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Comments: After 3 months of using this bag. HDSMB is too big for everyday club use. Suitable for tournament play only. Comes with 1 CCT compartment that fits about 4 BLX Tour max. (Not big.) Middle compartment is huge but with no organization or dividers. Things just get moved around. Drinks, shoes, change of clothes pretty much just get mixed up on the bottom of the bag. Pros: Durable Material Size XL CCT Cons: Un-organized compartments (Central compartment lack dividers) Non rackets compartment divided by only velcro flap which breaks down easily. Size too large Knapp straps not comfortable Heavy and cumbersome to use. No Drink compartment No Shoe compartment I would give it a C-.
From: Gordon, Canada, 11/10

Comments: Great bag!! I agree with previous comments. One container carries my three Babolat PD, and there remains a lot of room for clothes and all the rest. As Paul says, you don't need to match the bag with head racquets, it will look great on you with all brands...
From: Fabio, Udine, Italia, 09/10

Comments: I just got this bag for my birthday yesterday and I am still smiling...what an awesome bag
From: Jon, Chicago, IL, USA, 09/10

Comments: The Head Djokovic Special Ed. Monstercombi Bag is huge and heavy. The plus side, it carries all my gear. 4 racquets, shoes, change of cloth, drinks (do miss the drink compartment of the Wilson Eco-Tour bags, although the velcro on them sucks). Lots of compartments. Wish the compartments were more organized than three containers (small, medium, & large) with zippers. Wished Tennis Warehouse had the 360 degree view for this product or all products. Doesn't look as good in person. But I agree with Paul that it has decent construction and materials.
From: Gordon, Canada. 7/10

Comments: The Djokovic MonsterCombi in my opinion, is by far the best bag out in the market. The amount of space, separate compartments for ie: keys, tape etc, and more noticeably the quality of the material is unmatched. Don't feel you need to match brands based on the racquets you play with. This bag makes the Wilson Eco-Tour look like an amateur bag. It looks so sharp too. The only setback is the lack of a separate shoe compartment. If you want quality, look no further. This bag is as advertised, a Monster!!! You won't regret it.
From: Paul, Vancouver, Canada 02/10

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