Head FXP 16 String 660 Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: Excellent string, especially for the arm. I had the complete opposite experience than Rob 6/12 using the Head Liquid Metal 4 strung at 59 lbs. I'm a 4.0-4.5 with a fast swing.
From: Rum, 5/15

Comments: I HATE this string! Anytime I order demo frames from TW that are older models they always seem to have this stuff in it and it always feels stiff, dead, and is just murder on my shoulder and wrist if I hit with it for a long time no matter how comfortable the frame it is in is. I used to use Kevlar hybrids in several of my frames so I'm no stranger to stiff and even like it in some cases, and my arm is healthy but a full bed of this has been garbage in the several frames I've had the displeasure of trying it in. For $11/set there are MUCH better choices out there than this all- around below average choice.
From: Rob, 6/12

Comments: If you want durability it might work. If you try to avoid pain in your arm and shoulder please avoid this string.
From: Japie, Bellville, South Africa 10/09

Comments:Purely amazing. I have tried so many strings and none are worth anything to this. I slap everything with extreme topspin, aces and passing shots all in one stroke. Dies out kind of quickly though. If you have a steady game style and playing like me, try these- they're spectacular.
From: Evan, East Meadow, NY, USA 12/08

Comments: I used this string with my Microgel Radical strung at 65. I have used these strings for 2+ years and no problems yet. Lots of control and spin, so not for power players. I only use control and run opponents around a lot. great strings :)
From: Sampson, Zimbabwe. 9/08

Comments: I pair these with Kirshbaum super smash 16 and its great
From: Landon, Pennsylvania, USA, 05/08

Comments: It's OK, giving great control but little power. It doesnt have a lot of pop. For the price, it's all right.
From: Bailey, Charleston, South Carolina, USA. 12/07

Comments: These strings are garbage, they have no feel or power, they’re worthless.
From: Youngil, Christchurch, New Zealand, 11/07

Comments: String is all right, not to much power, good spin, but doesn’t feel very crisp when you hit with it. It doesn’t feel very good right after being strung
From: Will, Richmond, VA, USA, 06/07

Comments:I think this string is very versatile, especially for the price. I am more of a flat hitter and I have great control with these strings. Also, they seem to be durable as they have lasted with me for more than a month and seem fine. I would recommend this string to anyone interested in trying a multi-filament string.
From: Omar, Oregon, OH, USA, 07/06

Comments:These strings are great and are very durable which is great!
From: Zack, 07/06

Comments: When I ordered my HEAD Flexpoint Radicals I had them strung with this string and it died within a 5 hours of playing. It was a terrible experience. My opinion for multifilament strings is Tecnifibre NRG2. It has much better playability and durability.
From: Grant, Littleton, CO, USA. 07/06

Comments: These are ok strings. They are pretty soft, nice spin, and good durability. They weren't my favorite though. I like Pro Hurricane better, but these were a little softer. I would recommend these to people with a Flexpoint racquet.
From: David, Fresno, CA, USA 07/06

Comments: If you hit nothing but spin, I would recommend this string. Flat hitters would tear this apart though. The FXP 17 string has much more touch and feel.
From: Eric, Stockbrige, Georgia, U.S.A. 07/06

Comments: Great power, control, and spin, but no durability. I was breaking these strings every week.
From: Julian, USA 05/06

Comments: I used this string on Flexpoint Radical OS at 59lbs but it wasn't good at all. It didn't generate as much spin or power and the string always moved around so I had to fix them after every point. Overall nothing good, just another terrible string. After that I used the luxilon 16g string and it was unbelievably better than this string.
From: Remmy, Mililani, Hawaii, USA 02/06

Comments: I have been trying out this string in the new LM Prestige MP at different tensions, both 16 and 17 gauge and I love it. I have played Luxillon ALU Big Banger for the past 3 years and with the Head FXP I am not sacrificing any power and have added more control and feel. The one thing I am sacrficing is string breakage but given the benefits and the price it is a great trade off.
From: JLB, New York USA 02/06

Comments: Fantastic string. It actually came with a used racquet I bought. I usually used more expensive Wilson NXT Tour and I was surprised to find I could hit the same topspin with more power and better feel. I actually preferred it to the NXT 18 and the Technifibre X1 Biphase 17.
From: Ed, Phoenix, AZ 01/06

Comments: This is a very soft string with good feel. It has lots of control, but does not last very long.
From: Charles, Greenville, SC, USA. 11/05

Comments: I love this string. LOVE IT. It has beautiful control and playability. And for under $10 a set, the durability is more than adequate, while leaving room for great feel and touch. I am a diverse 5.0 player who rips flat/spin combinations and crushes flat, slice, and kick serves. This string is amazing. I buy both 17 and 16 gauge FXP string, cut the sets in half, and use 16's for the mains and 17's for the crosses. The 16 gauge mains enforce durability while the 17 crosses bite the ball for great control. For players with a strong game who like to control a variety of shots with a consistent feel in the string bed I highly recommend trying this fantastic combination.
From: Cameron, Scottsdale, AZ. USA. 11/05

Comments: Comments: Superb string for the intermediate 3.0 to 4.0 players. Great feel and response. Good durability unless, I suppose, you're a "blaster", but for the fairly strong and finesse player, it lasts and holds tension well. Many of my customers love it.
From: Tracy, Austin, Texas, USA 11/05

Comments:Terrible string, i couldnt get used to it, no spin to them, no durability, no character. Babolat pro hurricane loads is better!
From: Chris
Stubbington, England 11/05

Comments: This string does not give much durability and is better for players that don’t hit that much topspin. I’m going back to Luxilon strings.
From: Joey, Apple Valley, MN, USA. 7/05

Comments: Yo man! It's soft, powerful, great feeling and good tension hold. But it's not durable, snap within 20 hours of play.
From: Boyd, Chiang Mai, Thailand 05/05

Comments: I like this string a lot. They have a great feel to them and they have good control with power. The strings also don’t move around a lot which is very nice. A very good choice for anyone.
From:Tyler, Lillington NC, USA. 05/05

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