Head Graphene Radical Pro Racquets Customer feedback

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Comments: This racquet is perfect, when you put weight in positions 3 and 9. It doesn't feel stiff and has good power -- especially on serves and good control. The best option is stringing this racquet with a poly like Pro Hurricane Tour or maybe Prince Beast at 52/51 lbs and you're going to have the perfect blend of power, control and maneuverability. I used to play with the Head Graphene Speed MP and it is a very good racquet, but in my opinion this Radical has better plow and you will get more power and stability.
From: Piero, 11/15

Comments: I have played with the Youtek Head Prestige MP (my favorite racquet) and Graphene Speed Pro before this one. I have to admit, this racquet has all that blend of the control and power as people mentioned -- I totally agree with that, but it is too stiff to the point it's not playable. I strung it with Babolat Hurricane Tour 17 at 51 lbs and I got all kinds of pain in my shoulder and even in my palm. If you are not sensitive to stiffness this racquet will bring your game to the next level but again demo it first to see if you can handle it.
From: Chris, 10/15

Comments: Awesome racquet with two types of new strings strung at 52 lbs with no problems -- Kelps Original Gut 16 and Lux Big Banger 16 Original.
From: Daniel, 10/15

Comments: The previous version is the better racquet. Plush, smooth and easy on the arm. I think Head messed up with the Graphene versions. The YT IG racquets are way better. I'm playing 50 tournaments each year. Everybody is hoping for something plusher again. Some Graphene racquets cause arm pain. I string mine with Alu Power Rough.
From: Anon, 9/15

Comments: Hope the next Radical Pro that comes out has a flex of 62 RA again. This one is too stiff. Still playing with the YT IG Radical Pro. Better racquet over this one. Only four left at 12.2 ounces. I'm an open level player. Stringing with Solinco Tour Bite.
From: Harry, 9/15

Comments: Demoed a few racquets from TW. It came down to the Yonex Ai 98 and the Head Graphene Radical Pro. Loved both but I ended up choosing the Radical Pro. The Radical Pro had more access to power and did not require to much from me during long rallies. The Radical also does not seem too stiff like many people have said. I prefer the Radical Pro over the Yonex Ai 98 on serves also. Might end up getting the Yonex Ai 98 in the future anyway because of it's large sweet spot (the Radical's sweetspot is large as well) and feel. I also felt I had better directional control with the Radical Pro. I am a 5.0 player.
From: Eddie, 9/15

Comments: My new combo is the Head Graphene Radical Pro strung with Solinco Tour Bite Diamond Rough (at 52 lbs) replacing Babolat RPM Blast for spin and durability. I am a 5.0 player.
From: Bill, 8/15

Comments: I've been playing with this racquet for 2 months. I am a red clay court player and I always used lighter racquets like the Speed MP and Pure Drive. I had studied all the racquets on the market in the past May, going on TW's site almost everyday, and I demoed a lot of racquets. I was looking for something heavier, more controlled but still powerful (with spin). The Graphene Radical Pro was the racquet for my wonderings. The best thing I have done with my game was switching to the Graphene Radical Pro. At first, I strung it with HEAD FXP Power for comfort vs. Volk Cyclone for more spin at 53 lbs. It was a cheap and ok combination. I'm still looking for a good combination. On the other hand, the racquet is pretty stiff and you have to get used to it. I struggled a lit bit in the first month with stiffness. I love the racquet. I can't wait to play today on the best red clay courts of all the Guanabara Bay with my Graphene Radical Pro with Dunlop Explosive Power at 52 lbs.
From: Pedro, 8/15

Comments: I'd been using an iPrestige the last few years and wanted a bit of a power boost. The Prestige is a precision instrument, loved the feel of it but the 12 ounce weight was wearing me out too soon during matches. With this Radical Pro, I got more pop on my serve and ground strokes without any noticeable loss of control. I had to weight it up with a leather grip + overgrip and some lead at 3 and 9:00 to 11.8 ounces. I could definitely feel the 67 RA stiffness in my elbow though. Will have to see how that goes. It's only been a few weeks. Strung with Solinco Tour Bite 19 at 50 lbs x VS Gut 16 at 52 lbs.
From: RS< 7/15

Comments: I'm still in love with the previous version. I like the 63 flex rating over the new one. I also prefer the feel of the IG version. Brought all of my IGs up to 12.3 ounces. The old version is easier on the arm, too. I'm an open level player.
From: Mat, 7/15

Comments: After playing with the Head Graphene Radical Pro for three months, I now own two of them; one strung at 53 pounds, another at 50 pounds with Babolat RPM Blast (18 gauge). This combo gives me controllable power with solid plow through. I can hit with crisp spin or flat shots with good racquet head acceleration. The racquets look great with the orange grommet bumper guard. I am leaving behind my older version of the Wilson Pro Staff (with lead tapes). The Head Graphene Radical Pro is a top gun for the modern game of tennis. However, I do restring often for best string performance of this high-gauge ploy.
From: Ying, 7/15

Comments: Played with a demo of the Radical Pro today. For context, I come from heavy headlight racquets, PS85, then the PS90, 6.1 95. I finally moved to the Blade 98. I suppose like everyone, I want a combination of control and power. My control is on my Lux Power Rough strings, and I'm a savage hitter but my Blade wasn't cutting it. So after reading the TW Reviews for the first time, I became interested in Head Racquets. In the past I've found them too low powered and just blah, nothing there. This racquet is excellent. Of course with demos you can't really test how good it is because they always send horrible string. I mean, I got my demo from a pro shop, how they think you can "know" a racquet with cheap strings I don't understand, but this had a dead poly and it was perfect, more powerful than any of my previous racquets, but not like a Babolat AeroPro Drive type of power where you have to drop bombs from the baseline, the power was controlled. The racquet was super fast, felt very light in my hands, but when you connect the plow through is there, you can hit hard and flat. So, having always played with Wilson everything, I'm switching! Oh yea, the serve is insane, getting that racquet head speed up there. I'm going to string it with my Lux Power Rough and I'll get as far as I can go for a control oriented power stick.
From: Mike, 6/15

