racquet for about a year now. It offers great power, spin and is very maneuverable. However, sometimes the power is too much and it can be hard to control. I came to this racquet from the Babolat Pure Drive Roddick Plus, and I find this racquet to be a much better racquet overall. I hit a topspin forehand and a flat backhand, and it suits both hitting styles.
From: Jay, 10/14

Comments: I used this racquet, along with a few other demos, for a couple of weeks. It was a good weight for me, not too heavy as others have complained, but I am relatively strong, so take what you want from that. Serves were awesome! I don't think I have ever served so well with any other racquet. Strokes were pretty solid, although I dont find this a forgiving racquet for those of us who can be a bit inconsistant at times. Also, I found it a bit jarring and uncomfortable at times with the poly strings. Overall, I would say it is worth try, especially if you want to give your serve a little more pop and spin. I was more comfortable with the aero pro drive and pure strike tour though. I think I will go with the Aeropro, as my serve suffered a great deal with the pure strike tour, even though I love the power I got from the ground strokes. I am a 4.5 player, hard hitter, lots of spin on my forehand, double handed backhand.
From: Joe, 10/14

Comments: I have recently switched to this racquet from the Babolat Pure Storm (98). Right off the bat I felt the huge difference in the sweet spot, as the Pure Storm had a much smaller one. From power to spin, the Head Graphene Speed Pro really shined in my opinion. The 100 square head was very forgiving as my strokes are very fast and aggressive. Overall, this is a great racquet for big/spin hitters, and the 18x20 dense pattern will allows your string to not break as fast as the 16x18 pattern.
From: Hoanh, 9/14

Comments: The control and precision is awesome. I can hit dropshots very easily. Spin was very easy to get from this frame too,and hitting flat shots works very well with this frame. However, if your technique is a even a little off, you will hit a shot you won't expect. But this helps me to always hit with the same technique.
From: Alex, 9/14

Comments: I've used this racquet for a little more than 2 years now and I have fairly enjoyed it. Some problems I had with it was it was head heavy so I had to put a leather grip under my over grip. I have gone through two of them because they always ended up cracking on me. I have decided to switch over to the Head YOUTEK IG Radical Pro and run with that. I was able to get great ground strokes with this racquet which had tons of spin and as well power. With the volleys I had felt a little discomfort when doing them due to the stiffness and as well. I have to say my serve game was terrible with this racquet though. Overall I would give this racquet a 8/10.
From: Teenironman, 8/14

Comments: I demo'd this racquet for 2 days and found lots of features that worked well for me; ie, 18x20 string pattern, static weight and swing weight. The one thing that simply does not work for me is the frame is too stiff for my liking. Came strung at approx. 55 lbs but no way.
From: David, 8/14

Comments: I was always hesitant to try this racquet because of its stiffness rating. I was hesitant to venture north of an RA of 65. I missed out on a great racquet for a long time, until I decided I wanted a racquet with 18x20 string pattern. Excellent control, spin and power. Very easy to generate head speed. Does wonders for my one handed backhand. I have it strung with Tour Bite 17 on the mains at 50 lbs, Vanquish 16 on the crosses at 53 lbs. It is very comfortable, no arm problems at all. I may take the tension down to 48/51 lbs next time for even more power and spin.
From: Anon, 8/14

Comments: I took a chance on this racquet without a demo on the strength of the reviews of this website and elsewhere. Coming from a decade of Babolat Pure Drives including the Roddick plus version, I decided it was time for a change. I was looking for a more control orientated racquet but still with a little pop on the ground strokes -- this racquet seemed to fit the bill. So far so good -- strung with Head Hawk 1.25 at the medium recommended tension of 52 lbs my initial reaction was that the connection sound was a dull thud instead of the higher pitched ping of the Roddick+ strung at 56 lbs. Don't be fooled, this racquet has power in spades, it's just that you have to up the head snap on impact and give the ball a good full swing. Groundies all seem to drop in with good length into the target zone between service and base lines. Serves need a little more wrist snap to get the ball moving but this is easy with the whippy head light balance; same applies to overheads. This racquet has a really sweet balance and has a much lower moment of inertia than the more cumbersome Roddick which is admittedly longer but the same 315g weight. And the power on tap (albeit accessed by more effort) is matched with great feel with a nice cushioning of the ball on the strings making deft drop shots a reality -- something a more powerful racquet just can't achieve on a regular basis without going too deep. Early days bedding in with this racquet but so far it is living up to expectations -- just have to adjust to that dull thud on the groundies but that may be a product of my low tension and the dense string pattern.
From: Iain, 8/14

Comments: This racquet was perfect for me. The weight of the head allowed an easy swing with lots of power and control on top of the spin I added. I am now able to hit a lot harder without hitting off target. The racquet feels slightly heavy on my serves but they have a lot of good pop. I would recommend this racquet.
From: John, 7/14

