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Comments: Great for customizing. I bought it for this reason. I added 39 grams at the butt, 6 grams at 3 o'clock and 6 grams at 9 o'clock,12 grams of 2x overgrips. Which gives me a swingsweight of 352, static weight 338 grams, balance of 31.18cm, twistweight 14.9 and recoil weight of 202. It's solid now! My racquet background: 1. Dunlop Max200G. Would still use it if the head size is enlarged. 2. Wilson N1 ncode 125 square inch headsize, which was too bulky and long, and over powered with a massive sweetspot. Had to string at 65 lbs to tame it. 3. Fischer Pro #1 98 -- under powered, jarring and had a sweetspot of a pin head, but very maneuverable (hitting the sweetspot was great, but if not then look out TE). I am 50 years old, 5'7" and have a semi-weston forehand, one-handed backhand, and prefer to hit flat but am an all around player. This Rev is perfectly in the middle of the Fischer and N1, extremely maneuverable and has a large sweetspot, very plush and buttery feel (I have TE). Similar to the Max200g, but lighter and of course a bigger head. You would need to lead it up against big hitters (again, great for TE). Else it's also great in stock form. Before settling on the Rev, I demoed all the Speed range racquets, all the Blade 98 range racquets, the black RF97 and the Yonex 98 Ai lime. The Blade came closest to the Rev, but was too HH for me to customize. The RF somehow felt too stiff for my TE even though the flex is low. And the Yonex's sweetspot was too low to the throat. For me, my order of preference is the Rev, Blade 98 (sweetspot felt slightly bigger than the Rev, on paper at the TW list, too), the Black RF97 Autograph, then Yonex. Strung with cheap Multi, Gamma Challenger 16, at 57 lbs (two piece job). I'm getting the pop and buttery, ball crushing feeling from it! Extremely under rated racquet. Good luck with you search.
From: Gary, 11/16

Comments: This racquet is great for power and spin and for those who like a light racquet. The bad part about this racquet in that I've experienced is the fact that it causes tennis elbow after a few hours of play or a few days in a row of play. The pain lasts for quite a long time as you may know from tennis elbow. I would not recommend this for players who play regularly.
From: Adriano, 8/16

Comments: If you have some strength in your arm go ahead and (excessively) weight the hoop down more. I added three layers of hoop tape (about 20 inches each) to the top of the hoop and use a full bed of 15g strung at mid fifties of a textured syn gut to put more weight at the far end of the 9.8 ounce racquet (a simulated heavy racquet. Doing this will still give a quick swing on defense and speedy, spinny depth when on offense. Otherwise bigger hitters will knock the racquet around on strokes and serve. One-handed backhand slices are dream-like after this mod and you can still create good angles on the forehand on low shots -- it still flicks easy to the sides of the court. Waist to chest high topspin responses are easy to counter back with hacks and less shank-able depth when hoop weighted. The graphene on this light racquet is surprisingly easy on the arm. very comfy. If you swing slow already the hoop wight is benefical in stock form. This is a really fun and effective racquet if you go for a more head heavy feel.
From: Scott, 11/15

Comments: I've tried the Pro, the MP and the Rev, and the Rev takes the cake for me among the Graphenes. It's the most comfortable of the bunch, and the head heavy balance makes it more solid-feeling than the MP, while staying very maneuverable. If you play 4.5 and above, you get plenty of room for adding weight (I've added about 25g of silicone in the handle, but also liked it in stock form). Truly a good racquet.
From: Don, 10/15

Comments: Surprised not to see more reviews for this racquet. It has worked well for me (I'm 56 years old and a competitive club player) as a replacement for a heavily leaded Dunlop 300. Went full circle with strings (Head RIP Control, Head SP Edge) and in the end, the recommended Sonic Pro black gives me the best balance of control, touch and power. I can confirm the playing characteristics in the reviews below, and this frame/string combination has been mercifully easy on the arm. It did take a while playing to get used to it (there was temptation to hit too flat). Stick with it if, like me, you are looking for a lighter pro- style frame that rewards good technique and an all-court game.
From: Andrea, 3/15

Comments: Picked one of these up a month ago, strung it with Head Hawk Control strings at 57 lbs. Very impressed with the frame, but the strings not so much. My next move will be to switch to Forten Aramid Gear at 52-53 lbs. Control is the strong point of this frame (which is impressive in a HH package), so I feel like I can take the tension down quite a bit. Not only is it easy to use in stock configuration, HEAD racquets have an easily removable cap in the butt guard -- which I have taken advantage of to add lead weight for some experimentation. I've gone as high as 25 grams in the butt, and brought this racket to almost 8 pts HL, then dialed it back down to 25g, then to 10g. The more I play, the more I want to just use it stock and let that heavy head do the talking for me. Certainly takes some getting used to, but if you swing heavy already, this racquet really gives some baseline power. Many years ago, I played with a Wilson Hammer 5.2 (8pts HH), and I bought this because I thought I had lost my old racquet. I found my Hammer, and spent some time switching back and forth until I've decided that the Radical is better in every aspect.
From: Matt, 9/14

Comments: After upgrading from a Head LM8, this racquet has been impressive. It took some practice time to get used to the HH balance, but has a solid feel to the frame, so I can handle my opponent's pace. Also, I can swing as hard as I can and still get a lot of control; hitting the sweet spot is a reward in itself -- I don't feel a thing, just hear the sound of a perfect ball popping off the strings. Good, easy depth, but at net might be a little too strong though. I have it strung with Volkl Power Fiber II at 55 lbs and have had no issues with the strings, I think it's perfect. Overall, I'm very confident playing with this racquet.
From: Anon, 5/14

Comments: With it's odd combination of light weight, yet a heavier swingweight than the other 2 models, I think this frame has scared off a lot of potential buyers. I watched a ITF pro practice partner just take apart a guy, a good guy, in an Open event. After, I spoke to him about the frame, and he said "way more power and much cleaner feel than my Graphene Speed MP" -- which was my thoughts, exactly. Pushed out wide, you can just snap this frame for some incredible saves, yet the pace is there from the swingweight, although it does feel faster than 330, that SW does hit a big ball. And it serves with more power than it's big brothers, too. I'd like to pick one up.
From: SurfBoy, 2/14

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