Comments: I've been playing with this racquet for about two weeks. I bought it because the specs were around my sweet spot, I love Head racquets and the feedback was all positive. I had strung with my usual Tour Bite at 54/53 lbs. The frame came in on the light side in my opinion. I added my usual TW leather grip and when still too light I stuffed the handle with copper tape. It now weights around my preferable 12 ounces. It's also more balanced for acceleration. I couldn't be happier with the frame. I'm getting tremendous pop and action on my groundstrokes and serves. At the same time, its all controllable -- I'm hitting with a lot of confidence and keeping shots in play. The overall feel is interesting. It's a tad hollow, but also crisp and comfortable at the same time, even with full poly. Within the sweet spot against a pace-ful shot it just excels. In stock form, I might be saying otherwise, but adjusted it is nothing less than stellar so far. Hope this helps.
From: Andrew, 6/15

Comments: Changing to this stick was a decision I had pondered over for months. I have been using the previous version of the Radical Pro for years due to the plush, solid feel and the comfort you get from it. The issue I always had to put up with was the flex in the frame allowing the ball to wander wide when ripping winners. This Graphene Radical Pro is just an awesome improvement in my opinion. I strung it with my usual string of Luxilon M2 Pro on the Mains and Prince Premier Attack on the Crosses. Mains and Crosses were both strung slightly lower tension than the old Radical -- 54 lbs/57 lbs. This is still super comfortable to hit with but produces a much more crisp feel at the same time. It feels super stable even without a full Cap Grommet or Lead Tape added to the Hoop. I get great depth and spin from all over the court mainly due to the fact that it feels much more maneuverable than my old Radicals to allow easy acceleration of the head. Tons of plough through and control. Volleys are just solid and crisp. In summary, stable, powerful, punchy, controlled and comfortable. The frame weighed in at 308g at a balance point bang on at 315mm. I then added a Prestige Pro Overgrip and nothing more.
From: Ian, 6/15

Comments: I switched out the cap grommets and added a leather grip. With this set up, the weight is 353 grams and the balance is just over 6 pts HL. It's still maneuverable for me and really solid. Also, easy on the arm so far. A welcome change from the Wilson Pro Staff RF97 because of the added maneuverability. There's still lots of pop, but I'm able to get prepared in time against hard hitters. This is a fine, fine racquet.
From: Sam, 6/15

Comments: The Head Graphene Radical Pro is a heavy hitter among all Radical racquets with a higher swing weight especially when it is upgraded with the orange grommets bumper guard. Mounting it with Babolat RPM blast at 54 pounds gives excellent spin, power, and control for a 4.5+ player. It still produces pace on off-center shots. It is not head- heavy at the net. It plays a bit like Wilson Pro Staff 97 with one square inch bigger head size.
From: Bill, 5/15

Comments: First time out, not so sure. Restrung it with poly strings, and the second time out, I was ripping winners from both sides. Very deep shots, and the ball drops in at the baseline. Enjoy!
From: Michael, 5/15

Comments: I've just gone back to this stick. I left my Blade 98 at another club during a recent competition, so I dug out my old Pure Drive. Well, that didn't go too well, as the thing felt so light and just spun in my hand when volleying heavy balls. So, I made a halftime dash to the car park and got out the Radical. I have to say I'm starting to wonder why I ever left it? I was serving bombs last night and my groundies were great. Volleys, strictly one way traffic. This is one crisp SOB. I own a lot of racquets and usually customize them with lead. This one has a great weight and mass and still remains fast through contact.
From: Jonathan, 5/15

Comments: This thing is a tank! I played in my first tournament yesterday and lost in the 3rd set but this stick does not get pushed around at all. Currently I am using Black Spiky Shark 17g in there. The control is great, the power level is great too, can't go wrong with this as it is very maneuverable and has great feel too. If anyone is unsure of this racquet I would totally recommend it -- it does great things on serve and return. Totally worth a try. If you want more feel, I would go with a hybrid with a gut in the crosses.
From: Anon, 4/15

Comments: I do not understand how anyone can call this low powered. Thanks to the polarized weight, high stiffness and ample mass this thing is a tank that plows through the ball. It has 16 mains but the four middle strings are closer to each other (I have a Volkl and Becker with a similar pattern) which clearly enhances control. It is no surprise that this new version will disappoint owners of former Radical Pro sticks because it is a completely different stick, It is a mystery to me why Head would do that. Still if you appreciate solid, stiff response with excellent control, great spin look no further. String this bad boy with a smooth soft co-poly full bed or hybrid with a soft synthetic to offset stiffness and swing away. My choice -- Weiss Cannon Silverstring at 52 lbs. I am a 4.5 baseliner.
From: Sal, 4/15

Comments: I like the look of this frame. But I can't say that I like the way it plays. The Graphene Radical Pro feels stiff and very low powered compared to other frames within the same spec range. I was expecting much more power from this one since it's a stiffer frame. But for some strange reason, this wasn't the case. It is however a very good control frame if that's what you're looking for. I can serve and hit groundies with much more pace from my older Radicals and Prestige Pros. I was pretty disappointed in this update.
From: Chad, 3/15

Comments: I also have a problem with grommets. The transparent plastic is just terrible. Would be good if Head can produce a dark gray plastic. Overall, I like Radical Pro. Very stabile stick with good control and spin. My sticks are heavier than some other racquets like Speed Pro 315. Mine are 340 grams each with overgrip and dampener. I tried also to cuztomize one stick with orange grommets. Than racquet looks awesome but is much heavier. 353 grams and a SW of 354.This will be my racquet for the next five years. Strung with Signum Pro Tornado 1.29 and I am rated NTRP 5.5.
From: Dejan, 2/15

