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Comments: Hi tennis enthusiasts! I played with Hawk for some time now -- good control, good power, good feel, arm friendly! Although it has good spin, not the best, this is probably due to the modest snap back. The string plays wonderful when it's new and has some snapback but not the most. After 2 hours of play, the string is gone. So all in all, very good but too expensive for the lifespan, that's the only thing but it is a veto for me.
From: Jim, 4/14

Comments: As a power player I usually have trouble getting a ball to do what I want. This string is great, it really bites the ball giving it enough spin to do what I want. It's soft enough to have great feel and play-ability (especially around the net). It's easy on my elbow which has bothered me for 4 years. The string has enough pop to put away a ball when i want to. It's also very comfortable on the serve but holds nothing back in the power department.
From: Brent, 3/14

Comments: For $15 I expect a lot more. Strung in my POG Mid as a hybrid, really wooden. After 3 hrs of hitting, it's getting cut out. Waste of money, nothing to see here folks
From: Christo, 2/14

Comments: I went from a tonic and rough hybrid. I really like this string. I use the Graphene Speed Pro and its strung at 50 lbs. Very soft on my elbow and I like the increased spin.
From: Barry, 1/14

Comments: I tried this string in a Dunlop Aerogel 400 (18x20) and offered excellent control and spin. You'll certainly need to generate your own power but I haven't found a string yet that could let me place the ball like Hawk does.
From: Jesse, 1/14

Comments: Tried this initially during the string playtest and thought it was just okay. However, strung up as a main in a hybrid with Gosen OGSM it produces great spin, durability is good and there is no discomfort in my elbow. A great string.
From: Anon, 1/14

Comments: Seems to have a very nice blend of control, power and comfort. Not sure of the longevity at this point, but if it lasts at least as long as the many other polys I've tried, then I will be sticking with this for quite a while. 48 lbs in a new 95S.
From: Ramone, 12/13

Comments: I played with the new Head Hawk and was excited. I was not diapointed at all -- it is really not a bad string and has good power, good comfort, good control, feel could be a little better, and spin is very decent (but not top of the line but good). On average, nothing bad and mostly good things, just not very special string. It kept its tension very well.
From: Jim, 11/13

Comments: Got to test this one early in August through Head's playtester program and it was amazing. Like they said -- spin was great for a rounded co-poly and the feel was just insane! Really lets you fine tune specific shots and provides fantastic control; definetley the best string Head has made to date.
From: Steven, 11/13

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