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Comments: Amazing racquet. Don't let the listed weight scare you away. This racquet weighs exactly the same as the E-Force 170 strung. If you stay away from Head because you haven't liked past Head racquets (probably because the are usually very head heavy) then give this racquet a shot. Before buying mine, I demoed both the 170 and 180 head, which was a fail because the strings were shot (as most demos are). I took multiple "air swings" with both and discovered to my surprise I liked the 180 better. It just feels more solid and natural, like swinging a proper weighted bat. I also performed this test with last years 175 and 185 and feel that not only is this and ideal weight, but it feels great on my elbow and wrist. I believe that is because it is only 1 pt head heavy, plus it's an ideal weight. If you want to perform power shots it is light enough to blast the ball, plus heavy enough to make accurate touch shots without compromise. Truly a balanced and amazing racquet. Read my review on the Blackjack 160 for my thoughts on that racquet.

Now for the strings. My friend has a Royal Flush with the Softflex 17. I was certain I would end up with that racquet, because both that racquet and the strings were uncanny. Fortunately I gave the Full House a shot. Really great strings. Lots of feel, power, and control. It took me about and hour or two of drilling to appreciate this racquet with the new strings. Being strung at 34 lbs, you become a better player. With the overly tight stock strings (common on factory strings), I would speculate in the 40's, you can still smash a ball with poor form, but it's self limiting. With these strings at such a balanced tension if your form is poor you will mishit or skip. I skipped multiple times before I figured out what was wrong. It was not the racquet - it was me! After correcting my form I discovered a new level of power and control that was not possible before. These strings and tension allow for a ton of power even just trying to place the ball. Try to power the ball and the racquet and strings deliver. The weighting of the racquet also facilitate most of the work. Together they've taken my game up significantly. I've demoed 24 racquets and this is the one for me. I might try 35 lbs on restringing because I would to tweak the control slightly, but I'm elated at 34 lbs.

From: Jonathan, Tampa, FL, USA, 04/11

Comments: I had read good things about the new Head racquets and decided to demo a few. I was trying to keep an open mind being a die hard Ektelon fan in the past. This racquet performed much better for me than my O3 White (which I was happy with).  The balance of this racquet is very even and it handles very well.  However, I was skeptical about its power.   Well, it didn't disappoint.  This racquet hits very hard and has great control. I will be buying 2 in the future.
From: Don, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 08/10
String type and tension: Factory as provided

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