Comments: Love this racquet! The racquet has transformed my game. I wouldn't say that it will do that for everyone, but it fits me well. I am able to get more spin. My volleys have improved, and although my serve was worse initially, it is coming along now, and feel like I am in a good spot. The grommets are, however, terrible. I am not sure if it has to do with them being too brittle because of the clear plastic, but I never had these problems with old (black) Head grommets. I am not wearing through the head guard at all, but I use tape. I wonder if older versions of the grommets would fit.
From: Ron, 1/15

Comments: Make no mistake. This is a hefty racquet. If you have the guns to wield it, and can keep the racquet head speed up, the results will be positively substantial. Impressive plow through like a tree trunk. And nitro power. Grip and rip. 5 stars.
From: JSamm, 12/14

Comments: I'm coming from a ProStaff 6.1 95 so I'm still adjusting to the firmer feel. I have to say, this is a lot more fun. I can hit better angles, serve as well, and volley better. Good amount of mass, very good control. Great power. I get the ball deeper in the court way more consistently. That is the main comment from hitting partners, the other is that I'm hammering the ball pretty hard. I feel a little sore after a couple sets, but not much more than the flexible Wilson. I'm playing against 4.0-.5 singles and doubles so balls are coming in hard. I get tired and sore anyway. If anything I might add just a touch of weight to absorb even more shock. I'm over 40, a day rest and I'm ready for more. Using a Volkl poly tour main, Gosen syn gut crosses at 52 lbs for the winter. Might go up a couple when it gets warm.
From: Paul, 11/14

Comments: This racquet definitely takes a bit of adjusting to. I was using the AeroPro Drive previous but wanted more control. The Radical Pro is definitely an upgrade. It's stiffer but not uncomfortable. Power: lots of controllable power like the review says. A bit more than the APD in my opinion because it is quite lively with the open string pattern. Control: heaps more control than the APD. I was able to aim my shots a bit better. Stability is very good considering it is quite light racquet -- the swing weight was lower than that indicated in my opinion. It's probably on par with the APD. Serves: definitely more power than the APD with more accuracy. If you are after a crisp, stiff, control but also very good power racquet then this is for you. I can't wait to improve my game and increase my accuracy -- an upgrade from the APD.
From: Anon, 10/14

Comments: I almost gave up on this racquet until I saw Michael's review below. He is so right. Put a little weight at 3 and 9 and counterbalance it with a little weight at the handle and all twinges and pains are gone. As a bonus, you will have great depth on your groundies and a potential bazooka serve. Thanks Michael!
From: Per, 10/14

Comments: I have three of these racquets and I have to say, I love them. Now let me back up a little bit. I am a collegiate level tennis player, and the first time I picked up this racquet, I hit with it for 2 minutes and hated it. You have to give it a chance! A couple weeks later I played with it again, and this time I gave it a chance and realized it was the racquet I have been searching for! I am playing my best tennis now and I would suggest this racquet to anyone who hits big or reserved, who wants to improve their game and whoever wants a all around solid racquet.
From: Dylan, 9/14

Comments: I've been playing now for about 2.5 months with this racquet. I have two of these weapons and can say, the diffrence between the two racquets that I have is 6 grams with same setup. Volkl Cyclone 1.25, Tourna Original and Tourna Pete Sampras dampener. One racquet is 334g and the second is 340g. The balance is also different between those two racquets. The heavier racquet is more demanding, with an even balance and the lighter one is more head light balance (which is better for me). Bad quality control by Head. Anyway, about the racquets: in the beginning was a little stiff, but after a while, the feeling is not so bad. Enough power, spin and kick serves are ok. But I miss a more flex beams, more comfort. I used to play with Bio 200 and Wilson Pro Tour BLX, PB 10 325. I think that Ill try the Pro Staff 95 or maybe Prince Tour 18x20. The Radical Pro is ok but I will look forward to trying something else. Worth a try though.
From: Deki, 9/14

Comments: I demoed this racquet last week and fell in love with it completely. This racquet is very stiff, actually it feels much stiffer than my ADP 2013. But once you get used to its stiffness, it's just like a dream coming true: superb power, just enough spin, and pinpoint accuracy!
From: Chen, 9/14

Comments: I have tested many racquets. This one is among the best if not the best for me. Volkl PB10 Mid, the new Wilson RF79A I tested also today, Babolat Pure Storm, Prince Rebel EXO95 and the Dunlop 200 line. The new Graphene Radical Pro is something different, stiff but comfortable, an almost soft feeling but with directional control, easy to acces spin and pace/power and invites to play agressive. It's much more forgiving than the low-powered Graphene Prestige Midplus, more access to spin and more comfy than the Babolat Pure Strike. Fun to play with!
From: Sjoerd, 9/14

Comments: I have been using this racquet for about 3 months. Didn't have any arm pain at first but started to feel some twinges which I haven't had in years. So I added 4 inches of 1/4 inch lead tape (2 inches on both side of the grommets) on each side of the racquet for 8inches total at 3 and 9 o'clock. That has done several things. First it dampened the racquet enough that I don't have any arm twinges at all, and it isn't nearly as jarring when I hit outside the sweet spot. Second, I am getting more pop on both volleys and serves. Third, I have a balance board and it really didn't impact the balance much at all. Also, I lowered the tension on the strings and am now using the Hurricane Pro/VS Hybrid with the VS at 50 lbs in the mains and the Hurricane at 48 in the crosses. I feel like any issues I had with the racquet are totally gone, and It will do anything I ask of it now. I am a strong 3.5 player. I recommend anyone with this racquet experiment with it to bring out its best, it's worth it. By the way, I was coming from an APD cortex.
From: Michael, 9/14

