MSV Hepta-Twist 17 (1.25) String White Customer feedback

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Comments: While it is fresh the string gives great control and spin, and good power. But it loses it quick and in a big way, leaving it virtually unplayable.
From: Ian, Australia, 12/10

Comments: Powerful and loses tension faster when compared to MSV Hex. MSV stated that the Heptatwist and the Hex are using the same material but somehow it loses tension big time after 4 hours instead of the 20 hours of the hex. I need to string the Heptatwist 4-5 lb tighter than the Hex. Spin potential is about the same.
From: Terry, NJ. 7/10

Comments: As an MSV Focus Hex 1.23 user, I wanted to playtest the new Hepta-twist 1.25. It's fairly easy to string for a poly, with similar characteristics to the Hex. I did a 2-day playtest (3 hrs each day). Relevant background info: Head LM Rad OS, 60 lbs, pneumatic constant pull machine, big hitting all-court, open level, hardcourts. Day 1: My initial reaction during the playtest was very good. The Hepta felt very similar to the Hex in terms of spin. The Hepta was much more powerful, which was even more evident on serves, volleys, and overheads. However, the Hepta lacked the control and feel of the Hex. Day 2: Beginning with the 4th hr of play, the playing characteristics changed dramatically. Tension and movement became a problem. The Hepta lost its control, feel, and spin while maintaining power. If this were a tourney, I would have switched racquets after 2 1/2 to 3 sets of play. By the end of the day (6th hr) it was not playable anymore. Durability was good but heavy notching evident.
Final analysis: Compared with the Hex 1.23, the Hepta 1.25 was good not great. It would be a great string for 3.5's and below for its power and spin boost. The Hepta 1.20 gauge (which TW doesn't carry, what's up with that?) would have better playability but durability may be an issue for 4.0's and up. Higher level players should stick with the Hex, which is probably the best price to performance ratio string on the planet.
From: Howy, TX, USA, 04/10

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