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Comments: Good feel and control -- feels very soft. A lot of the reviews from guys complain that the strings break too soon, but I'm a hard hitting 4.0 woman and the 17 has held up very well.
From: Cathy, 2/15

Comments: In my opinion, these are "ok" strings. They have ok playability. They lasted about a month for me, which is about half of what strings normally last for me. Tennis elbow pain slightly decreased after playing with these strings. The main thing I don't like about this string is it they are so incredibly slick. I had a difficult time getting double knots to hold the string when stringing it. The double knot in my first set of strings held after stringing, but unwound in the middle of the first set of playing. I vigorously tightened the knot on the second set of strings (using pliers). They held. Enduring ongoing Tennis Elbow about a year ago began my quest to find a new string. I was looking for comfort, playability, good feel, durability, and affordability. I feel a review like this would have been very helpful to me, so I decided to post my findings so perhaps I could help others find their string. I string my own racquets at 59 lbs. All the strings I evaluated were 17 gauge. I play 4-6 hours per week at a 4.5 level. Due to price and durability, my overall #1 choice is Wilson Sensation.
From: Darryl, 2/14

Comments: I wasn't sure if I was going to like this string, but I ended up loving it. I have it strung at 55 lbs.
From: Michael, 12/12

Comments: Nice string, but it has a very smooth coating causing the string to be slick which doesn't grab the ball as much. I think it lacks spin ability.
From: Eric, Philadelphia, PA, USA. 03/10
NTRP Rating: 4.0 player

Comments: If you have a tender wrist then this string is for you. The Fiber Gel definitely lives up to it name, it is soft and gentle on the arm. No matter what string tension, this string will let you know that it has a dampening action as soon as you hit the ball. It's great for heavy hitters with a weak wrist or tennis elbow. It has great feel and control specially on a stiffer frame. The only draw back with this is it's durability, it won't last you long if you use the 17 gauge which really feels great...!
From: Ferdie, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 2/09

Comments: Bad string. 1) No feeling at all. 2) It does not stay. I have to run my fingers to straighten it out after every stroke. 3) Worst of all, it's broken after 12 hours of playing doubles. I use LM4 racket at 57lbs.
From: DN, San Jose, CA, USA, 10/07

Comments: I got my Wilson Ncode N6 strung with this string at 60 lb. I did love the racquet, though the string broke waaaay too soon. Probably lasted 2 weeks -- at most 8-9 hours of play. After it broke, I took it off the racquet to look at it, and the string was pretty much ripped half way through at every pressure point (almost every place the strings met each other). Anyway, I wanted a string that would last and this is not it ... kind of a waste of time and money.
From: Felix C., Baltimore, MD. 10/07

Comments: This string is extremely weak. I was restringing my racquet, halfway done when it just ripped! During stringing it also had this weird sound that it was just about to rip. I have been stringing for a while now and this never happened. I don't recommend this string to anyone who like their tension to be 60+.
From: Vladimir, Woodbury, CT, USA, 09/07

Comments: Surprisingly stiff string (for a multi) and yet yields plenty of power. Control and spin were good, not excellent. Feel at net was good as well, quite crisp.
From: Terrence, Melbourne, VIC, Australia, 06/07

Comments: I used Head Liquidmetal Prestige Mid. After restrung with this string, I was surprised by the amount of vibration even without vibration dumper. It bites the tennis ball well; I can put a lot of spin on my second serve. Highly recommended.
From: Pat, Fremont, CA, USA, 02/07

Comments: Decided to replace the factory (synthetic gut 16) strings on my Head Radical OS with a more control string. I tried the Perfect Control 16 and it was like hitting with a board. Very stiff and tremendous loss of power. Changed to the Fibergel Power 17 to retain the power and control. First time I didn't like it because it was strung too loose and balls were flying long. Decided to give it another chance and string it tighter. I love this string now. I have it strung at 63 lbs (racquet recommends 59+/- 5).
From: Will, Fort Worth, TX, USA. 10/06

Comments: I am a decent (4.0) baseliner who hits fairly hard and was looking for a somewhat more control-oriented string. I play a Wilson Triad T5 (98?) and strung it at 60. I found that this string provides decent bite and a very solid feel at impact. Spin is accessible and volleys/serves feel crisp. It has held up well over 2 months of play (about 25 hours) and has not lost much tension. It is not especially lively but it provides decent power in a controllable package. Interestingly, I strung my other Triad T5 with Wilson NXT Tour 17 at 61 and found the racquet had significantly more power but was much more difficult to control -- with less than perfectly executed shots sailing long. I would recommend the Head FiberGEL 17 for those looking for a decent playing string with a more damp feel and good durability in a 17 gauge string.
From: Peter, MA 04/06

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