Comments: An update from January: With considerable playing time accumulated, I have to say that this racquet is, ultimately, a disappointment. Just too light and underpowered in my opinion. I still stand by its great maneuverability at the net and effectiveness at volleys, as well as its control. However, overall it feels too tinny and vibration-prone. I'm going to try a hybrid setup or co-poly and see whether it makes a difference.
From: Frank, 9/14

Comments: My son switched to the Graphene Radical Pro early this summer (from the Babolat PS Tour that he had used for the past 2 years) after an introduction by a close friend from HEAD. He graduated from HS in June and started using it to play tournaments. He won the ITA Summer Circuit Doubles and reached SF in Singles. He has been enjoying the new racquet with great success in his matches. He strings with Volkl Cyclone 17 at 52 lbs full bed. However, about in late July, he started to feel pain in his left wrist and has been diagnosed to have probably "tendinitis." He had to take a month off playing tennis to rest his wrist. I was very concerned and decided to let him try the new Volkl V-Star string as a more "comfortable" soft poly strung at 56 lbs full bed. He immediately felt the softness of the string and noticed that his wrist pain is now more manageable. He will try the soft Cyclone Tour next. When asked, his coach did indicate that the Graphene Radical Pro is definitely more stiff and may need a softer string or hybrid to feel comfortable.
From: Jack, 9/14

Comments: Well first let me say that I have played with Head for over 10 years.The last one being the Youtek Prestige Mid. I felt that my game was stagnant, so I started demos of the Head Graphene Prestige. Did not like it at all felt like the same stick (Youtek). Tried the Radical Pro -- the first time didn't feel too good, I had to adjust my swing (almost 2ounces lighter); the second time out it was a little better and I noticed a lot more spin. Third time was magical, same model different tension and strings. To make a long story short, I feel like a new player -- power, touch and shot shaping. All those things that before I did not have (except power -- I'm 6'5 225 lbs and lefty). Thanks Head you've brought me joy and aces!
From: Archie, 9/14

Comments: I have been playing with this racquet since it first came out late last year. I am a 4.5 who played with Wilson racquets for the last ten years and can say this is a great racquet. I briefly played with the Radical IG and liked the flex and how easy it was on my arm then tried this out and I believe it is a good balance between the flex of the IG and the stiffness of the current Wilson line of racquets that is not too heavy but does have some weight. I also use multi-filaments due to my elbow not being able to handle poly.
From: Mike, 9/14

Comments: Loved this racquet! Just played 3 hours with it after moving from Pure Drive GT+ and also Wilson 6.1 95 (Yes two extremes there!). It feels very stable on groundstrokes -- the control and depth are 'spot on' for me. Volleys are solid too and you can punch through the ball without fear of going long. Overheads felt excellent. Directional control is great compared to the Pure Drive and I feel more confident going for the lines. Serves well too -- the balance of the racquet makes the head swing a tad later than what I'm used to, but once I got dialled in to the polarised set up, the power and spin were really working for me. The other great thing about this racquet compared to the Babolat PD is that it felt more arm-friendly. I play semi-western forehand and single-handed backhand. I really enjoyed the bite on the backhand and the feel of the racquet connecting to it. Didn't get that at all with the Pure Drive. I genuinely feel like I've got a good blend between the touch and feel of the Wilson 6.1 95 and the power of the Babolat PD. I have mine strung at 52 lbs with BlackCode co-poly and Prince Synthetic gut. Very pleased with my new upgrade.
From: Jeff, 9/14

Comments: It is a heavy racquet to swing and very stiff. Massive power for the agressive player who constantly can stay on The gas. If you have to play defense or want to vary your pace The balls will start to fly on you. I will sell mine. Couldn' t handle this discomfortable club of a racquet.
From: Per, 8/14

Comments: After reading the reviews about this racquet, I thought "wow, it has it all!" So I tested the racquet today -- I am 50 years old with a 5.0 ranking and am an all-around player. I wasn't impressed with the racquet -- I mean it is ok, but nothing special. I didn't like serving with it. The only thing that was right in the reviews is that it is not very comfortable, other than that, I don't agree on anything from the reviews.
From: Terry, 8/14

Comments: Trying out this Head Radical Pro for the first time was good off the bat. It does take some adjustment time to it. So far I have only gotten minor soreness to my arm, but with few days of rest I'm sure I'll be aright. With the right strings set up, this racquet can pack punches! Would recommend if you can also handle the little stiffness of it.
From: Nate, 8/14

Comments: I was a Prestige guy for 6 years (Youtek Mid) 93 square inches, about 12 ounces. But I needed a change. Demoed the new Graphene Prestige and Graphene Radical Pro -- no comparison. The radical is lighter and has an open string pattern. Let's just say I have a new attitude -- I own the court.
From: Archie, 8/14

Comments: I also switched from the Youtek IG Extreme Pro. The racquet felt really good right of the bat. I find it to be more maneuverable than the Extreme and it has a better feel and response. Noticed better feel, control, and power on serves. I am able to get the racquet back faster on shots that come back fast and also on the run shots. One thing that will take a slight getting used to is that the Extreme has a more mass feel which makes certain volleys easier to hit. Not a big deal though. I will gladly loose that to gain the control. I also found redirecting the ball easier and more consistent with this racquet. I would have never considered the Radical line based on the previous generations specs, but Head totally changed this racquet line this year. Overall, I am very happy with the switch.
From: Neil, 7/14

Comments: I used a Youtek Extreme Pro and found this racquet to handle full strokes better as well as provide more power when serving. I am very satisfied with the touch and response the racquet provides as well. The shots are crisp and predictable.
From: Brad, 7/14

