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Comments: In response to Steve from 9/15 -- check the stiffness of this racquet. Move up to a model with stiffness around 61-63. Maybe an older model Youtek with no graphene. Spend the money for real gut, it has helped my elbow. Well worth the money not to hurt. I am using it strung at 60 lbs with no problem any more.
From: Dan, 11/15

Comments: I have put in just about a full season in with this racquet. I have developed tennis elbow for the 1st time, so I'm dealing with that now. I moved from a 16 to 17 gauge and decreased from 60 to 50 lbs, still using Technifibre Bio X Phase which I think is the best multi out there. The racquet has improved my game on just about all fronts, wearing an arm brace to prevent further elbow injury at this point. Tried to go back to my old Volkl Catapult 6, but I felt like no power at all now, so I'm stuck with the Instinct.
From: Steve, 9/15

Comments: I'm an intermediate player who likes playing from the baseline, and this racquet helps me get a nice amount of power and spin. I don't really try to slice that much but can't generate easy spin for drop shots and etc. This racquet was overall very good just a few problems with the stiffness outside the sweet spot.
From: Tal, 8/15

Comments: I first demo'ed this racquet through TW in March, along with three other racquets, and found what I was looking for in this racquet. Improved power, topspin, and better slices. So I ended up buying the Instinct MP earlier this spring and have been very happy with the MP. I have Babolat RPM 16 strings at 55 pounds on the mains and 53 pounds on the crosses. I'm a 3.5 baseliner.
From: Mark, 5/15

Comments: I've now played with this racquet for 2 months after a never-ending search for a new stick. The one area I've been dealing with is the power generated from this racquet. I have short, compact strokes and have a control- style overall. I've noticed an improvement at the net and serve. The tapered beam seems to improve the extreme cross court angle shots as well. I wish this model came in an 18x20 pattern to help control the ball more.
From: Steve, 4/15

Comments: I played well with this racquet for 3 weeks and was really impressed with the power and comfort. I have tried the APD and that feels heavier and harder to maneuver in compared to this racquet.
From: Alberto, 12/14

Comments: I've been looking for a new racquet for 10 years, but never found one that played as good as my old one. I finally found this one which felt as good as my old one and decided to buy it. I've had a straight beam of 24 mm and was not sure about the tapered beam, but it does seem to whip cross court forehands better than before. I have Technifiber Biophase at 60 lbs, which I've been using as long as it was introduced. The racquet has nice feel, power and will hopefully improve my game.
From: Steve, 12/14

Comments: This racquet is not unstable to me, as all the reviewers stated. The problem is that the grip loses tack fairly quickly, and once that happens the racquet starts twisting in your hands. Put a tacky overgrip on it, and all the stability issues go away. Spin and power is quite nice. It's a shade stiff, so string polys ultra low! Very versatile racquet. Super power on demand. Steady, spinny rallies on controlled 60-70% swings.
From: Tom, 12/14

Comments: At the beginning, this racquet felt so good, but after one week of using it, a pain in my shoulder started to appear which eventually became a great pain. The problem I think is that it vibrates a lot, so I started playing with a pair of dampeners since I was not used to playing with them, the pain started to get better, but is still there. My volleys improved, but on the other hand I have found my service to be very unstable with this racquet.
From: Oscar, 10/14

Comments: I just recently demoed this racquet and I previously was using the Pure Drive Plus and the Instinct was awesome! Great power, great serves, great groundstrokes! Over all, it was an amazing racquet! it would best hit with a multifilament.
From: Bryce, 10/14

Comments: I hit with this demo about 4 or 5 times last week. (I had a previous demo review of this below but had hit with it only one time previously). Serve was good, but not as great as last time. Volleys were OK, unless someone smashed it hard at me, in which case it became a little unstable. Groundstrokes are where this racquet shines. Good feel, good power, very good topspin on groundstrokes. Not sure how much of the topspin was from the racquet or from the FXP 16 string that came with the demo. The racquet feels a little too light so I would add some lead tape. The only real problem is this racquet bothered my tennis elbow, so it may be too stiff for me. But I may buy it anyway, it felt so good.
From: Hnery, 8/14