Comments: In short this racquet is not for everyone, but perfect for me. I tested a few racquets (APD, Extreme Pro 2.0, Blade 93, PS95 amongst others) this year and settled on this one. The APD and Extreme Pro 2.0 were great from the get go, it felt like I could lash out from the baseline, with little thought, and everything would land in safely. Power can be quite seductive but for me overtime felt a bit brainless. In essence with these racquets I didn't feel I had any reason to move my game on. Although the results were good, I actually thought my game (in terms of technique) was going backwards. This racquet on the other hand requires that you play with correct technique, which means you need to focus a bit more. If you persevere, it will reward you not because of the racquet itself but because you know that the correct technique is required to wield it. Basically, you get from the racquet what you put into it. It's not for everyone. If you want instant gratification, get an APD or Extreme Pro2. I strung it originally at 55 lbs which was a big mistake. I now have them strung at 48-50 lbs.
From: Anon, 5/14

Comments: I have been playing with this racquet for a little over a year now and can honestly say it is the best all- around frame I have used. It is, however, not a frame that will make up for poor technique -- there is plenty of access to spin and pace if you have the form. One of my 12 year old students has no issues putting the ball away with this frame just as well as she does with her AeroPro drive. All that being said, it is not the frame that Djokovic is playing with since his is customized but I am not sure what all the differences are but the fact that his frames have no shared grommets will tell you there is more different than the normal custom weighting.
From: Mark, 5/14

Comments: I got 3 of these bad boys! Got them strung with Lux at 52 lbs. It is a nice combo of power and control. Have been playing with them for a year and I play a serve and volley game with a one-handed backhand. I can hit flat or with topspin with confidence.
From: Brad, 5/14

Comments: Loved the raquet -- I hit very well with it, but I think due to the new type material after about a month of intense practice and playing, my 'hitting shoulder' started to get sore. Little by little, until I had to switch racquets for a few days (to the IG Prestige Pro) to stop the pain. I think it's the graphite cause a few years ago I had to dump a Babolat raquet I also hit great with. I strung it at 45-58 lbs trying to figure out a tension I wouldn't hurt with, but no luck. But If you can handle the new graphene material, it's a great hitting racquet.
From: John, 4/14

Comments: I've been reading comments on TW for a long time. I'm a teaching pro and have been playing with this racquet since it came out. Before that I played with the previous IG model. I'm a 4.5-5.0 player. This racquet has no put away power. After playing long matches my arm is so fatigued my shots fall short. I have played my last match with this racquet and wish I would have never started. Way too muted. I used the Babolat Pure Drive before this and it had way too much power. My goal of writing this review is to tell you unless you're as good as Novak don't buy this racquet. The old version is better than this one but still not good enough. I've tried every possible string combo you can imagine.
From: Eric, 4/14

Comments: Beautiful racquet. Here is some info from my experience: 1) good spin on kick serves 2) decent power on flat shots 3) very low power on top spin ground strokes 4) very hard to volley compared to other racquets. Taking a guess here, but I think the tight string pattern on the center main strings (which seems to be more dense in the middle compared to other 18x20 rackets that have more space between the center main strings) so it makes it more difficult to create spin compared to 18x20 rackets so to compensate, I have to use more upward motion to generate the same amount of spin and thus creating a lot less power on my top spin groundstrokes. I really wanted to love this racquet, but am very sad to say other high level players racquets seem to deliver more on a direct comparison.
From: Dae, 3/14

Comments: Not the easiest racquet to use without customization, but it is the best looking racquet out there. Tends to be "twisty" so needs lead tape on the 3 and 9 position to reduce the "twisty" effect. Feels stiff and like a board when using poly strings, but more playable when using synthetic (even though I am a string breaker of synthetic) and keeping the tension on the low side. If you hit nothing but flat shots, then you probably don't need the customization, but heavy spin users with fast big swings (like me) will benefit from the customization. One caution is that the racquet will be a little on the heavier side (especially with the lead tape) so not for the faint of heart, but the stability is definitely worth it. It was a lot of trial and error to get the specs just right, but now, I can proudly say that this is finally my racquet of choice.
From: Kim, 3/14

Comments: Spectacular racquet ! It is the perfect combination of maneuverability, stability, power, topspin and control, all in one. Strung with RPM Blast at 54 lbs and everything began to run smoothly. The control was maintained, but the power improved as well as the touch. I want to clarify that it is a racquet for advanced players, I am a 5.0 and think you will benefit more if you are a higher level.
From: Alejandro, 2/14

Comments: I have tried various racquets over the last 4 year to suit my topspin baseline game. Finally found a winner in the speed pro! best string set up for me is X-One at 54 lbs. Gives great control and feel and spin. The main thing I love about this racquet is that I can hit hard with confidence the ball is going to stay in court. Slightly heavy stick, so will probably require lifting a few weights if your used to something lighter. 10/10
From: Paul, 2/14