Comments: I am a 3.5 approaching 4.0 player. My previous racquets were Youtek Radical Pro, IG Radical MP, and Graphene Radical Pro. The Youtek Radical Pro caused some arm pain. So, I switched to the IG Radical MP and have been pretty happy with it. I was hesitating to switch to the Graphene Pro due to my previous arm pain. But, currently I have no arm pain because my tennis muscle got trained -- the Graphene feels arm-friendlier, and it is strung with a hybrid setup. Overall, I am quite happy with Graphene stick now. The current hybrid setup is mains with Luxilon ALU Rough at 53 lbs and crosses are Technifibre NRG2 at 57 lbs. NRG2 is not durable at all. My next journey will be a full bed of poly at 54 lbs since there is no arm pain. I thought it was a stick for very advanced player, but now I believe someone at the 3.5 level also can enjoy it in various ways. Strongly recommend.
From: Sangho, 7/14

Comments: Coming from a radical IG this racquet feels stiffer and hollow. It shines in serves and volleys (very maneuverable), and produced major spin on ground strokes. Has a light whipy feel at 6pnts head light. I feel like it has a lot of power and if you hit flat it may not be for you. I had to remind myself with this racquet to always brush up the ball and follow through; concerns me on chip shots that I'd sail the ball or feed i right to my opponent. I also demoed the prestige MP, and felt like that was not hollow, pocketed the ball a bit more and better on ground strokes, I could hit out without worry of it sailing and more accuracy; not as spin friendly though and on rushed shots I had trouble putting the ball deep. In the end I've decide to stay with my radical IG and put some weight in the handle and spin friendly poly. I think that may give me exactly the middle ground between these two racquets, which both are very nice -- just not worth the change for me at this time.
From: Anon, 7/14

Comments: I am very content with this racquet so far, especially since I was coming from the previous IG version of the Radical, and as mentioned in several reviews, Head definitely rectified IG's instability at net issues with a far more solid racquet with this graphene version. I purchased 2 of these racquets from 2 different places and balanced them myself, which is what I would recommend for even those who purchase both racquets from the same vendor. Despite the already heavier frame of this racquet, I wanted an even more head light feeling and added some lead tape on the handle, which has allowed this racquet to be even more solid at net and a force to be reckoned with at serve. If one can manage the weight of the (12.5 oz in my case) racquet, one can switch from defensive to offensive rallies very easily and have added much (flatter) pace to my 2hbh. Both strung with Gamma Glide crosses (56 lbs) and a poly on mains at 52 lbs (Kirschbaum and Gosen for no particular reason other than the fact that they are rounded polys).
From: Dan, 7/14

Comments: It's a solid racquet compared to my old ones, the Wilson Pro Tour BLX and Dunlop bm 200. Now, finally I have nice spin, my serves are stronger, my kick serve is amazing, and my 1hbh also has good spin. This is my first racquet after six years with string pattern 16x19 and all others had 18x20 and smaller headsizes. All in all its a good all around racquet and I am swtching to it.
From: Dejan, 6/14

Comments: Once you get used to the polarized frame construction this racquet feels real solid. I am in the impression though that Head is having quality control issues. I demoed this racquet strung with MSV HEPTA TWIST-16. The racquet felt amazing and very maneuverable, with a head light feeling. I weighted that racquet and it was 326 grams. After the demo I immediately ordered two racquets from TW as I wanted to try the Volkl Cyclone 16 sting I ordered it pre stretched with it. Now, as I received the racquets, the weight for each is 337 grams, believe me, this 10 grams extra makes the racquet much less maneuverable and heavier -- plus there is not the head light feeling any more. Any others experience same issues?
From: MJ, 6/14

Comments: One of my favorites of the new Head racquets. This was heavier than racquets I'm used to, but it was easy to adapt and I instantly loved the power behind it. I didn't find a lot of forgiveness on miss hits, so I wouldn't recommend this for anybody under 4.0 NTRP rating and I think most 4.0 rated players might enjoy the MP more than the Pro just for maneuverability (weight-related). Groundstrokes definitely favored over volleys -- it felt great to step in and rip groundstrokes. I personally prefer more feel on volleys than I get from this racquet, but I'd still be willing to give it a shot.
From: Mary, 4/14

Comments: Received my Radical Pro yesterday from TW. Firstly, awesome international service! Got to play some singles last night and I have to say: This racquet is amazing. I've only played with the MP version before, but the Pro has all the same pop and crispness as the MP, but with a whole lot more stability and plow through. Winners are a whole lot easier to hit as well, and there is no sacrifice on feel either. With the MP I often felt bullied on the court, but with the Pro: Now I'm the bully. This racquet will definitely take my game to the next level.
From: Ferdi, 4/14

Comments: I bought this stick based on the specs, since I like both of the Speeds, but the heavier one (Djoker's) had 18 mains, which doesn't work for me. I was hoping that this would be the same as Djokovic's stick just with 16 mains. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Very stiff, but not a lot of power. This is an uber-control stick, much like the older Babolat Pure Control. A good stick if you take a big rip at the ball and need control, only. But I prefer the Wilson Blade (with 16 mains) to this one.
From: Jim, 4/14

Comments: Currently playing with the 2012 Head Prestige Pro. I demoed the previous Radical Pro, and wasn't a fan, but I decided to demo the Graphene Radical Pro do to all the positive reviews and it's pretty amazing. My serve easily jumped 20 mph and was more accurate -- it's like I can hit it as hard as I wanted. The racquet is incredibly forgiving. The one concern I have is the racquet cracked at the throat, the demo had a small hairline fracture when I received it, but I didn't think much of it. With all the flex this racquet has I'm a bit concerned the neck of the racket can not handle the stress. Hopefully, this was just an anomaly, but I was curious if anyone knows of this being an issue?
From: Hunter, 4/14

