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Comments: I use this string in the crosses with Head Sonic Edge 17 in my mains on my Head Speed S. It works amazing and has great power and spin but with plenty of control too.
From: Arin, 5/16

Comments: I use a Head Prestige S. I switched in May from the Radical MP. I have used FXP in the crosses for 4 years! I did use Sonic Pro and FXP but now I use Luxilon ALU Power Rough and FXP 17. It's the best combo ever! It has so much spin and pop, and I am never going to switch!
From: Anon, 10/12

Comments: This string gives me confidence like no other synthetic. Power, spin, and touch all score 8/10 or better in my books.
From: Curtis, 12/11

Comments: I use this in the cross strings with Head Ultra Tour in the mains. The FXP offers nice feel and pop with the stiff Ultra Tour string. I get good pop and spin on the ball, in a Head Prestige Mid that has a tight 18x20 string pattern. Probably the best string combo I have ever used and won't be deviating from it any time soon.
From: Bernie, 11/11

Comments: This string had way to much power on groundstrokes but was masterful on serves. It lost tension in a few hours and I play mostly serve and volley and drop and lob. I strung it with FXP in the mains and FXP Power in the crosses.
From: Kameron, 7/11

Comments: I have this string in a Head Youtek IG Extreme Elite (a bit customized with lead tapes :-)) racquet. I like it, it is much more flexible than a simple synthetic gut, which I had before, and it also generates more power. The only drawback is that it moves around a lot, and I have to adjust it regularly. I have just bought a new set of this string to have a spare one.
From: Andras, Tokol, Hungary, 03/11

Comments: I have this on two rackets right now. A Babolat Aeropro and a head Microgel Extreme Team. Seem to be a good balance of control and power while being comfortable. Strings do not seem to move much either.
From: Anon, 01/11

Comments: Nice feel and good control, but like the others stated, it moves around a lot. The strings notch easily, even after 30 minutes of hitting, but after 6 hours of play, it retains tension well. Great spin generation and I can serve with quite a bit of power without sacrificing any control. I would highly recommend this string if you don't mind fixing/straightening the stringbed after every third rally.
From: Andrew, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 3/09

Comments:This string is amazing I won't go back to anything else. I've got to say the durability is so great. This string brakes all the time but is a very good price. I would strongly recommend it!
From: Anon, 11/08

Comments: I use a Prestige MPP and it played like the best multifilament string I've ever used for about three hours then it popped. I've tried Xcel, NXT, Asterisk, Live Wire XP and X-One BiPhase (all 17g) and the FXP was by far my fave. Gut is just too expensive and moisture sensitive. I'm going to restring with ALU Power mains and FXP crosses. Hopefully it'll be a nice combo.
From: Eric, SoCal, USA, 08/08

Comments: I liked the string while it lasted, but then it started moving all over the racquet. At first, it offered a lot of power and great pocketing. It also helped me with pace. But after about a week or two of play, I found myself always trying to fix my strings in between points.
From: Jeremy, Winchester, VA, USA. 4/08

Comments: These strings are awful! They die within the first two weeks of play, and they move around way too much. Overall, terrible strings. I do not recommend these.
From: Joe, Bratislava. 12/07

Comments: Great string. Try this in the cross strings with Babolat Pro Hurricane 17 in the mains. Great spin and power, but with great control too (when they are put together). Flex tension 58 and Babolat tension 63.
From: R. Brian, Philadelphia, PA. 10/07

Comments: I bought a Fxp Radical OS 1.5 years ago and had fxp16 put in. I became comfortable with the combo, then I tried the nxt tour and the Wilson reaction. The Wilson strings were terrible! You can't compare the control that the fxp had to the Wilson strings, the fxp is by far the best strings on the market for its value and performance.
From: Calvin, Modesto, CA, USA. 2/07

Comments: I strung my new Flexpoint 1 with this string and I broke the string in 2 hours. Yes, I did put a ton of spin on the ball and it felt very nice, but I would have liked a little more durability.
From: Jacob, Stockbridge, GA, USA, 02/07

Comments: This is a great string. I currently am using it for my main rackets, my pair of Flexpoint Instincts. I remembering demoing this racket and asking the lady at the pro shop what kind of strings they put in their demos because I liked them. I had much more feel than other I've tried. I love these strings a lot. I think the only better string is natural gut. Great string, Lasts about a month of 12 hours a week playing.
From: Lee, Houston TX, USA 06/06

Comments: This is a great string seems to generate more spin than strings and still has great feel. The durability isn't great but for the price it is worth it.
From: Evan DeLancey, Vancouver, B.C., Canada 05/06