Comments: I have been playing with this racquet for about 6 months now and TW was spot on regarding the review and ratings. As one reviewer here stated, don't forget to let the racquet do a bit of work for you. The balance and stability, I guess, is the reason for this. Very good feel and control hence easy to flatten or create spin which, obviously, add some variety on shots. Because of this, service returns also benefits. Very good maneuverability and stable at the net. The area of my game that has greatly improved since this racquet is my serve -- more consistency and power on my first serves and better spin access on my seconds which has reduced my double faults. I must also mention, which I feel is very important, that this stick is very easy on the arm.
From: Risty, 5/14

Comments: I had to switch from a Babolat AeroPro Drive (Nadal's racquet) because it exacerbated my tennis elbow and shoulder problems. Since moving to this racquet, my elbow and shoulder pain is much improved almost not feeling it. But the big surprise is that I am serving bigger and my ground strokes are much faster. I am able to do more shots like flat shoulder level forehands. The only thing I lost is a little of my heavy top spin. Overall, this is an awesome racquet.
From: Manuel, 5/14

Comments: Very solid and good power on groundstrokes. Absolutely great for serving.
From: Henry, 2/14

Comments: Awesome is the word to describe this racquet! I am a 3.5/4 player and since owning this racquet, I have won all of the tournaments -- USTA, as well as my league matches! This racquet has everything from power to control and topspin as well!
From: Al, 2/14

Comments: I have never written a review before, but I actually feel like Head deserves it for creating this racquet. It's that awesome! I am a 3.5/4.0 player, who playtested a gazillion racquets. I simply love this one. It gives me everything I was missing from my game before. It's the total package -- power, control and comfort. If you have elbow issues (like I do) you will love this racquet for its buttery soft feel without sacrificing control. The racquet is very powerful too, and if you are looking for that nice topspin, this racquet delivers. I know opinions are very subjective when it comes to racquets, but give this one a try and you will not be disappointed.
From: George, 9/13

Comments: This racquet has added an extra dimension to my game. I used to play with a Wilson but recently migrated across. I'm an intermediate/advanced club player. First off, the swing weight is good. Even though it is lighter than my Juice, it feels heavier due to the head weight balance. This gives good stability and feel which transfers to effortless power. Volleys are strong with great put away potential. My serves have also benefited from this stick. My second serve especially. On the ground strokes, I have noticed it generates great power and depth. The key is timing and letting the racquet do the work. All in all, I cant fault this. It is a great tennis asset which will flatter you game. I string mine with NSX at 55 lbs.
From: Jon, 7/13

Comments: Excellent Racquet. The Head YouTek Graphene Instinct MP compliments my game very nicely. However, I did need to up the weight of the racquet ever so slightly. It's very maneuverable and very spin friendly. I am not going to say that this version of Instinct is as stable at the net as the Ingera version of the same racquet; but it still plays well at the net. Being a baseline player who likes to hit heavy ground strokes and serve big, this is certainly my racquet of choice for 2013 and possibly longer. I use Luxilon M2 Pro 1.25 mm 16 L stings in all my racquets as I find the strings to be very comfortable and durable. If anything I have found that these strings actually make this particular racquet even better. No issues with arm pain what so ever. This racquet is my top pick for anyone who plays a heavy baseline game and likes a powerful serve.
From: Chris, 3/13

Comments: I usually play with APD GT. This stick has more power than my APD GT. It also has better feel and easier access to spin and precise targeting. The flex rating is 70, but it didnt play that way. It feels much more flexible. I was hitting flat serves easily and generating spin was no problem with the open string pattern. This is arm friendly and easy to swing. Highly reccoment this stick!
From: Allan, 2/13

Comments: Coming from an APD GT, this Graphene Instinct MP is now my raquet of choice base on previous model review. As New APD GT'13 seems to has more power, I decide to go for more controllable power. From the first hit, I'm not familiar with lighter swing weight and tend to make some errors by over exaggerating the racquet's head speed. Though the Instinct plays very comfortable from the baseline I noticed vibration on volleys, especially on off-center hits. Then I added a little lead tape to increase swingweight and amazingly all the problems are gone. With lead tape, the racquet response enabled me to play volleys comfortably. Now my shot has more plowthrough and also good spin, though it's not that heavy spin like with the APD GT.
From: Tan, 1/13

Comments: I love this racquet very much. Compared to the last version, it is more stable frame-wise, but took some time to get use to the shift in the weight distribution. It still gives that effortless power and then some. Also for me it gave me more of that topspin and control I needed. All in all this racquet has potential to be a great weapon for those who know what to do with its power. It really feels like I just need to use my instinct and the racquet does the rest, hence its name.
From: Alex, 1/13

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