Comments: Been playing with Prestige Mids and Pros for the longest time until my Graphene Radical Pro came late 2013. Its the only racquet I'm playing with for now. It has very good pop, spin, power, control, and maneuverability. Excellent all around racquet and deadly at the net. It has a crisp feel not found in any of the racquets in the Prestige line. Just have to get used to it though. Overall this is a magic wand strung with Lux M2 Pro (cross) and Natural (main) at 52 lbs with dampener in place. Don't take my word for it. Try it out.
From: Joey, 4/14

Comments: Made the switch to this racquet a couple of months ago and couldn't be happier. Initially I struggled to find pace on my serve because I was coming from a heavier racquet, but I am 90% there. The best feature for me is the stability of the racquet for being so light. I am able to get my racquet on balls that I previously couldn't, and I have been able to develop much more spin as a result of the light swing weight. This racquet has made me more confident in my shots, and has improved my results. The semi-tight string pattern in the middle of the racquet allows for great slices on my backhand, which has been an added bonus. One thing that I have noticed is that the racquet's playability changes quite a bit with string choice. I initially started with a hybrid poly/multi, which I didn't like, then have tried 3 different polys and am settling in on Solinco Tour Bite. With that string the racquet has good power, and unbelievable spin.
From: Pete, 4/14

Comments: Was previously using the Graphene Speed Pro, but fell in love with this the first time out. It has a softer response than the speed pro (although much stiffer than the previous Radical) but more spin potential due to the open string pattern with close to the same control. It is also quicker through the air than the previous version which helps add to spin potential. It really is a great racquet.
From: Connor, 3/14

Comments: First time out with this racquet I wasn't a big fan of it. However, after I got used to it, this racquet was phenomenal! I could take a big swing at the ball and generate a ton of pace and spin. This allowed me to have accurate, yet powerful shots. Flat and slice serves feel amazing, but my kick serve with this racquet isn't the best. Strung it with Luxilon Black Savage/Wilson NXT hybrid at 52 lbs. I will be switching to this racquet.
From: Tanner, 3/14

Comments: The racquet is great but have already had to replace the grommets after less than a month. Is anyone else having issues?
From: Anon, 3/14

Comments: Quality control issues may make matching a pair more difficult than expected since the design of this frame is "polarized" meaning weight is mostly put at 12 oclock at the tip of the frame and the rest is placed at the bottom of the handle, making this frame light, but hefty and packing a twitchy punch. A slight change in either direction because of quality control issues will make your timing issue a huge ordeal if you've got two frames that aren't matched. Buyer beware.
From: Alpinecadet, 2/14

Comments: I played with Pro Staff 6.0 and K61 tour 90 square inch. I demoed the Graphene Radical Pro and fell in love. This racquet slices as well as the K61 and the open strings gave me more topspins on my shots. The swing weight is about the same too compared to the K61 tour 90 (Federer's racquet) so not much adjustment is needed for me to get used to this racquet. I am very happy with it. The increased headsize really makes a big difference in my game. Now I find myself not wanting to play with my 85 sq. in. and 90 sq. in. Wilson racquets .
From: Jake, 2/14

Comments: Great update from IG version. Stiffer with more control and stability, fast because of it's head light balance. Great for serving and fantastic to volley with. I'm in a dilemma on if I should grab this stick or stay with my Head Youtek IG Extreme Pro 2.0.
From: Elvis, 2/14

Comments: I'm thrilled with this one. Big change from the IG version. It is stiff, crisp and modern racquet. I don't feel any arm or shoulder pain that some were talking about. More control than IG Radical and more control power. Balance is different and anyone who really loved IG Radical will not be crazy for Graphene Radical. I left my Graphene Speed Pro for this one because of more power, bigger sweetspot, pretty much same control and I can easier produce spin with this one.
From: Anon, 2/14

Comments: Great stick. Does everything well. Yes it's stiffer than before, but it makes the game easier to play, while still being a control racquet. Topspin was heavy on the FH, BH drives were easy and controllable. Serves were really good too. I found this nicer to play with than the Graphene Prestige Pro, for a reference point. As many have said, controllable, free power. You should give it a shot if you're thinking about it!
From: Anon, 2/14

Comments: This racquet is a strange beast. It takes a bit of getting used to. On my first play it felt tinny. I stripped out the strings and put in Wilson Sensation. That took care of the vibration, but for my shots still sailed long and lacked control. I tend to hit the ball a little flat and strong. I flirted with the idea of changing to an APD but decided to persevere. A pro at my club put in a hybrid setup of Alu power and one other. It's a different racquet now. Total control, power, and stability. Its mass providing confidence with any stroke. The stick is easy to wield at the net. Volleys are crisp and rarely come back. Serves are great with power and placement. My groundstrokes are far more consistent but still have depth. Playing angles is easy. Its not a pick up and play racquet but once you have the right setup, its unparalleled in my opinion.
From: Jon, 2/14

Comments: I am a 4.5 player, with medium speed long strokes, one handed back, more flat than heavy topspin. I used to play with the Babolat GT Pure Storm which I loved for the control, but lacked seriously on power, but worst, killed the arm. Went to prestige MP, got the control, no pains, but heavy and have to really work to get power and topspin, so I throught, what about lighter racquet. Reviews are not wrong, pinging sound, polar weight definelty noticeable, and racquet head acceleration is much easier than Prestige. The power is way more than expected vs Pmp even strung at 54 lbs with Head Sonic Pro. You need to seriously and aggressively play the ball. If you let the ball play you or are on your heels, the ball will sail miles out. If you are aggressive, the racquet will reward with control and pace, and depth and is stable. You can not play loose due to the power potential, but when you connect, it is a much heavier ball than the prestige.
From: Anon, 2/14

Comments: Coming from a Pure Drive, I was highly impressed with the nice blend of power, control, and stability of this racquet. I found it to have a large sweetspot with plenty of maneuverability. Not liking mushy racquets, I enjoyed it's crisp feel. The TW review nails it on the head. I'm strongly considering returning from the darkside and purchasing a few.
From: Ben, 2/14

