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Comments: Very nice string. It has the predictability and control of a poly, but with a lively feel. Very nice ball pocketing. I have a surgically repaired shoulder and played three matches on a sat without any pain. First time I've been able to do that in years. Plays a bit like... dare I say... Natural Gut (at least as close as you can get with a poly)!
From: Tyson, NTRP 5.0ish. 7/11

Comments: I agree with Jack's review below. This is a good string that is predictable. There's no big tension loss, no change in playability with time, no big change due to temperature, and is pretty comfortable. I'll use Luxilon Spin or Rough for maximum performance for tournaments, but for day-in, day-out playing where I don't want to worry about the way the racquet plays due to the amount of time the racket has been sitting, or been hit with, or the temperature outside, or slight changes in wear, Helix is a fine string. Used as a full-bed, it was slightly stiffer than I wanted for my injured arm. A hybrid with AlphaGut 2000 is softer and worked very well for me.
From: Norm, Centennial, CO, USA. 4/11

Comments: This string has fairly good control, reasonable power but not a lot, and can be crispy at ball contact. But, it does not pocket the ball very well, like most other polys. It is stiffer than Pro Line II, definitely. Not as sounding or powerful as Alu Power at all.
From: Anon, 4/11

Comments: This is a good all around string. It is good on everything: good control, good spin potential, good power, good comfort, and good durability...But do not expect anything extreme from it, for example, it's spin potential can not be compared with spiky shark but it's durability, feel, power are better...
It's a very stable and well balanced string, which has minimum tension loss. Since nothing is extremely different on this string, I didn't have to adjust the way I hit, it just feels better once I start hitting. Highly recommend for people who looking for a good all around string.
From: Jack, Denver, CO, USA, 02/11

Comments: Bought this string as a 3 pack-deal. Used it in 2 different Head rackets. Did not care for the stiff quality this string has. Ball did not seem to pocket as well as other strings I tried, and thus, control was compromised. Not my first choice.
From: Joel, Vail, AZ, USA, 12/10

Comments: I was using Pro Line II, but I like this a lot better. It has the same ball pocketing but is not quite as soft (still a softer string though). It has a very nice lively crisp feel. It has better control and tension loss is very minimal.
From: Barrett, Louisville, Ky. 5/10

Comments: Strung this in my M-Fil 200 plus at 62 lbs. I've had it in for about a week and there has been very minimal tension loss, if any. This string is very forgiving for a poly, but it still plays with a crisp feel.
From: Eric, US. 05/10

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