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Comments: This racquet is fantastic. It is fast, solid, and is so versatile from the baseline. For me, it is the ultimate blend of power and control. With its mid-range stiffness rating, it flexes just enough to give you some nice ball pocketing and a good sense of control. I have tried many, many racquets and I keep coming back to the Graphene Radical MP. It plays great stock, but it is even better with just a bit of lead at 10 and 2.
From: Dustin, 12/15

Comments: The Graphene range are very stiff racquets and I have found that I get arm and wrist problems with them. I never had this issue with the old radicals. I think Graphene is light but it does not have much mass and therefore creates the problem. They are nice looking racquets though.
From: Graham, 12/15

Comments: The older Radicals were known for their flexibility. It's sad to see that Head is making the new Radicals more stiff. I hit with Graphene Radical MP for 2 days and it killed my shoulder. Not sure if it was the poly string that came with the demo, but I will be sticking with my Microgel and Youtek Radical MP racquets.
From: Rc7, 3/15

Comments: I tested both this Radical MP and the Radical Pro. For my game the MP was better suited. I seemed to always be hitting long with the Pro. Great control with the MP, it does need a bit of a whack to get the ball going at high speeds but then the control keeps the ball in. You can get some nice accuracy with my shots and can ellicit decent spin on serves for a consistent second. Great racquet.
From: Lelo, 2/15

Comments: This racquet is light and maneuverable. It's fun to play with. It is lacking mass and needs some combo of a leather grip and lead. I can only imagine arm pain if your using too stiff a string and maybe against hard hitters. I volleyed ok, but it could surely use a couple grams at 3 and 9 with some counterbalance weight in the handle. Control is good, power is good just needs a little plow and stabilization. That should improve slice and touch shots which weren't that good. of course you can get used to anything, all would likely improve over a few months of hitting with it.
From: Paul, 11/14

Comments: Many people say that this racquet causes elbow and shoulder pain, but honestly it depends on the type of strings you use. I use Solinco Tour Bite or Revolution 16g for the mains and Prince Duraflex 16g or 17g for the crosses at 56 lbs and the racquet feels great. The best part about this racquet is the pop on the serve that you get with it. It also has great control and power on off center shots. I'm a high school and USTA player who plays almost 6 days a week and this racquet has yet to disappoint me, so overall this is an awesome racquet!
From: Sheldon, 9/14

Comments: I am a 5.0 all-around player and played with Radical MP once for 2 hours -- to be honest it was OK in all categories, but something is missing in this racquet. There is nothing special about it, it's a bit light for my game. Slices are not that that great, you just don't fall in love with it. I recommend it for junior players, I will test the Radical Pro soon and see the difference and I will post my opinion.
From: Terry, 8/14

Comments: This is an awesome stick. Coming from a Babolat Pure Drive, I can feel the controllable power and comfort that I was missing with the PD. I played in the past with previous versions of the radical and this one is the most solid of all, less flexible but more solid at contact.
From: Miguel, 6/14

Comments: Demoed this stick yesterday. Compared to my Youtek Radical MP (YTR), the Graphene felt noticeably stiffer than the YTR. In fact, over an hour of hitting, I felt a little of both elbow and shoulder pain. This stick is not for me.
From: JJ< 5/14

Comments: One of my favorites of the new Head racquets. I usually prefer a racquet to be a little heavier, but that's just my personal preference. This racquet felt great though and I think has a few advantages over the Pro (which is a little heavier). It's a good middle weight racquet that allows you to put power behind your groundstrokes and touch behind your volleys. The Pro had more power behind groundstrokes, but less feel, making volleys and drop shots a little tougher. I would recommend this racquet for 3.5-4.0 NTRP rated player. Good for players that understand the basics of each shot, but are still making changes.
From: Mary, 4/14

Comments: I use to play competitive tennis in high school but then gave it up for lacrosse. I am now 29 and have been playing tennis for about a year and half 3 times a week. For the past year I've been playing with an APD+ that one of my friends on the pro tour gave to me. Never had any sort of arm or shoulder pain until playing with that stick and hitting with 17g Cylclone at 55lbs. The .5 in length would also cause me to shank balls when hitting a backhand. I searched out a new stick. I tried everything from the Pure Strike, Pure Control Tour, Blade, Speed Pro, Radical Pro and Radical MP. This took the cake. The lighter weight on the MP allows me to whip my forehand and really brush up on my shots. My serve is far better with this racquet, volleys could be better but I feel that is my just technique that needs to be tweaked. Control is spot on and my backhand has improved dramatically. I agree with TW that it can feel pushed around if your on your heels. My go to string in this racquet is a full bed of Solinco Tour Bite 17g at 55lbs. Heads Hawk 17g is actually pretty nice too and I have my second Radical MP strung with Cyclone 17g, haven't popped the Tour Bite though so I cant compare the two. I am a 3.0 player with a two handed backhand and semi- western forehand.
From: Geoff, 3/14