Comments: One word -- pain. Not a good frame if you have arm or shoulder issues. Off center shots don't just feel stiff, they punish you with a jarring stiff jolt like a big rock hit the racquet suddenly. It has power when you hit the sweet spot on 1 out of 10 shots.
From: Mark, 2/14

Comments: Previous racquets of mine have been IG Prestige Pro, IG Extreme Pro 2.0 and IG Radical Pro. I was curious on what TW would say about the new Graphene Radical Pro, but actually I would have ordered it based on the specs anyway. I consider myself an all-court player who is comfortable in attacking/defending form the baseline and enjoy net approaches. After playing almost three months twice a week the pros of this racquet are stability, maneuverability and versatility. The cons are more difficult to pinpoint, but I can understand if some people would add a little weight in the hoop. I play with a one-handed BH and spin is easy to generate. Form the FH wing I think it's easier to change between heavy spin and flatten out strokes compare to my previous models. Inside-out works ok (was actually an easier shot with the previous Radical, but the frame was too flexible; changing ball direction was like gambling). For my game/style it works fine from stock. I've been using Pacific XCite 16L strung at 52 lbs. Good combination considering the stiffness of the racquet. No arm problems at all. So all you AOB's (Association of One-handed Backhanders) out there; give it a try! All in all a very solid stick with no obvious weakness.
From: Moz, 1/14

Comments: This racquet has it all. I am able to drive my shots deep with pace and spin from the baseline. My volleys have never been crisper or more forceful. Still working on dialing in the serve but I am sure that will come. A great upgrade from my Pure Drive. I tried out the new Pure Control Tour from Babolat but it was much less forgiving than the Head.
From: Derek, 1/14

Comments: I usually don't write reviews, however this racquet deserves one. I'm a 4.5 all-court player and this racquet suits me very well. I used to play with the Babolat Pure Storm GT Tour and loved that racquet. Switching from Babolat to Head was a huge change for me. However, their new Pure Control racquets did not work well for my game. I fell in love with this racquet the first time I played with it during a demo practice. The racquet is stiff, so lowering the tension to 52-54 lbs is highly recommended. I had one strung at 56 lbs and it was a completely different feel. I strung this at 54 lbs with RPM blast 17g. The control and power is outstanding. This racquet does well with heavy hitters as it is stable enough to control pace very well. One thing I love about this racquet is that it is only 1 point head light. Therefore, the swing weight is really nice since the racquet is only 11.4 ounces strung. I highly recommend demoing this one and I am happy to say that this is now my new racquet of choice.
From: Ray, 1/14

Comments: I am trying this racquet for a second time now. It definitely does well on top spin, slice, and volleys. Adequately powerful and "controlled power" description is justified. It is also stable, and maneuverable, overall a very capable racquet, worth considering, but there is something nagging me that I did not notice at first try -- what is this pinging at impact, and "hollow feeling" (not enough plow through feeling)? Is this how Head or other brands make their racquets nowadays? The racquet meets almost all of my expectations but the lack of solid feeling and pinging holds me. Any suggestions? Currently I have heavily modified LM Radial MPs with a little more weight and much more head light balance.
From: Anon, 1/14

Comments: The last model is too flexible that control is lost, and this one is a little bit stiff that can hurt your elbow and jarring when not struck right. Head needs to make one that is about 65-66 flex rating. I like the weight distribution that fits my game.
From: Anon, 1/14

Comments: Great racquet, you can really feel the ball. The previous Radical was not bad either, but this one has a lot more control and very good power. The previous was kind of hard to control and bent in all directions on ball impact, with this new one, the ball does what you want and you are on the wheel. Great frame.
From: Jim, 1/14

Comments: Got this for Christmas, and here are my early impressions -- Control is definitely there, it is very accurate. Very maneuverable. Volleys are a pleasure! Feels light. The sweet spot is on the small side. Serving is accurate (but could use a little more mass in this regard, in my opinion). Not like any previous Radicals in my experience (which isn't a bad thing nor a good thing, just a fact). So, I've found myself in agreement with the TW review. All in all, very pleased with it. I'm going to add a small amount lead tape at 3 and 9, and will report back. Strung it with BiPhase 17 at 54 lbs. Not a match made in heaven necessarily, but acceptable.
From: Frank, 1/14

Comments: I have been using the IG Prestige Pro, which I like. I wanted to get a racquet that I can swing more freely. Graphene Radical Pro is definitely easier to swing, but it is a lot more stiffer and doesn't have enough power on plow through. I had more control on my ground strokes, but if I don't swing properly then I had almost no power on my shots. My serves and overheads were better. At net more maneuverable, but somehow didn't feel as stable as my prestige pro. At the end, I didn't feel it as an upgrade for me.
From: Raghu, 1/14

Comments: I am a 4.0 player. This is actually my first Head racquet. I have been playing with K6.1 90 and Prostaff 6.0 85. One handed backhand. My motivation to get a different racquet is my desire to go with a bigger headsize and lighter weight. I was looking for a racquet with the similar feel (swing weight/timing) to the Pro Staff and allows deep backhand slice penetration as the Pro Staff. I demoed four racquets from Tennis Warehouse ($11.50 with shipping included, what a deal!) The four racquets I demoed are Roddick's Babolat, Djokovic's Head, Wawrinka's Yonex and Murray's Radical pro. Murray's Radical Pro comes in as most similar to my old Pro Staff in swing weight and timing. I can go back and forth between the Pro Staff 85 and Radical Pro without having to adjust my timing too much. The Radical Pro gives almost the same court penetration on my slice backhand. What I gained is more power and spins in my strokes and more pop in my serve. My net play also improved because of it's maneuverability. Overall I really like this new stick and would recommend it to someone with a old school game who are transitioning from Federer's 90 square inch.
From: Anon, 1/14

