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Comments: Surprised to see so few customer reviews. The scores in the TW reviews are a bit low and underestimate the qualities of the racquet. I am a strong 4.5 club player who has tried lots of different racquets in recent years. This Head Extreme Pro offers a very hard to find blend of power, comfort and maneuverability. Similar in specs to the Babolat Pure Drive, but offers a plusher and more pleasant feel. The low swing weight, thanks to its headlight balance, comes in handy at the net and when scrambling. The abundant power is easiest to see on flat serves. It is a stiff racquets for sure, but not excessively so, making for a rock solid feel during groundstroke rallies. But the biggest difference it has made for me by far is in the return. I suggest you stand a bit further back to give yourself time to take a full cut at the ball, and let it rip! Especially if you string with a good thin poly like Dunlop Black Widow 18g for extra spin, you will be able to consistently smoke those returns deep and with pace, immediately putting your opponents on the defensive. And you can come over the ball with confidence instead of using a slice to safely put the ball back into play. I have always hated returning, but now I love it and so will you. Enjoy!
From: Gabriel, 1/15

Comments: Went from the first generation IG Extreme MP to this expecting a huge upgrade since I skipped the 2.0 release. Ordered the racquet with Volkl Cyclone at 57 lbs and was way too stiff and the racquet showed its stiffness qualities. Cut it out and put in a basic Prince Lightning XX 16 gauge while I waited for some string I ordered from TW. The racquet played much much better, lots of pop and power! I noticed with the old Cyclone setup my balls were extremely heavy with spin but I just could not handle the plank-like feeling. Once the synthetic breaks I'll be trying a Black Widow hybrid with the Gamma TNT multi I recently ordered from happy hour. Hopefully this setup will work well. If you want the spin and power like a babolat but want more control, this is the stick to demo.
From: Anon, 9/14

Comments: Played with a Babolat Aero Pro for the last two years -- good stick. Tried this racquet . I gave the Babolats to my son. Balanced, stable, powerful offering me better control, pop on my serve and a more accurate volley. My opponents noticed that I am hitting heavier ball with more spin and control. Perfect!
From: Clinton, 7/14

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