Comments: Update: I've had these racquets, one LTD and one standard, now for 3 months and have some extra comments. So it is a players racquet in that you have to generate your own power with good technique. If you scissor your arms on your forehand you won't find it has much to offer you. You need upper body rotation to generate racquet head speed. The dense 18x20 stringing pattern allows me to use multi-filament strings for feel and control. I use Technifibre X-One Biphase at around 53-54 lbs and have only broken one string in 3 months, and that was a hard hit right at the top. Previously, they would only last me a couple of weeks. The feel and control is very high as is the spin. I'm finding I can sense the depth of a ball down to an inch or two. Return of serve is awesome as the testers said, but you need to lunge-step into short and wide balls. It's not a heavy racquet but it has good plow through when you're pushed wide. I've hit some of the best shots I have ever played, both power and finesse, with it. Drop shots are amazing but it helps to support the throat with your left hand and feather your right hand grip. If you play them one handed you won't feel anything special. Volleys are great, not too much weight in the head to move around. Try not to kill anyone. I prefer the leather grip on the LTD as it offers higher precision but it's slippery so you must use an over-grip. An over-grip on the standard grip starts rounding off the bevels. I use the Head XtremeSoft over-grips which last well, are tacky, thin and soft -- perfect. Summarizing, you need to be a NTRP 4.5 or above to get what this racquet has to offer. Ideally you hit with a semi-western forehand grip and have a double handed backhand to be able to work the head around the ball. Backhand returns of serve are best done with a semi-western grip in each hand. I can't recommend it highly enough.
From: Andrew, 1/14

Comments: Amazing spin from an 18x20 pattern, feels much softer than the old Speed (the white one) even though the stiffness has risen. I find as long as you have good technique it is easy and consistent to use and the is more than adequete power. Highly recommended for baseliners who like to hit aggresive shots low over the net with medium spin. 9/10 overall. Sometimes a bit un-maneuverable in quick rallies, but good for its swing weight.
From: James, 1/14

Comments: Hands down, the best racquet for returning serves -- it really lets you use the servers pace against them for deep returns. It lets you serve big, hit off the baseline big, and volley big. Strung with RPM Blast at 58 lbs.
From: George, 1/14

Comments: I have played with this racquet for almost a year now. I played with the prior 2012 model also. The 2012 model was horrible. The slightest mishit was jarring. Horrible plow through and terrible feel at net. However, the 2013 model is a dream. I string it with VS Natural Gut at 52lbs in the mains and RPM Blast at 50 lbs in the crosses. I get unbelievable spin and an incredibly heavy ball. My opponents are always commenting on it. This racquet has changed my game but make sure to use good string. The racquet is awesome, but it needs a great quality string to bring it to ultimate greatness.
From: Rick, 1/14

Comments: Fantastic racquet for an aggressive "modern" baseliner/all-court player. Effortless plow through and you can really rip the ball with confidence, knowing that the spin will keep the ball in. Stability can be an issue in stock form (particularly at net, though I'm not the greatest volleyer). I have mine weighted with 4 grams of lead tape at between 2 and 3 o'clock and between 8 and 9 o'clock, plus a leather grip, an overgrip and a rubber band (which comes out to a total of 12.3 ounces total), and it plays fantastically. Flat serves are bombs and slice/kick serves get tons of spin. Overall a great racquet! I string with Head Sonic Pro Edge at 52/51 lbs.
From: Dave, 1/14

Comments: Great stick that does everything fine. The Graphene is making racquet little too stiff for my likening, that's the only minus for this frame.
From: Velimir, 1/14

Comments: I tried this racquet out yesterday and I was impressed with its solidity. I think my favorite feature of this racquet is how well it absorbs pace. I was hitting solid first and second serve returns and I was hitting heavy groundstroke shots. My least favorite aspect of this racquet was the weight distribution. I used a Babolat Pure Storm Tour GT for about three years and I am used to a very headlight feel. This racquet did not feel headlight even though it is. The weight distribution made the racquet feel a bit sluggish and I didnt like it on serve. This is why I am probably going to switch to the Head Graphene Radical Pro.
From: Anon, 12/13

Comments: Great stick to play with -- has great control and I think anyone could find it easy it play with. Decent amount of power. Control goes way up with a gut and poly -- I'm using Champions Choice.
From: Chris, 12/13

Comments: I enjoyed playing with a demo of the Prestige MP and thought that would be my choice, but over time, I felt sore from the weight. My thought was to try the Speed Pro, being its weight was just under the MP. I found the factory polarized weight distribution extremely comfortable for my game and I was hooked. The only setbacks were occasional flighty backhands and twisting on volleys. Could be the slightly larger head size but who knows. When I added lead tape to 3 and 9 o'clock this racquet became a weapon. I am using Luxilon 4G at 55 lbs and its worked beautifully.
From: Dave, 11/13

Comments: This racquet is over-rated! I own this racquet and it gave a great first impression, but after playing with it for 2 months, I notice that it is not very stable, because there is not enough mass on the sides of the racquet. If the ball is even the slightest bit off center to the side, then the control is off for people with high swing speeds and with top spin. I also play with a Wilson 6.1 95 (18x20) racquet, which I can hit like nobody's business, so it just shows me how unstable the Speed Pro is. Sure, if I slow down my swing speed, I can make do with the Speed Pro, but it makes for a really weak game! On the plus side, this racquet serves like a champ, but not much else.
From: Thomas, 11/13