Comments: Loved the plow through and stability on this frame. Hits a nice flat ball on the forehand side and provides easy access to spin that penetrates the court. I strung with a Gamma Live Wire at 58 lbs. I agreed with the TW player reviews on the serve and return.
From: Mark, 1/14

Comments: I am a 4.0 five times a week all-court player. I have playtested almost every popular stick out. This stick has what Head was missing with the old Radical. A nice beefy 23.5mm thick frame at the hoop. This makes the stick feel stiff and solid. Totally different from the old versions. Feels nothing like Radicals of old, and I'm loving it. You can thwack the ball and not feel the frame bend at all. Groundies are a pleasure. Spin is great. Similar to an APD and the stiffness is similar too. Serves are accurate. This stick has some power. Slice backhands are not great, but you have to expect that from a whippy stick. Lead at 12 will fix that, but I will not be adding any. The grip is classic Head shape -- nice and oblong and sleek. I needed a 4 1/2 and I'm good with 3/8 on most, so bear in mind these grips run small. I love this stick -- it's like a blend of a Prestige, great feel, but has the chunkier frame of a tweener. This is a must demo. My whippy Western forehand demands a smaller swing weight, so this perfectly fit the bill. Folks. I am telling you that i am going to make the switch from my 5 year love affair with an APD. Trust me and demo this stick. Along with the Pro if you can handle heft. Enjoy!
From: Dan, 12/13

Comments: I demoed this from a local pro shop and played a few sets with it. I definitely felt that compared to my Babolat Pure Storm it feels stiffer, more powerful and had a bigger sweetspot although both are 98 square inches. The use of graphene does seem to make the racquet more polarized and I found it easy to create spin as well as very easy to maneuver. I liked how, due to the polarization, it improves net clearance and lands the ball deep and it jumps up. However, my slice floats more often than usual and it wasnt as penetrating. Hitting one handed backhand also didnt feel very solid so I would add lead at 3 and 9 if I was to get this racquet to make it more stable as well as give serves more pop as it's slightly lacking in that category. Overall, it was a fun racquet to demo although too powerful for my liking and some lead is required to make it more stable.
From: Anon, 12/13

Comments: This racquet is way too light for me. I found it twisting off center on volleys and had no punch whatsover on serves.
From: Steve, 11/13

Comments: I initially demoed the MP earlier this week and really didn't care much for it, but something told me to try it again and boy am I glad I did! After getting over how much the new model differed from prior model, I started appreciating this model for what it was. For it's weight, it feels pretty substantial to me on impact and very solid. At my 3.5-4.0 level, it rarely gets pushed around and plays perfect for me stock. Such a perfect mix of power and control. The power is there when you need it, but you need a pretty decent swing to get there. Control is spot on and I always feel like I can put the ball pretty close to where I am aiming. I am an all court player and the MP does everything I need in that respect. Touch, slice, lobs, etc. all are not a problem. I like the fact that he pattern is tighter than most 16x19s as it seems to help my slice and flat drives. Groundies feel great -- firm with a slight pocketing on impact. Not flexy but not Pure Drive-ish either. Serves surprised me. I was serving well with it almost immediately. Great combo of spin, pop and placement. I have been playing with the pretty light Volkl Organix V1 MP and the added heft and plow from the Rad MP seems to suit me better. With the V1, I sometimes felt like I had to play restrained to control the power, but with the Rad MP I feel like I can swing at my ideal pace. The weight is just enough for me where it neither feels to heavy or too light. Played again today with the Rad MP and won my 1st 4.0 league match of the new season 6-1, 6-4. My opponent commented how I had a great variety in my shots and how I kept him off balance the entire match. So I ordered 2 of these puppies and plan on making the switch. Just have nothing bad to say about. I even love the new paint job!
From: JackB1, 11/13

Comments: Picked up a demo from my local tennis shop. I am using last years model of the Radical MP and felt I needed a lighter racquet to improve my net game. Everything the testers say in the video is true, so it is really a matter of preference. I love that the racquet weighs less for net play and has good power from the baseline. I was able to get the racquet back easily. However, on my serve, I was left wanting more weight. I have a really good serve and get a lot of free points. So for me, I am not sure yet if this is the right move for my game.
From: Calvin, 10/13

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