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Comments: Great racquet -- beautifully balanced, nice weight in the head, smooth with plenty of whip. Serves can lack a little but with extra racquet speed I had no problems. Great for volleys and deep baseline topspin whips. Just a super positive racquet. Best Head racquet I have used.
From: Luc, 2/18/17

Comments: I demoed four racquets and I knew the second I picked this one up that it would be the one I purchased. Then I hit with it and I was sold. This a great racquet for someone who likes to generate a lot of racquet speed because of how light it is. I play with Head multifilament string and that gives it a little grip, which allows you to get even more spin than the racquet (generously) creates. I really like this racquet. It's a smooth strike through the ball and is great for groundstrokes and volleys at the net. I definitely recommend this racquet.
From: Cole, 5/15

Comments: I'm demoing racquets and I came from a Prince Hornet so it's been a while. I'm a 3-5 to 4.0 player (women's) and play mostly doubles. Since I started with a wooden "Davis" racquet, I've always like balanced racquets. The Head Extreme Lite says it's HH, but I don't really feel that. I've tried Babolat Aeropro/Strike, Team and Drive racquets, Wilson Juice, Head Radical, Prince Warrior, and a few more. On my last visit, the guy in the store brought out the Head Extreme Lite and said "give this a try." I had already demo'ed the Head Radical and it just wasn't for me so I sort of stayed away from the Heads. My mistake. I took the Extreme and played a bunch last night with it along with the Wilson Juice UL. No contest. The Head felt great. The only thing I have to work out is serving. I'm a big server, but to sacrifice everything with a noticeable HH racquet isn't worth it to me. The Extreme is easy to maneuver, balanced, and with a little serving practice I think my search is over. One thing that really helped me a lot -- my guru pro/teacher who knows how I hit said for him he always looks at weight and head size. I outgrew my 110 square inch head size. Heck, when I started out the racquets looked like badamitten racquets. We still managed to hit the ball! The weight was key. He said to look for 9.5-10.5 oz strung (no more). These new lighter racquets allow for quick response at net and lots of spin which I like. Boy, was he right. I feel like I've gotten some of my youthful reflex abilities back considering I'm 61. I guess technology matters. I never thought I was good enough to notice the difference between racquets, and I'm happy to say I did. It pays to try 3 racquets at a time and play a couple of service games with each. Can't wait to order my new racquet. It's definitely he "Head Extreme Lite!"
From: Robin, 8/14

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