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Comments: I put this string in my Yonex EZone rally, and it's a very soft hard hitting string! The only draw back is after a couple sessions of hard hitting I have to adjust the strings nearly every point! But it still plays great!
From: Anon, 9/12

Comments: I agree with the earlier comments concerning the soft feel of this string. I always have one of my Prince Ozone Tours (16x19) strung with it, while the other has poly (53 lbs in the mains) and FiberGEL (57 lbs in the crosses). When I tried a full poly set-up I suffered with arm pain. After adding the FiberGEL to the crosses, no pain at all. This string has great 'pocketing' on serves/groundstrokes and an awesome feel on volleys. The only bad point is, as they age, they tend to move around and need constant straightening. I've also tried many other products (I string my own sticks) but always come back to this string.
From: Henri, 4/12

Comments: I love this string. It's a really soft feel. I feel so confident when taking shots now. My problems with it include durability and moving strings. I haven't tried any other multis, but this one seems to fit me perfectly.
From: Nick, Oakland, Ca, The States. 12/10

Comments: Very nice string! I played with this in my friend's 18x20 racquet and I thought the string felt solid. Spin wasn't great, but maybe that's just the racquet. Shots and volleys felt crisp. My serve, which is one of the best in my team, was accurate. Even though the spin wasn't too great, on the serve it was ample. I use quite a lot of spin, and this string does not move. Perhaps this string should only be used for 18x20 rackets, but I thought it was solid all around.
From: Anon., 06/09

Comments: Amazing string. It adds the right amount of power to allow my power serve, yet enough control to let me hit drop volleys all day. I have it on all of my rackets.
From: Sam, Toledo, OH, USA, 12/08

Comments: I hybrid these strings with Luxilon Big Banger 5 Star because I wanted something that would give me good spin and control without killing my arm. I have a bad elbow and these strings are very soft. The shock isn't tremendous even on mis-hits. I've only put them in a hybrid, so I don't know how they would feel on their own, but they really canceled out the roughness of the polyester.
From: Anon, Riverside, Ca, USA. 2/08

From:Put this string in my Head Flexpoint Radical OS strung at 61lbs. I frequently suffer severe tennis elbow so I appreciated the soft feel of the strings. Other than that I don't have much good to say about them. They move after every point and once they start to loose tension control is out the window. After being frustrated for a couple of sets I switched back to my racket with Prince Topspin in it and the control returned instantly. Bill, Centennial, CO, USA, 12/06

Comments: I'm using the Prince TT Outlaw and have been trying to find the right string to match the racket. As I'm a flat hitter, I have found most strings too lively as the ball comes flying off. This string is the only one of the dozen that I have felt great with. The ball comes off very cleanly and with excellent control. The only drawback is the durability as the string only lasted about 6 hours of hitting. But I do string them tightly (68lbs), so this may contribute to the shorter life. I have ordered more for the summer.
From: Dave, Ottawa, Canada 07/06

Comments: I have played with Natural Gut for about 15 years. Since the demise of Pacific Gut, I have been on a mission to find a synthetic that is acceptable to play with (enough gut characteristics to make it a tolerable alternative), the lower price speaks for itself. Anyway, "after kissing a lot of frogs", I find that Fibergel will do nicely. Very soft in the stringing process, but fairly easy to string, it played great the first time out (usually it takes a time or two for the strings to "seed" in. As the description states, they are "crisp". Nice feel and sound. I did string them up 2 pounds tighter than I do gut and I put in Babalot string savers. Played so well I forgot all about strings during the first hitting session. I don't know about durability yet, but, come on, after natural gut?????? Dunlop 200G XL 62#mains/60# crosses.
From: John
Sudden Valley, WA. USA 10/05

Comments: This is a good string. The best quality/price multifilament I�ve ever tried. It has just one fault, and it�s that the string is moving after each point. But I still recommend this string.
From: Prado, Madrid, Spain. 9/05

Comments: I was not too happy with this string. I feel that this string provides TOO MUCH control. It is extremely difficult to get pop on the ball when hitting a put away shot or anything. It hits well when in a rally but when I want to rip it up the line, it seemed a little too controlled.
From: Anonymous, Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Comments: I like this string and have been using it for about two years, first in my Wilson Hyper ProStaff 6.5s and now in my nCode NPS 95s (57 lbs for both racquets). It's comfortable and powerful, provides reasonable ball control and gives a bigger sweet spot than LiveWire. Crisp volleying string, good on flat and slice serves and groundies, requires real dedication to form on slices to avoid the slippery floater! I get about 20 - 30 hours per set on Har-Tru and 30-40 on asphalt playing mostly 4.5-5.0 doubles and occassional banging sessions with the college kids. My local stringer looked at me like I was nuts when I first began using it but now he has a display rack full of it, so other people must like it too!
From: Solly, Orange, CT, USA 07/05

Comments: I had my HEAD Liquid Metal 4 strung with the HEAD fiber gel power 16. It had a great feel and it�s worth it
From: Wally, CA, USA. 10/04

Comments: I have been an avid user of Babolat Vs. Gut for years, and have never become enamoured with any synthetic string until the day I had my i.Prestige strung with HEAD FIBER GEL!I haven't strung my racquets with Vs. gut since! The Fiber Gel retains its tension well and its playability is like that of gut, but without the hefty price!
From: Ishmael Gamboa, San Diego, CA, USA. 12/03

Comments: I tried Head Fiber Gel Power 16 after receiving it as a free sample when I joined the USRSA. Although I continue to sample and try out other strings once every two weeks, I always keep FiberGel Power 16 on at least one of my racquets. It has a soft and very comfortable feel to hit. Not sure if this makes sense, but compared to other strings that have very unique & noticeable properties associated with them, Head FG Power 16 allows me to hit with confidence without diverting my attention to it's specific string qualities. In summary, I can hit away, hit hard, and play an all-court game with this very comfortable string. Stringing is a pleasure as well. I like the normal Head Fiber Gel 16 as well, but would definitely going with this version. Definitely give this one a shot next time you buy strings. Used in a Prince CTS Synergy DB26 MP.
From: Chris, Grafton, WI, USA. 9/03

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