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Comments: Well I love these strings. Have been using them for a while now. Only 'major' problem is that they don't last. Can someone suggest a similar string but with more durability?
From: Razia, 11/13

Comments: I strung it up in my BLX90 at 53lbs and hit the court for 30min or so. This is one of the stiffest strings I have ever played with in my 20 + yrs of tennis. With each hit, I can feel the shock that goes from my hand to my wrist to my shoulder to my brain. My fingers were numb after 15 minutes of hitting. I spent the next 15 minutes trying to get the blood circulation back from the damaged capillaries. Seriously, I just don't see how any mortal human can play with this type of string, unless of you are blessed with a bionic arm. Sadly, I will have to cut it out. Problem is that it is so tough that I will probably need a power saw to cut it off from my racquet. Yikes!
From: David, 6/13

Comments: I love this string! It may be my new favorite. My other favorite is Forten Thin Blend. The latter may have slightly more pop and spin production, but this has better control, incredible control in fact. Combined with my Head Precision MP racquet, it's a great combo. Gotta string it on the low end though, especially with this racquet, or there wouldn't be enough power.
From: Dan, 3/13

Comments: Strung with Kevlar mains and FXP crosses @ 61lbs on a Liquidmetal Radical I found the strings to have great playability but no durability. The Aramid mains would saw through the crosses after about15 hours of hitting. I went through 3 sets like that then decided to do something else. Still trying to figure out what the right combo is.
From: Tim. 10/11

Comments: To those who complain about the durability: the kevlar should be put in the mains, and the FXP in the crosses, not the other way around!
From: Jon, Genk, Belgium. 4/10

Comments: I just started hitting with mine and it seems to add quite a bit of power to my groundstrokes. I strung it at 52 lbs all around and it gives me a lot of bite when I really need it. I have only been pounding on it for a total of 3 hours so far and it has held on for now. This feels similar the to old Prince ProBlend back in the days. It has a nice dead feel to it but at the same time it absorbs a lot of the shock upon impact. I like so far.
From: Ferdie, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 05/09

Comments: I purchased these strings hoping that they would be durable. They were probably one of the best strings I've played with yet, but it completely and utterly failed with my expectations of it being durable. Like Phil said before me, the FXP Power mains broke way too soon (about a week also), while the Aramid 17's looked like they could've held up for a much longer time.
From: Allen T., Long Beach, CA, USA, 03/09

Comments: After being a dedicated Gamma TNT2 17 customer for years and getting frustrated with the frequency of restringing I tried this on the recommendation of my stringer. Though it has only been 2 weeks (and I can't really comment on durability *yet*) I love the feel and power of this string. Relative to TNT2 I am getting a lot more power, and at least as much spin and control.
From: Frank, Maplewood, NJ, USA. 11/08

Comments: I tried this string in both my racquets after using the old head RIP blend. I liked that these strings were softer than the RIP, and could generate a lot of spin. It’s too bad that I broke both of them within a week, and the first broke the day after I bought it. For a durability hybrid, the FXP power (mains) really broke too soon. After, I switched to the Head Ultra Tour, which is a better, more durable string. I would recommend this, but only if you can afford to restring very often.
From: Phil, Boston, MA, USA, 05/08

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