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Comments: This is a nice, well performing strings but they lose tension and move a lot before breaking.
From: Knife, 9/11

Comments: I agree with Gilles, this string is an awesome hybrid compliment to the Tecnifibre Black Code and/or the the Prince 3D 16L. It is one of my favorites. I usually string the ETS as a (cross) about 5 lbs higher than the Co-Poly (Main). The ETS string has a twisted spiral shape for ball bite. The outer coating is slick and hard but it plays deceptively soft with sufficient power. There is decent durability because geared or geometric extruded co-polys don't cut into the ETS string and ETS's spiraled shape keeps the mains from moving too much. Durability has rivaled Black Code and surpassed the Prince 3D. Playability surpasses both and it was quite easy on the arm. With the new price point, its definitely worth a try.

Racquet used: Yonex 300 RDIS Mains: TF Black Code 17g (52 lbs) Cross: Head ETS 16g (57 lbs) NTRP: 4.0 - 4.5
From: Darin, 9/11

Comments: Great string for hybrid stringing. I use it for crosses with a Blackcode 17 in the mains on my Babolat Aerostorm GT. I used to use Wilson K Gut 16 but it was to expensive. With the mix of Blackcode in the mains at 53 pounds and the ETS 16 in the crosses at 55 pounds, I had a great mix. It had control, power and is an arm friendly string. The string lasted me about 12 hours because I am a hard hitter and also top spinner. I did the same hybrid stringing for my friend and he still plays with it after 30 hours. I have already used the ETS 17 in a full bed but I did not like it too much because the string moved a lot. That is the advantage to have a poly like BlackCode in the mains.
From: Gilles, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 4/11
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: My new string of choice for my ProKennex Black Ace 98. Soft string at just above mid-range tension with excellent power. Tried both the 16 and 17 gauge. These do lose a bit of tension so adjust accordingly. String has a twist to it and I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of spin that can be generated. Great thwap sound at impact! Lasted about 12 hours on an 18 x 20 patterned racquet.
From: Johnny, Coldwater, Michigan U.S.A. 01/10

Comments: I'm glad I tried this string. Blended it with Gosen OG 16 on crosses and strung @52lb. Even though it was prestretched after stringing it dropped tension for about 10%. Next 15 hours of play it held tension well. Pretty powerful, yet has this crisp filling. Comfortable. Due to slick coat on the string it does not move much. Good string for the price.
From: Andrei, Seattle, WA, US. 11/09

Comments: I string my Head Radical Pro with this string and I love it. It provides excellent topspin with great feel. They have good durability with about 2 weeks before it breaks. Head Radical Pro racquet - 58 lbs.
From: Albert, Memphis, Tennessee, US 07/09

Comments: I string my Head Radical Microgel MP with Head ETS for 2 weeks and I'm gonna like it more and more every day. Maybe it's not so powerful as they say (anyway pop is good), but I love the feeling with the ball, great comfort beautiful feel and good control as well! Moreover it looks very durable to be a Multifilament: I used to play with Tecnifibre which has great strings but they last no more then 7 hours on my racquet... Head Radical Microgel MP - Head ETS 23 Kg
From: Michele, Italy. 3/09

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