Comments: Wonderful string, great feel but durability is a problem. I use this string in combination with a Head Flexpoint MP Tour and it breaks every 1-2 hours. Pity because this is by far the string with the best feel I have ever played with
From: Sven, Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium 04/06

Comments: I first played with this string on my ProKennex Core1 No.6 a couple of months ago. I found out that this is the best string. I generate plenty of spin, and this is relatively durable (lasted 10 hours). If you like using spin on your shots, I suggest you take this strung out on a test drive.
From: Charlie, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. 2/06

Comments: I have been trying out this string in the new LM Prestige MP at different tensions, both 16 and 17 gauge and I love it. I have played Luxillon ALU Big Banger for the past 3 years and with the Head FXP I am not sacrificing any power and have added more control and feel. The one thing I am sacrificing is string breakage but given the benefits and the price it is a great trade off.
From: JLB, New York USA 02/06

Comments: Fantastic string. It actually came with a used racquet I bought. I usually used more expensive Wilson NXT Tour and I was surprised to find I could hit the same topspin with more power and better feel. I actually preferred it to the NXT 18 and the Tecnifibre X1 Biphase 17.
From: Ed, Phoenix, AZ 01/06

Comments: WOW! This string is very nice. Very good touch and great control on groundstrokes. Serve had nice pop. Price is pretty good as well.
From: Smasher, Florida, USA 11/05
Head Flexpoint MP with FXP 17g

Comments: I love this string. LOVE IT. It has beautiful control and playability. And for the price, the durability is more than adequate, while leaving room for great feel and touch. I am a diverse 5.0 player who rips flat/spin combinations and crushes flat, slice, and kick serves. This string is amazing. I buy both 17 and 16 gauge FXP string, cut the sets in half, and use 16's for the mains and 17's for the crosses. The 16 gauge mains enforce durability while the 17 crosses bite the ball for great control. For players with a strong game who like to control a variety of shots with a consistent feel in the string bed I highly recommend trying this fantastic combination.
From: Cameron, Scottsdale, AZ. USA. 11/05

Comments: This string is awesome with the flexpoint radical tour, but if you hit with heavy topspin I don't suggest this string. Because it only lasted one week before they popped with my heavy topspin forehand.
From: Brian City,Houston State,TX Country:United States

Comments: Wow! Man, I got to say that this string is the perfect match with the flexpoint radical tour, but I don't know about any other racquet. Even though I'm a beginner and play for fun, playing with this racquet has changed my game play in a positive way. My first racquet is a head radical tour series, I've been playing with it for over 5 years, so I decided to have a change. Head is the brand for me.
From:Chun Chan City, State, Country: Seattle, Wa

Comments: I strung my new LiquidMetal Radical OS with FXP 17, and didn't like this combo. No feel, no power... Switched this string to Head Intellistring, and found much better playability, control and feel. I recommend the Intellistring, not FXP 17 for the LM Radical OS users.
From:Carlos City, State, Country: Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil

Comments: Just switched from a Wilson H Tour MP to the Head Flexpoint 6 Midplus. On the advise of the local Head rep I tried the Head FXP 17 strings (supposedly designed to maximize Flexpoint racquet technology). He had compared them (favorably) to both the Wilson NXT & Tecnifibre NRG strings (which, as it turns out, are the only strings I've used in the last 6 years). I have to honestly say that the FXP strings just didn't compare at all. The FXP felt much stiffer, and had less bite than either the NXT or NRG strings, and the ball just did not seem to pocket the ball long at all. It did OK on flat shots, but guess I was spoiled by using two of the best strings on the market. After a week I switched back to the NRG 17, and now my new stick just couldn't play better. Next time I'm sticking with a proven winner.
From: Alan, San Antonio, TX, USA. 6/05

Comments: A great string. Good feel and control, but less lively than other multifilaments. If you like Tecnifibre string, but want less power and more control with better durability, look no further
From: Bill, Canada 06/05

Comments: Awesome feeling string. Very soft string and in conjunction with the new Flexpoint Radical Tour this is a winning combination. I have had more comments about how my game has improved in consistency. Best racquet and string combo I have tried to date. I thought I would be a Wilson fan for life. But, Head has done well. This string will help with topspin and has some pop off the baseline. But, beware order more than one set of strings because I never have broken strings until now. I have had the strings break twice in about a 3-week period. I say they last about 15-20 hours of play. But, they are well worth the cost. I am a 4.0 player with a Flexpoint Radical Tour strung with Head FXP 17 at 58.
From: Jacques Delira, Garland, Tx 05/05

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