Comments: I was looking for a racquet with similar feel as my Pro Staff 6.0 85 square inch. I demoed four racquets from Tennis Warehouse: Djokovic's, Warwrinka's, Roddick's and Murray's racquet. I know I want a larger head size and a lighter weight but I want something with the similar swing weight as the Pro Staff so I can switch racquets without affecting my timing too much. Also, I'm looking for one that can slice as well as the Pro Staff. The Graphene Radical Pro is a pleasant surprise. For such a light weight racquet it swings about the same. A tad quicker but not by much. It puts enough weight behind my slice so the ball lands deep. And it also valleys much better than the Pro Staff. Very satisfied.
From: Anon, 1/14

Comments: This is totally not a succession racquet. It is a stronger, stiffer frame, so it has more control. Less spin, lower powered. To me it plays a lot like Djokovic's Speed Pro. It's a control oriented flat hitting racquet. Vibration feedback is almost like hitting with a metal baseball bat. Good or bad depending on your preference. Personally, I really enjoyed the plow- through but hated the Graphene sound and feedback. I keep on thinking there go my tendons with all that vibration. I'd imagine it would be greatly suited for a Murray type of baseline grinding game. Spin requires extraneous stroke modification. Felt pushed around a bit once my timing was off for those T-off flat shots. Topspin was landing short compared to a lot of racquets with similar specs I was demoing this with.
From: GS, 12/13

Comments: I'm a 3.5 player and I tried this racquet on demo from TW. Having already tried many of the new offerings, including Graphene Instinct, Speed Pro, Prestige, and my former favorite, the Speed MP, I can say that this racquet is like a sleek race car in comparison. This demo reminded me of the time I first hit with the Volkl C10 Pro many years ago. The power I always wished for in that racquet is here, along with the control, spin, and balance. The racquet simply does what you want it to. I got the Speed MP (which I really like) for a comparison, and it never made it out of the bag. I was so engrossed in seeing what else I could do with this Radical Pro. I realize this is a first impression and if it doesn't change over the course of the demo, this will be my new racquet.
From: Michael, 12/13

Comments: I agree with previous posting. I demoed it along with Prestige Pro and found it to be a good balance with power and control. My down-the-line one handed backhand appears to be much more accurate and volleys are crisp at the net. It is not stiff at all and feels lighter than the listed weight. It is probably because I have been using Head Liquidmetal Radical MP for years and this new Radical Pro is now on the top of my replacement list. Prestige Pro obviously weighs more without additional benefit, can be awkard outside sweet spot.
From: Anon, 12/13

Comments: All the feedback on this racquet so far seems to show that most players who have owned a previous generation Radical don't care for the 'radically' different feel, and then there are the others who haven't hit with a Radical, this is their first exposure and most seem to love this racquet. I fall into the latter camp. It is a firm racquet, I've offset that a little by playing with a soft, spin-friendly poly, and adding a little weight. This racquet offers great control, and more than adequate power and spin. My one handed backhand is improved since I went switched to this racquet and now I can consistently hit cross- court winners. And my serve is much more consistent, I have had a problem with it sailing on me at times, that happens with much less frequency now. Overall I'm very happy with it.
From: Anon, 12/13

Comments: Had a few hours playing with the new Graphene Radical Pro and found it quite mediocre. Yes it has good control but nothing extraordinary. It also feels very stiff, more than it's rating suggests, and overall not enjoyable to use. The positives for me were slices and serves. I don't see the comparison with Prestige MP, which I think is a superior racquet in almost all aspects and much more comfortable to use. I see where they were trying to go with this, and I suspect it will be a racquet that you will either love or hate. Many might be in the former camp, but I highly suggest demoing before buying it. As far as I am concerned the previous model, which as many pointed out bares no resemblance to the new one, was a better racquet.
From: SGV, 12/13

Comments: My 2014 Head Graphene Radical Pro arrived 2 days ago. So far, I am quite impressed. I've been playing with the Head Youtek IG Prestige Pro. The new 2014 Radical Pro has slightly more power, and better performance on groundstrokes, returns, volleys, service pace and precision and the most important for my game, slice. Strung at 52 lbs with Gamma Professional 18 gauge makes for a very comfortable feel. The weight is almost an ounce less at 11.5 than the Prestige Pro. I like both racquets but I believe the 2014 Radical Pro will be an asset to my game with many features that the Prestige Pro does not have.
From: BK, 11/13

Comments: The older model was softer and had more plow through power. This new racquet is trying to be something it is not. Feel and touch are lacking. I will stock up on older ones.
From: Jamed, 11/13

Comments: I am a fan of the Radical MP racquets, but bought the Rad Pro instead based on reviews. I am not disappointed. The racquet is crisp. Great control and power. I was afraid of the high stiff rating, but the racquet felt very flexible. I did not experience any discomfort playing 3hrs, 3 days in a row . I think stringing at 52 lbs helped.
From: RC, 11/13

Comments: I am really convinced by the previous comments. It feels exactly like a Prestige IG MidPlus to me with a 16x19 string pattern. Lots of control and directional stability for an open pattern. I directly purchased this racquet without a demo but just because I liked the specs and the Tennis Warehouse reviews. I am really very happy with this racquet. Initially, I didn't like it for about 30 minutes and slowly it attracted me. I am able to play all kinds of shots including serves, great volleys and all kinds of baseline shots with great controlled power. String it between 48-52 lb with co-poly and this will become a tennis machine. This racquet totally changed my game. I think a lot of ATP pros will convert to this racquet. This is a great racquet at 11.5 ounces strung and I recommend it for medium to advanced players.
From: SXXX, 11/13

Comments: Feels like a Prestige IG MidPlus with a 16x19 string pattern. Lot of control and directional stability for an open pattern. This one was a demo strung really high with the new Hawk strings. I will string it at low 50s with my co-poly of choice and write another comment.
From: Tony, 11/13

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