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Comments: Good playability, but after about 10 minutes, they start to move a lot. Sometimes I look down and there is a 2" gap between mains. It's not string tension; I string at 60 lbs. Nothing else I play with moves that much. I have to adjust them almost every point.
From: Lew, 12/14

Comments: Have used these strings many times and like them. Overall, good playability and comfort, good spin, but just average power (despite the name). Strings didn't move too much. I didn't have problems with durability as other did, but then again I'm not a string breaker.
From: Henry, 7/14

Comments: I won't buy these strings again (FXP Power 17g). Although they are very comfortable and powerful, they don't last that long. I only got about 5 hours and I don't even hit that hard and only have moderate topspin...
From: Charles, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 11/10

Comments: Nice feel and comfort but very poor durability. I used them in the crosses w/co-poly mains. 17g lasted less than 4 hours. Not recommend for 4.5+ players w/topspin or hard-hitting strokes.
From: Vincent, HB, CA, USA, 09/10

Comments: I continued to buy these strings (Head fxp power 17g) even if they are not that durable because I like the power/comfort and playability that they provide. However, I have to make a change. I will first change to a thicker gauge (16g instead of 17g). If durability improves, I may stick with head fxp power.
From: Charles Cambil, Vancouver, BC. 06/10
String Type and Tension: (M) head fxp power 17g @50lbs (X) ashway dynamite wb 16g @45

Comments: This is a great string for the arm, as it is very soft and provides a lot of feel. However, the strings just don't last and I am breaking through them in 3 hours consistently.
From: Chris, Tacoma, WA, USA. 04/10

Comments: This string plays well, tons of spin and plenty of power, but they do not last. I tried them twice and both sets broke under 3 hours of play.
From: Kyle, Boston, MA, USA, 10/09

Comments: I will buy this string again even if they are not that durable. They only lasted less than 20 hours (I play 3 hours 3xweek). They are very comfortable and powerful as well. I prefer this over Babolat xcel 17g, iso speed pro 17g.
From: Charles, Vancouver, BC, Canada 10/09
Wilson kfive 108 os@40lbs.

Comments: Very nice string, tons of power, but bites the ball really nice. But if you hit hard with topspin, forget about durability, I strung it twice the most I got was 4 sets before breaking. The string won't fray because of the hard coating, but it just snaps. All in all a good string for lower power players, but 4.0 or above, stay away.
From: Gtechy, Parkland, FL 08/09

Comments: This string is not durable. I do not break strings often and these broke in about 8 hours of use. Nice string with good power and feel but not worth it due to its (lack of) durability. I used in hybrid with poly on mains and this in crosses.
From: Jason, Seattle, WA, USA 07/09

Comments: I have a Wilson K Factor KSting 105. I had the strings set to 58 lbs. I played for 10 sets and they broke. I cannot afford the time/trouble. I also noticed that the strings were notched at every cross contact point. Maybe this is is how the strings wear down and break so easily. I think Tennis Warehouse should put a warning on the product listing... "Frequent players may be better off with something else."
From: RC, St. Louis, MO 6/09

Comments: These strings felt great right off the bat. I used them in the mains with KLIP natural gut in the crosses. Unfortunately these strings are not for the hard top spin hitting players. I snapped these strings in less than 4 hours of play. Now my natural gut work is ruined. These strings would be great for beginners but not for hard hitting players.
From: Steven Velazquez, Atlanta, GA, USA. 04/09

Comments: I usually string 59lbs Gamma Pro, but a friend of mine persuaded me to give these a try. I thought they felt relatively similar. Decent power, soft feel, and good control. I usually don't break strings that often but I managed to shred these in just 5 hours of play. Overall a pretty good string but I simply can't afford having my strings break every few matches.
From: Kevin, Orlando, FL, USA. 2/09

Comments: This string isn't very durable. I can break it in about 8 hours of hitting but I don't mind because I love it. I string it at 58 on my MG Extreme Pro. I get great power and good feel on volleys. I would only switch if I found something more durable.
From: Victor, Fayetteville, NC, USA. 10/08

Comments: Very good string, but when being used too often the durability is weak. I played everyday for two weeks and they broke. If you don't play too often these would be great for you.
From: Nick, Indianapolis, IN, USA

Comments: I just had this string installed to replace some Babolat Pro Hurricane 18 on my Volkl V1 Catapult at 55 lbs. After 2 hours of hitting, I would say that it feels very comfortable, and the power increase is useful. Less spin, though. Overall good, especially for those of us with a tender elbow.
From: Mike, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. 4/08

Comments: This has quickly become my favorite string. Since I purchased a stringing machine a couple of years ago, I have tried many, many string setups (full multi, full poly, natural gut and hybrids). I had become a fan of a gut/multi hybrid and also Tecnifibre X-One Biphase strings, but the more I used FXP Power the more I liked it. Tension loss wasn't too bad, nice on the arm, good power and feel. I found good spin potential also. Overall a very nice string and a decent value.
From: Alex, Atlanta, GA. 1/08

Comments: Soft string with little pocketing. Average power. Enjoyed trying it. It was good but not special enough to me. Very soft outside so be careful when stringing. Good on the arm. More of a plop then a pop.
From: David, Jupiter, FL, USA. 4/07

Comments: These strings are nice. They give power, as the first review states, even at a high tension. Personally my favorite power string.
From: Dashiel, Fremont, CA, USA. 12/06

Comments: I saw that this was a new string, and I didn't read any feedbacks anywhere, so I figured I'd be a guinea pig. I have a Flexpoint Radical OS and set the tension to 62 lbs. Even with the high tension, there was still a lot of power for me, and with the added control, I really love the combination of this string with the racquet. I've only played with these strings for about 6 hours, but so far there's no sign of tension loss or any other types of wear.
From: Alex, Dayton, OH, USA. 9/06

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