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Comments: The racquet has it pros and cons. Pros: First it has excellent control and power. Cons: Lacks in balance though if not hit perfect everytime the racquet punishes you with a skip or a over hit ball.

From: Jordan, FL, USA, 07/11
Skill-level: A
String type and tension: 34lbs

Comments: I demoed the Black Jack at the Outdoor Nationals this year and last year. My take is that it plays like the IGS 165 but doesn't break easy like the IGS did. Forehand or back hand produced low hard shots consistently. The new Submission racquet seemed to have the same power as the Blackjack, but with less control. In fact, the Submission plays just like the Problem Child, but with slightly more power. Two other open players that I know are staying with the Blackjack this year instead of buying one of the new racquets.
From: Barry, Diamond Bar, CA, USA, 07/11
String type and tension: Factory.

Comments: I found the Blackjack a great doubles front court racquet because of it's light feel and then I worked with it's light weight to shoot off the glass. The only problem is that the racquet is light, light, light. My swing deteriorated with time. I had to keep a heavier racquet to maintain a clean swing plane. It's just too easy to snap your wrist and take crazy shots.
From: Don. 5/11

Comments: I demoed both the Black Jack and the Royal Flush. I bought the BJ because I played better with it. The 170 felt to heavy for me at the time. Then I started weight training again. Now the RF feels as light as the BJ did before and I can't connect at all with the BJ. Constant skips and mis-hits. Check out the strung weights, not the listed weights. The Head 180 actually weighs exactly as much as the E-Force 170. I thought I needed new strings, but even with Biphase 17 I couldn't connect with the BJ. Just demoed the Full House against the RF and I'm going to be buying the FH. Also noticed I don't care for head heavy racquets. The natural weight of the FH at 1pt head heavy felt much more robust and comfortable than the lighter weight/heavy heavy BJ at 5 pts and the RF at 4 pts. You'll notice most companies are going with an even balance or close to it. The Black Jack is way too light. If you demo don't go just by how you play. The strings could be jacked up on the better racquet. I picked the FH by swinging at the air repeatedly as a comparison. I noticed the head heavy racquet were giving me wrist discomfort. If I played a total power game I might go with the BJ or RF, but I don't.

If you do go with the Black Jack you are going to have to swing 100% every time. This is not a touch racquet. If you try to place or touch you will lose with this one. I thought this light racquet would be an endurance racquet for me, because of it's maneuverability and low energy cost to swing at 50% or 75% power, but in fact you tire out faster because you have to try to kill the ball in order to be consistent. I might be able to play 2 games, 3 max with the BJ and I have tons of endurance. I'll still have energy, but if you don't have near 100% you can swing 100%.

If you get new strings you might want to string on the low end (32-34). Stringing at 36 lbs was horrible. The racquet doesn't have enough inertia to make such a tight string bed hit well. There was no feel at all. I like control, but little did I know I was putting control tension on a power racquet.

From: Jonathan, Tampa, FL
Skill-level: B
String type and tension: Megablast 16 stock and BiPhase 17 @ 36 lbs

Comments: After playing with Ektelon Racquets for 8 years I demoed the  2010 Ektelon Attack and the Head Black Jack.
I now own two Head Black Jacks, all you have to do is try one. Unbelievable.
From: Frank , Granada Hills, CA, USA, 08/10
String type and tension: Ashaway Killfire 17ga. 32lbs.

Comments:  I have tried every major racquet in the last five years and until I tried the Head Black Jack, I was using the Ektelon EX03 Black. I will demo the 2010 Ektelon Attack but will be surprised if it can beat out the Black Jack for a light stick with the super power and unbelievable CONTROL. Just demo this racquet, until this year I was not a big fan of Head Racquets but the Black Jack is awesome.
From: Alex
City, State, Country:Palos Verdes, CA 06/10
Skill-level: A
String type and tension: Tecnifibre HPR 18ga @ 34lbs.

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