Head FXP Tour 16g String Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: This string is not as soft as its stiffness rating would indicate. I'm a 4.0 player with a full swing. I strung this at 60 lbs which is mid tension on one of my racquets it felt like a stiff board. I would recommend that anybody start out no higher than 55 lbs and cross your fingers that it's still not a board.
From: Phil, 3/16

Comments: I am impressed with FXP Tour becuse it provides feel, spin and plenty of pop. I have tried a lot of strings and this one is a winner. Thank you Head.
From: Richard, 6/15

Comments: Initially, I tried this string in my custom Microgel Extreme Team racquet purely based on the softness numbers. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it has as much power, and more spin, than my Ashaway Dynamite 17. It lasts a lot longer too, which is a definite plus.
From: Gregor, 4/15

Comments: I have one HEAD Youtek IG Prestige S strung with FXP Tour 16 at 53 lbs. The TW reviews are spot on. Good pop on the ball but a much softer feel than the HEAD Sonic Pro 17 co-poly in my other Prestige S. It has a bit of that poly pop and control, but definitely more power. I have to work a bit more in the stroke to generate spin with the FXP Tour 16 than with the Sonic Pro 17, but the power increase with minimal loss of control was worth it. Will string at 56 lbs next time. I'm 57 years old and play at the 3.5-4.0 level.
From: Jason, 6/14

Comments: FXP Tour is easy to string with some coiling but little friction. 55 lbs on a Babolat Pure Storm GT. It seems easier on the arm than my other setup: Volkl Cyclone Tour 18 main at 42 lbs and Sensation crosses at 45 lbs, but it provides less spin and more power. It plays much stiffer than the reported number, much like any other multi. Longevity is decent, I get about five hits before significant fraying and loss of control. I'm a 4.0 senior all court one handed both ways.
From: Pete, 3/14

Comments: I've been looking for a softer string due to my wrist problems. After reading the TW review, I figured that for less than $9, it was definitely worth a try. I've played with the string several times and I'm sold. It has a nice soft string bed, decent power, control and spin. I feel that the TW review is spot on. I normally play with the Technifibre X-One at 58 lbs but at $18, it's way too expensive. The one thing that I did do different was to string the Head FXP Tour at 60 lbs for added control, which seems to be just right. I've also used it as a hybrid set up using the Solinco Tour Bite Soft 17g for the mains and the X-one for the crosses. Overall, it was a decent set up but I got much more pocketing with a full bed of the FXP Tour, which allowed me to take bigger cuts at the ball.
From: Wally, 9/13

Comments: Feels like hitting with butter -- the smoothest strings I have ever used. The feel is amazing and hits that way too. I love everything about these strings from all areas of the court.
From: Ty, 4/13

Comments: Great string for me. I use it in a hybrid setup. FXP in the crosses at 58 pounds and Solinco Barbed Wire in the mains at 58 pounds. Compliments the Solinco nicely since that's a pretty stiff string on its own. I get great spin, good durability and my arm isn't soar after a match. Worth a try.
From: Eric, 2/13

Comments: This string is good for the modern baseline game. It has good power and comfort. However, it has very little feel.
From: Eric, 2/13

Comments: These strings are an interesting cross between a poly and a multifilament. It's a good string for players who love the performance of a poly but who may have arm issues. Don't expect full poly durability and performance, but you get a softer, arm friendly string with some of the good poly characteristics. It's definitely worth a try, especially for the price.
From: Rick, 1/13

Comments: Tried this string for the first time today. After using Syn Gut this is my first time with a different type of string. This string provided a really nice boost in power. Also it provided more spin. A really good string for a decent price.
From: James, 5/12

Comments: This is a very, Very nice string. I like the power, comfort, control, and pocketing. It is very sweet.
From: Will, 5/12

Comments: Great 16g string with power/control, comfort, bite, and durability. I use 16g off-season, as I'm a string breaker. All court aggressive with my home at the net. I use Wilson NXT Tour 16/17g, Tecnifibre X-One Biphase 16g, and Klip Excelerator 16g. For $10.50, this is now my 16g string of choice.
From: Randall, 1/12
String type and tension: HEAD FXP Tour 16g, 50lbs
NTRP 4.0-4.5

Comments: Ah, I love these strings. They offer so much power and comfort. I'm an offensive baseliner and I usually dictate play with my power and angles but I was able to change it up and put on some drop shots as well.
From: Marcus, 8/11

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