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Comments: Great shock absorber. It's average, but still not bad, and I love the design.
From: Kacey, 9/12

Comments: I've tested many dampeners. I've tested stock dampeners that come with the racquet as well as premium dampeners. This one is different than most dampeners in that it allows the most feel out of many of the dampeners on the market. I'm not saying this as a good thing par se, because most people who want a dampener want that cushioned dampened response that eliminates most to all vibrations. This dampener feels like it eliminates only 1/4 of the vibrations many dampeners filter out. This is the closest thing to using a dampener that is almost like using no dampener. I definitely feel more vibrations and a raw/rougher feel coming from this one as opposed to the Babolat circular "O" ring dampeners. To me those Babolats are on the upper high tendency when it comes to filtration when it comes to filtration where this one is on the bottom low when and the Sampras black and red "O" rings are on the highest of high filtering and giving you that rubbery, plush, cushioned feel as far as dampeners are concerned. Some people want a nice cushioned impact with no vibrations (this one isn't going to provide you with that) and some want more feel and this one definitely fits in that category.
From: Anon, 03/11

Comments: Agree with the comment below, feels same as the smiley face ones. A shame really, cause "O" dampeners from Babolat and Sampras are much better but not great looking as this ones.
From: Beto, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, 03/11

Comments: Good shock absorber, but not much different from Wilson's smiley face.
From: Austin, CA, USA, 02/11

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