Comments: I used this racquet after playing with the Graphene Speed MP for about 5 months. The added weight has helped out a lot. I have never been a player with heavy top spin but this racquet has totally changed my game. Again, it's all about personal preference. I would always demo a frame before buying it. I enjoy it. It has a great feel and my volleying has greatly improved.
From: Barry, 11/13

Comments: I demoed this racquet and it was amazing. My serve got more powerful and faster, and my groundstrokes got tons of spins. The only problem for me was that it is a little heavier than my old one, the Youtek Radical MP, so I was easily getting tired. Without the weight issue, it was awesome.
From: Abe, 10/13

Comments: At first I strung this with Luxilon ALU Power Rough at 53 lbs and it was unplayable and incredibly jarring. I took those strings out and put in Yonex Poly Tour Pro 125 16L at 50 lbs and oh man what a difference! The control I get is like no other 100 square in racquet. You can take a huge swing at the ball and the ball will stay between the lines. Overall, great racquet, but my "win one match" racquet is still my APD.
From: Chuck, 10/13

Comments: I am 4.0 player currently using the Head Speed MP racquet strung with Tour Bite 17 in the 55-57 lb range. I played my first 4 sets with the Graphene Speed Pro today and all I can say is congrats Head! Wow! I strung the new racquet at 55 lbs. To sum it up the racquet provides effortless power with great control. I hit record number of aces in the 4 sets to start off and since I'm playing on clay, that is hard for me to do despite having an 100 mph serve. In fact, I have 2-3 times the number of aces compared to usual. On groundstrokes, using the old MP with the same 18x20 pattern. When I got deep into sets, the small sweet spot plagued long points and frequently resulted in short balls. But not with the Graphene Pro racquet which allowed for 10-20% better pace on average and rarely caused short balls. Deep into the 4th set, my arm wasn't as tired and I never felt like my ground strokes were compromised. My crosscourt forehand had considerably more top spin as well and pace compared to my old racquet. The Speed Pro provided less effort and got more power. As a result, it allowed me to play more aggressive shots. My net game was on par with older racquet. I should note that in the 3rd set, I changed to my old racquet and immediately went down 3 love after taking first 2 sets 6-3 6-0. Short balls and less pace were the end result of switching back. When I switched back to the new one in the 4th game, I won 6 games in a row! Who can argue with that!
From: Len, 10/13

Comments: I'm 30 and have been playing on and off since I was 7. I've always had a full swing and have produced my own power. Played with the old Pro Staff for most of my life before moving on to Wilson Ksixone Tour 90 Mid. Whenever I tried a racquet with a larger face than 90 sq. inches, I always felt like I was sacrificing too much control -- this is not the case with the Speed Pro. With the new Graphene Speed Pro, I feel like I have the same control and stability that I had with the K Six One, but now I have a larger sweet spot and more access to spin and power. If you are like me and have hit with a mid sized racquet for most of your life and swore to never update to a larger head size -- this could be the racquet that wins you over! It certainly did for me, I've already traded in my old racquets for this one and plan on getting another one ASAP. As other's have mentioned, this racquet certainly benefits from a slightly lower tension and Head already accomodates for that in their suggestion of stringing it in the 48-57 lbs range. I currently have Luxilon ALU Power in the mains at 56 lbs and Babolat VS Gut in the crosses at 54 lbs. I'm probably going to string the next one at 55/53lbs for a little more pop.
From: Jeff, 8/13

Comments: Boardy and stiff. This isn't a "traditional frame with modern comfort features" since it lacks the plow through and feedback you get from a true player's frame. The Graphene can hit a nice slice backhand. After that, ugh! The older version of this frame had more to it. This is flimsy and you also may "feel" it in places you'd rather not (wrist, etc.).
From: Devon, 8/13

Comments: I have had a long battle between the "familiar" feel of the old school Prince OG and the more modern feeling racquets. I finally came to a point where I had to find something better. I found it. This racquet has wonderful control and power, yet with tremendous feedback (feel). For an 18 x 20 pattern it produces more spin than some of the more open patterns. For me, this racquet offers all the advances of the modern technology while maintaining the feel and respond of the old school frames. Don't be fooled -- you have to try this racquet out to believe it!
From: Paul, 8/13

Comments: I can say that I have experienced both sides of this racquet. My racquet is strung with Alupower at 52 lbs. On my first hit with this racquet, I found it to be extremely stiff and boardy as others mentioned. I know others weren't lying about their reviews so it had to be something about the setup. I thought to restring it at a lower tension but as it was a fresh setup I was reluctant so instead I added lead tape at 3 and 9 o'clock. What a difference! The feel is so much softer and I can feel the ball compressing on the strings. Plowthrough is great. I just advise that if you don't like the feel of the racquet try a different tension or add lead. Please share your successful strings and tensions or otherwise!
From: Sydney, 8/13

