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Comments: Amazing racquet -- it came today in the post and I used it today. Loved the 16x19 string pattern it helped me get more topspin and where I would have hit it long it dipped faster and hit the baseline. If you have been playing tennis for a little while and want an upgrade, get this!
From: Louis, 8/14

Comments: I used it in stock form for a couple months and loved the whippy speed of it. It's incredible that such a light racquet could be so stable. I think my shoulder started to disapprove of the lightness of it (I have a big serve), so I added some weight to the handle and head. About 4 months later and my arm is fine, and I'm still loving this racquet. I've pretty much doubled the speed of my groundstrokes and am winning tournaments.
From: B, 8/14

Comments: This is a great racquet for tweakers. I added some weight on the handle and on the head at 3 and 9 o'clock, bringing it to 10.2 oz. It hits like a dream. It has a big sweet spot and good plow through. I've been tearing up my 4.0 group with this racquet. This racquet generates so much spin because you get a lot of dwell time on the ball with the low stiffness rating.
From: John, 4/13

Comments: Following up, my wife (a solid, baseline-oriented 4.5, working her way back to 5.0 player) has had this racquet for a bit more than a month, after using the C10 Pro for nearly 10 years. I added weight to the handle via lead and Blue Stick, plus a damper (which it doesn't need; shared holes apparently mitigate string buzz), getting it to 10.5 oz. She appreciates the 2 oz weight savings over the C10. Swings fast and has a great feel. Graphene Revs are a great options for tweakers, and the lower RA stiffness is a big plus, especially for us old farts (my wife is 50 and I'm soon-to-be 48).
From: Doug, 3/13
String type and tension: Cyclone 17 in mains at 53 lbs, OGSM 16 in crosses at 47 lbs

Comments: Very lightweight, easy to maneuver, but got pushed when hitting harder. Good in serving but weak on the net play.
From: Lilibeth, 1/13

Comments: This hits better than it should, given how crazy light it is in stock form. It's probably as close as you can get to a pro-stock Instinct. Also, the stiffness (59) is way lower than the MP (70) or S (72), so it's very arm friendly. I even called TW to confirm that wasn't a misprint. Probably the sleeper in the Graphene Instinct lineup, and will probably be overlooked by a lot of folks, given its stock specs. Currently the front runner for my wife to switch to, perhaps with a few mods (wee-bit more weight).
From: Doug, 1/13

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