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Comments: A better version of the Pure Drive. More solid, same high power level. You really need to add spin with the groundstrokes to avoid them from flying long, but when you do, the results are very rewarding. Serves are really good using the speed the racquet allows to produce with that intermediate weight . The rounder grip is welcomed by those of us who never could adapt to the typical Head grip shape. More like Babolat or Wilson now, making the transition from those brands easier. Maneuverable at net, solid (again) volleys . Maybe the best "modern" (tubular) racquet I tried. Highly recommended.
From: Nelson, 8/15

Comments: My idea had been to step down a bit from my Wilson 6.1 20x18 which is getting a bit to demanding for me with growing older and fatter. I tested a Babolat Pure Drive Roddick, but this is a hard stick if there ever was. I am aware that these Graphene sticks are all about a polarized set-up, not what I really wanted, but there was a promise of more arm comfort. But my game isn't as modern as it should be for this racquet, backhand is one-handed and I mix in some slice groundies (yeah, even forehand); stops and fast first serves are important tools of my game. No support here from this stick. So I put lead on it: 10 grams at 3:00 and 9:00, 10 grams outside the beam beginning at the handle's top end upwards. Now it is what I really had in mind: very solid stick, depolarized, i.e. much, much more precise, much more plough. A definitely more forgiving and a bit more powerful 6.1., exactly what I wanted. 12 oz+ sounds a bit clumsy for such a big stick, but it is still fast enough even for volleys. Very happy that I have a racquet that fits my game so well, and I am not aware of many sticks in stock form that would do, as really most of these 100 sqinch and above sticks stress a spinfriendly response.
From: Andrew, 12/14

Comments: I am honored to be the first reviewer. I'm a 4.0 singles player and have used all of the previous Extremes. The Gel version was closer to this Graphene version than the 2.0 (last year's model). Last year's was a little heavier, harder to wield because of the high swing weight. This is crisper than the gel version, and the handle has been changed. The grip shape that is, has been changed to the same shape as the Speed line grip. More Wilson-ish if you will than the more rectangular or elongated Prestige line. On groundstrokes -- as soon as I hit with this stick it felt like an extension of my arm. Groundies are effortless -- so much effortless power, but with massive spin potential to really add control. The round head shape is actually really nice because the string bed feels more consistent throughout. Yes I know that the playtesters said otherwise. Just try it out for yourself. I usually get my crosses 2 lbs lower than my mains. Serves are not as deadly accurate as if you were using a 12 ounce stick, but the spin potential and maneuverability make up for that. I just spun everything in, and it proved to be very effective. Backhand slices are the only thing that I suffered with in contrast with a heavier stick -- but that's it. Every stroke but that one is vicious. My forehand is where this stick really shone. I can get more clearance and spin with this bad boy than even my APD. This is what an APD wants to be in my opinion. The hollow feeling of the APD is not there. This thing feels well made and solid. This is the best Head I have ever picked up. I don't know why this gets a lower rating than an APD? I usually would try the heavier version just to make sure that I like the MP, but in this case I wont even bother. This is the perfect 11.3 ounce stick. I used Head Hawk at 58 lbs. The strings are not that good. They lost snapback at one hour of play. Would not recommend Hawk. Whoever ends up reading this review, just trust me when I tell you to demo this thing. Just try it. You wont be disappointed.
From: Dan, 8/14

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