Comments: Have just bought this racquet based on the strength of the Tennis Warehouse reviews and I'm blown away by it. I tried the Radical Pro and found the control lacking, especially on returns. Not so with the Speed Pro. Control is amazing with a much softer feel than some reviews have suggested. I can't relate to the descriptions of it being board-like or under-powered at all. There's plenty of power, especially on serves. The stability of this racquet is the most noticeable strength for me. No more struggling to control power on returns and volleys. The racquet will take an off centre hit and keep going through it, it doesn't twist in my hand like my old racquet did. I strung mine with ALU Power at 53 lbs in the mains and a softer poly at 54 lbs in the crosses.
From: Anon, 8/13

Comments: I first tried this racquet strung with X One Biphase 1.18 at 26 kg. Amazing spin, amazing control, amazing power. I dont understand some people saying this is an underpowered racquet -- absolutely wrong. After Biphase broke, I am trying Topspin Cyber Blue 1.25 at 23 kgs. Nice power, nice control, yet less spin. This racquet is rock solid, the most balanced racquet I have ever played with and with the best crisp feel. Best racquet for anyone with a strong aggressive baseline game.

Comments: It seems this racquet is attracting a lot of players who traditionally use a midsize. However, all I can say is demo, demo, demo! I purchased it because I loved the feel it gave me on my serve and the pace on my forehand, but my one handed backhand has turned into no backhand at all. I think that the only way this racquet can definitely be the best fit for you is if you have a two handed backhand, or a very time efficient one hander. It's just a little too bloated and sluggish. Although I can hit very effective slice backhands with it, I need my favourite shot back, the booming cross court backhand.
From: Mitchell, 7/13

Comments: Purchased this frame based off the rave playtester and customer reviews. Previously played with the Prestige 98 and PS 95. Racquet felt great in hand and a lot lighter than the listed spec weight. This one felt extremely stiff and underpowered (even at 48lbs) with less plow through. Big disappointment.
From: Pete, 7/13

Comments: This racquet comes out at the right time. I have used the Federer stick and currently I use the Prince Graphtech DB 90. I have a one handed backhand which has become as deadly as my forehand. I played college and after playing for 7 years with the same stick this one came out. The control on it is phenomenal. I disagree with those who say its not for a one handed backhand. The power is nice and the weight is perfect. I have no complaints about this racquet other than I had to get a 4 1/4 grip, I think the grips are getting bigger.
From: Adrian, 7/13

Comments: I have played with the APDGT before. I now own the Graphene Speed Pro and the Wilson PS 95 BLX (weighted to 345 grams with maintained balance). I have only added double overgrips and a dampener to my Speed Pro. The strings are Luxilon M2 Plus strung at 53 lbs. I think the Speed Pro has a well balanced power level, with loads of control when you prepare properly and swing through. It has a bigger sweetspot than my PS 95, and it's more stable on off-center hits. I get all the power I deserve on my serves and indeed on all my shots. Spin is there too, as much as you like. Some negatives: It's a bit stiff, especially compared to a plush sweetie like the PS 95. The PS 95 is also a better fit for my one handed backhand - the Speed Pro is a bit sluggish to be honest. I don't find it that great for slices either. I would say this is a great racquet for aggressive baseliners with a well developed swing and, I think, preferably a two handed backhand.
From: Thomas, 7/13

Comments: Love this racquet! Lower string tension will make this frame feel very plush. I have been using 50 lbs on the mains and 52 lbs on the crosses. Fantastic feel, control and spin from everywhere on the court.
From: Pat, 6/13

Comments: Phenomenal control, spin and power combination. At first I was not sure about it. The more I played the more I could appreciate the feel of this exceptional frame. I have played with Wilson tennis most of time. This is something you should try. Just give it enough time to work for you.
From: Pat, 6/13

Comments: I really wanted to like this frame, but the stiffness and low static weight was a serious problem. It felt jarring on mishits, especially on return of serve and volleys. I tried adding weight, and it helped with stability, but the stiffness continued to cause serious arm discomfort which has never been an issue for me before.
From: Rob, 6/13

Comments: Well, after the great reviews here I couldn't help myself from buying this racquet. I strung it with my favorite Luxilon Alu Power, the right tension (52lbs) and for me, it was a huge disappointment. My previous racquet is a HEAD Youtek Radical MP, and it was extremely comfortable for me -- it fits me great, but it broke, and I thought I should change maybe to the next generation. I know I could pick the Graphene MP, but with all the great reviews I thought the Speed Pro would improve my game. The racquet seems to feel very stiff and doesn't leave too much room for forgiveness. Although my game is based on hitting from the baseline with a lot of spin, it didn't seems to help and something just felt bad. I'll probably sell it and move to the Radical MP or something similar .
From: Roni, 6/13

Comments: This is an excellent all-around frame. Perfect weight and balance. Great combination of power and control. Spin is good for an 18x20. I would highly recommend this racquet for anyone who uses racquets weighing from 11.5 to 12 ounces strung.
From: Josh, 6/13

Comments: I have loved this bad boy from the moment I laid my eyes on them. After playing with the Head MG Radical (tweaked with lead tape) for 2 years, I decided to upgrade to this one. And boy, I am not disappointed! Power, spin, precision and feel! Only thing I miss from the Radical is the plow-through and it being less stiff.
From: Tuts, 5/13

Comments: This racquet is one of the best on the market for the all-around player. Great from the baseline, with great access to spin and tons of forgiveness. It's great at the net due to the great feel and maneuverability of the racquet. Serves are great because it has enough weight for flat serves but enough maneuverability for adding spin as well. Excellent for return of serve. I highly recommend it!
From: Jonathan, 5/13

Comments: This racquet offers plenty of power and precision. It is great for both one or two handed backhand players. In my opinion, the frame is a bit stiff and causes some tenderness to the arm, but I enjoy hitting with it.
From: Raj, 5/13

Comments: I am coming back to tennis in my early 40s after a 13 year absence and after trying the previous IG Speed MP315 and Extreme Pro, I have settled on the Graphene Speed Pro. Great control, decent power (particularly off centre) and no significant weakness. It just seems to do everything well to very well. Feels a bit hollow at times but I am used to that now. Have settled on Sonic Pro Edge at 54lbs, which allows me to generate plenty of spin if needed.
From: Mick, 4/13

Comments: I play with the previous version of this racquet, the IG Speed 315, upped it to 355g with lead in the hoop to keep the balance. I tried the Speed Pro without increased weight, and it felt very flimsy, so I matched the weight to 355g. Even played with the same string, M2 Plus at 52lbs. After trying both in the same sessions, I believe we are not talking about a racquet upgrade, but a completely different stick altogether. The Speed Pro is stiffer and faster through the air. There is less plow-through than the IG Speed, but is definitely more powerful. You feel the stiffness reverberate through your arm. I cant agree with the TW review and the feedback. They are altogether very different racquets. I will keep testing because I haven't made up my mind yet on which stick to go with. Best regards.
From: Gerardo, 3/13

Comments: This may well be the best balanced racquet I have ever played with. By balanced I mean over all performance balance, it has enough weight in the head for good plow through on ground strokes but is balanced enough head light to still be quick at net. It is stiff enough to give good power on well struck shots but has enough flex to allow for great touch and feel. This really is a players racquet, if you have the skill this racquet will let you do whatever you want with the ball, but you need to have the strokes. Unlike some I did not find the racquet lacking in spin potential you just need the racquet head speed to generate it.
From: Mark, 3/13
String type and tension: Natural Gut in Mains at 56 lbs, Poly in crosses at 52 lbs

Comments: It was a close call between the new Wilson Blade 98 and this. I love how this new Speed Pro feels especially at the baseline. It gives so much stability and precision on each shot and slicing with it is just amazing. The racquet also gives more punch at the net on overheads and serving with it was solid too. This is indeed an all rounded racquet and I'm really impressed with the stability of it. I was a huge Wilson Blade fan but there is no doubt that this Speed Pro will be my new weapon of choice.Good job Head.
From: Wic, 3/13
String type and tension: Luxilon M2 Pro at 55 lbs

Comments: I never thought I would say this, but it seems as if this racquet is the best racquet I have hit with since the original Dunlop Max 200G of McEnroe and Graff eras. There is nothing common between the two, except the ballance, but for some reason, I love them the same. I have played with many racquets throughout the years, but was never able to find a proper substitute for the old Max 200G. I had lost hope that I will ever find one a long time ago, but this stick seems to be proving me wrong every day! The power is great (that's really an understatement) on all shots for me and the control and precision are astonishingly good for a 100 sq inch racquet (the Max 200G is 82 sq inch). I mean, there isn't a shot I struggle with at all. And I haven't even tested different tensions and strings yet. I have the feeling that when I do that, this racquet will be my new all- time favorite!
From: Ilian, 3/13

Comments: I switched over from a Babolat Aero Pro to this racquet. It has the more spin than any racquet I have ever used. I think it is crazy that people say that it doesn't have power, because if you need to hit a ball hard all you have to do is take a full swing and it will be very powerful. Coming from someone that has used an Aero Pro for 4 years, this racquet is amazing. Keep it up Head.
From: Parker, 3/13

Comments: I am a teaching pro and work with lots of top ranked juniors in SoCal, I have tried this racquet now for a month and it is great! If you know how to hit correctly this frame can do everything you want. It's a new generation of frames that has the perfect blend of everything - you can't go wrong here.
From: Evert, 2/13

Comments: I play with this racquet with 10g of lead around the loop and 10g of silicone in the handle, 12.3oz total with overgrip, with a rubber band and string with a 17g poly. It is very polarized and it swings super swiftly with a smooth load up and stable, consistent response. The tight string pattern keeps the power/launch angle from high racquet head speeds in check, making this racket a true jack of all trades. You can loop or drive, all with a good sense of depth control. Keep in mind, this is a modern playing and feeling racquet, so don't expect silky-smooth response of something like prestige classic.
From: Anton, 2/13

Comments: Demoed this racquet for a week -- wonderful racquet. It does everything really well, it's stable, maneuverable and power is there if you have the proper technique. I was coming from the Yonex RDiS 100 Mid which is a 93 square inch head and a 16x20 string pattern, the transition was very easy. I noticed less spin, but more penetration with the Graphene Pro compared to the Yonex. I would give it a 9/10, only because I am used to the 16x19 and 16x20 open patterns and prefer the spin. Can't go wrong with this racquet.
From: Giovanni, 2/13

Comments: I have been using this racquet now for a month and it is a real players frame. It does what it's suppose to do and it does it well. One of the best new frames I have tried. Just find the right string combo and you are set
From: Milan, 2/13

Comments: I played with the previous version of this racquet and it was the best stick I've ever hit with so I wasn't sure how Head could make the next version even better. When I first heard about this racquet, I had my doubts, but needless to say I demoed it for about a week (putting a good 12 hours of hitting time with it) and it was amazing. This racquet has the same control oriented response as the old one but with a lot more plow through and stability. The feel on touch shots is absolutely incredible and the extra power is a nice addition. Serves are more powerful and have much more spin. The extra weight is appreciated and it is still head light so you can get plenty of swing speed. And the crisp sound of this racquet is just icing on the cake! )The one knock I have on this racquet is subjective, as I am not a fan of the leather grip that comes with this racquet. I prefer Head's hydrosorb tour grip.) I have been playing with this for 3 weeks now and it has become my new all time favorite racquet!
From: Zachary, 2/13

Comments: I have been playing with this racquet for 4 weeks now. I demo'ed the racquet for 2 weeks then purchased it. I was playing with the Wilson 90 BLX and before that the HEAD Youtek Radical MP. I do 4.0 tennis drills twice a week at my local tennis club and play in a 4.5 league on the weekends. Since I bought this racquet I've yet to lose a match. During drills all the guys have told me that I'm hitting the ball very heavy. The Wilson was better at net IMO but I'm a baseliner at heart and I like that I don't get pushed around by a better players pace like I was with my Radical MP. I love Federer and his gear but this is the stick for me. Give this racquet a demo if you have proper technique on your strokes.
From: Roberto, 2/13

Comments: I played with this racquet for a month now, and before that I was using the older version of the same model. Compared to the previous model, it is definitely an update. Topspin, backspin, volleys, and control are very good with this stick, and are better than last year's model. Power is a subjective thing, and is different from one player to another. Also this racquet is listed as a low powered stick, so don't expect it to hit like a Pure Drive, because it won't. Assuming that you have good technique, full swings, and can reproduce it on every shot, and on the run, then you will have all the power you need. Best advice is to demo it for a good while before you end up with another stick that stays in the bag.
From: Anon, 2/13

Comments: First, I would say it's awesome! I've been a huge fan of the HEAD Prestige Youtek Speed MP since the first Youtek version came out and then the IG MP, but when I decided to try the new Graphene SPEED PRO, I can say it's a totally different racquet and I decided I have to make a switch to the Speed. Power is there when you need it and most especially the precision, control and feel. I don't understand why others say the racquet doesn't have power? I agree you have to have good technique to enjoy this awesome racquet. Keep it up HEAD.
From: Frank, 2/13

Comments: Just bought this racquet last week. Suffice to say it is already stolen by my wife. Lack of power? Are people kidding me? This is a ridiculously powerful racquet. This isn't your grandpa's racquet. If you have full swings, this is superbly powerful. Zero adaptation time was required. I could use it with ease right away. Comparing to many many many racquets, this is an extremely solid racquet. The frame feels very strong. Stable like a rock. Great crisp ball feel at contact and feedback. Great feel at the net. Zero negative vibration. Wicked spins and superb control. I find this a lot more solid than my current racquet of choice, the ProStaff 90 BLX. This is definitely a good update to the previous Head Speed Pro and Djokovic's 18x20 Speed as well. Will it improve your game? Yes if you have the technique. Otherwise, probably not. If you want power, maybe try the lighter version?
From: G.S., 2/13

Comments: Based on the specs published by TW, I thought that this racquet should play a lot better than last year's model, but I was wrong. Power was lacking from this frame, as I really had to work so hard and use every ounce of technique to generate pace. I then added weight to the hoop, but still suffered. Spin was not a problem, slice backhands and volleys were really nice and had good control, but I still had to add a bit of punch even against big hitters at the net. 1st serve was lacking power, 2nd spin serve was ok. I am a strong 3.5 player with a fast strong forehand and a 2 handed backhand. I like to be aggressive from the baseline and attack the net frequently whenever I get an opening. My current racquet is a BLX Blade 98 and was looking for a flexier racquet for a bit more feel at the net.
From: Anon, 1/13

Comments: Graphene is supposed to be the strongest stuff. And it sure is, but this racquet doesn't have the power compared to previous versions. Very stable and maneurable but if you want more power, this racquet is not for you or for me either. I played 3 weeks of demo and I'm returning this racquet due to lack of power.
From: John, 1/13

Comments: As a user of more "classic" feeling frames like Head Prestige/Donnay X-Dual Gold, I felt this racquet to be more of a modern frame. Fairly thick, stiff, very powerful, and hollow feeling.
From: Mesa, 1/13

Comments: I have just wrapped up a week-long TW demo of the Graphene Speed Pro. Compared to last year's Speed Pro, the Graphene version is a great improvement. The highlights of this racquet are the consistent groundstrokes attributed by the tight string pattern. I was able to serve well and consistent but the power on serves came short of other racquets I've tried. Compared to last year's Speed the Graphene version is more maneuverable, but I did find myself struggling for quick reaction counterpunches. For an 18x20 string pattern, I was impressed with the amount of spin I could apply. All in all, I don't think this racquet is for me - the lack of power (especially on serves) was a deal breaker for me but I do recommend anyone looking at 18x20 racquets to give it a try.
From: Shawn, 1/13

Comments: The Head Graphene Speed Pro racquet has some nice qualites to it, such as stabililty and control for 11.7 oz, but spin and power were lacking compared to the many other racquets I have tried. Serving was very nice with the racquet given the plowthrough, but since more weight was applied to the head area, maneuvarability for quick volleys was a challenge. Also, needed power when on the run was a bit hard to find. It may be ideal for a physically strong and or flat hitter but I struggled with my game. I would recommend stringing at the bottom of the range for some pop. I'm a 4.5 player with a semi western forehand and a two handed backhand.
From: Tony, 1/13

Comments: This is the best Speed yet. First of all, I have a heavy western forehand with a two handed backhand and a pretty strong serve . I normally play with the Roddick 2012, but recently switched to the last model of the Speed and just got this. I put PHT at 52 lbs in the mains and Xcel at 55 in the crosses. After hitting with this racquet for about 3 hours, I can definitely say that this is a huge improvement over the last version. Compared to the IG, this one is more maneuverable on forehands but a little heavier (which I think is a good improvement, personally). Even with the 18x20 string pattern, I was generating solid spin. The control was perfection. Pinpoint accuracy. It really stood out when playing aggressive. Backhands felt the same as forehands. Smooth flowing swing feeling. Slices were nice, as they stayed low and penetrated nicely. I had the most success with the racquet serving. Flat serves were amazing, as I had an extra 10 mph thanks to the racquet. They were kicking up around shoulder/head height as well. Spin was a little harder due to the 18x20, but once you adjust it's very nice. Kicks were great as well. With volleys and touch shots, the racquet is noticeably stiffer and has a wider beam as well. This paid off, and I could really stab my volleys. It left a clean and crisp feeling as well for drop shots, so I loved the touch. Overall, this is a huge improvement to the last one. It does not get pushed around at all at the baseline, and is definitely an aggressive player's racquet. Mishits were stable, but they killed my arm (but this could have been the string). That's probably the only drawback I noticed. I didn't do much returning, so I will review that later. Like another review said, I don't know if this is a honeymoon period, but this racquet seems just about perfect. If you used the old Speed, this racquet is a must buy, or if you're looking for an aggressive racquet with great control. I highly recommend this. Thank you Head.
From: Chase, 1/13

Comments: Mine weighs in at 12.2 ounces strung with an over grip and dampener installed, and 5.5 points head light. The first thing I noticed is the racquet swings pretty fast for a heavy stick. It's much faster than my plus which is kind of sluggish. This thing feels more like an 11.3-11.5 racquet. Groundstrokes were amazing. The racquet has a little less power than my Roddick, but not enough to make me want to change back to hit. This racquet feels extremely solid at contact and it has a much larger sweetspot than the previous speeds (IG and Youtek). The string bed at 55 lbs still did not feel boardy. This sweetspot rewards you striking the middle to lower portion of the racquet, but hits near the top are very solid and you still have ample power on mishits. Serves are the same, with easy power with a good swing and form. Flat serves had a ton of pace and spin is easily generated with the 18x20 pattern, which in the past has not always been the case. Returns are very stable and I did not feel any twist when returning heavy balls. Players with one handed backhands will love this stick as it seems to swing effortless and the weight of the stick is spot on. I was not able to do many volleys or touch shots, but will be able to report on that tomorrow. I know it seems to good to be true, but for me it seems perfect. I am sure others will hate it, but I think most seeking a 12+ ounce racquet with control and power will look no further. Maybe this is a honeymoon period, only the next week will tell for sure, but I am very impressed with this thing so far.
From: Neil, 1/13

Comments: I just bought this racquet and strung it at 54 lbs with synthetic gut. The racquet played really comfortable with good control and pop on all strokes, especially the backhand slice which was exceptional. Directional control was really impressive on serves and grounstrokes. One small downside for me was the balance, as it made it slightly awkward at net but more time on court should fix that. All in all, it's well worth a demo.
From: Steve, 1/13

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