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Comments: I've been playing with Zo Tour 17 for the last 5-6 years or so. It's a great string. I do a 2 piece at 61 lbs on a Dunlop Bio 300 Tour. It's soft but still lasts a good time as well as keeping constant string tension. The feel is great for slices and drop shots; and it's amazing the power you can bring from your baseline power shot through your serve. It's unfortunate that it's been discontinued. As a professional stringer, I have not encountered a string that lives up to this performance. If it helps; I play 4.5 USTA and am a serve and vollyer by nature (majority doubles).
From: MSW, 6/14

Comments: A friend of mine that was a D1 college player uses this stuff exclusively. She has 5-6 reels of it stockpiled, since it's been discontinued. My experience with it has been overwhelmingly positive; it's very comfy as polys go. It almost feels like a multi at lower tensions. While not as "spinny" as Luxilon or Babolat products, it certainly is a very good option if you are looking for a softer poly that plays well and has good durability and tension maintenance.
From: Cass, 4/14

Comments: Great string, but it kills your arm if you don't put in a gut in the crosses.
From: John, 7/13

Comments: Gamma Zo Tour is some of the best strings out there right now. Plenty of pop, good spin, and surprisingly lasts long. I used to use Solinco Tour Bite and I would break those in 3 days. I am now breaking them once a week or so. The tension mantience is also much better than I thought.
From: Pat, 7/12

Comments: 60 lbs full bed on a16x19 90si 10 pts HL 12.8 oz Mizuno Turbo Pro with the string pattern getting very dense in the sweet spot.
I've been in search for a string that I would go back to over and over again. I had a fun time using this string. Paired with this racquet you needed to have a full swing to get anywhere. Spin was present on the FH and 1HBH as well as during slice on both ends. What I really liked about the string was the control and directional change I could get on my FH (cross court and inside-out). My BH is sketchy but when I'm in a groove and hit it feels great.
Fairly comfortable but this racquet wasn't forgiving when not hitting the sweet spot. This forced me to concentrate more on my swings.
I had these cut out and am currently using the 361 string (which after a couple days of playing seem similar). There didn't seem to be any notching on these strings like I've noticed on geared/shaped strings (PHT, Cyclone, Polyon Comfort). I would have kept the strings in longer as IMO they still felt great but was also eager to test the 361 string out. I hope as I continue to improve in my game that I can improve on picking out the different attributes of strings.
I am eager to try the Zo Tour Rough to see if there is more bite and when I do I will probably string at a lower tension. cheers,
From: Nathan Los Angeles, CA, USA, 11/10
(NTRP 3.0 local park hitter)

Comments: Great sting, but not very durable. I hit the ball fairly hard with a lot of spin, so naturally I break strings often. However, when I used Pro Hurricane Tour on my previous racquet, I broke strings probably once every two/ three weeks. Now with Zo 17, I break strings every five days or so. I really like the string and I'm reluctant to have to find a new, more durable string, but it's simply too expensive to replace once or twice a week. Not to mention that I'm not playing with the same racquet every time I play, so I would probably break this string in 6-10 hours of play if I used the same racquet. I string at 52.
From: Anon. 4/10

Comments: I play on the ball machine and break strings on a regular basis. I needed something more durable but comfortable so I ended up doing a hybrid with the Ashway Kevlar 17g mains and Gamma Zo Tour 17 crosses. So far I've been pleased with the result. The kevlar makes things stiffer so I reduced my tension for my midsize racquets but kept the same tension for the midplus racquets. I definitely noticed an improvement in feel. I wanted to see how comfortable if I replaced the kevlar with another string and the results were amazing but I broke the mains within the hour. Be aware, it is a pain to string with the Gamma Zo Tour. Sometimes it is just a pain to get the string untangled through the process of weaving.
From: Vinh, Lake Forest, CA, USA 09/09

Comments: This string does not have a lot of power but it has a nice pop to it. Excellent control and spin. Just hit the ball with authority and you will get good results.
From: Elliott, San Diego, Ca. USA. 05/09

Comments: This string is impressive in hybrid. It is very comfortable in return and ground stroke but the tennis loss is quite significant after 2-3 time trials.
From: Matthew, Hong Kong. 04/09

Comments: I'm a big fan of hybrid strings and been experimenting multiple set-ups from different string companies but always come up with frustrating results by either tension instability, loss of feel, comfort, power or crispness. On the other hand, multifilaments normally move a lot, which is very annoying. Then I stumbled upon MSV Hex 1.18mm (main) at 58" lbs and Gamma Zo Tour 17 at 56 lbs (cross) and the result was just amazing. The spin, crispness, control, feel and power were all present. I also have a full Gamma Zo Tour 17, a WeissCannon 17 (main) and Gamma Zo Tour 17 (cross) and the results were very similar. The feel was all dominated by the Gamma Zo Tour. It does not move. Excellent invention by Gammas. It's just pricey.
From: Anon, orlando, fl, usa. 3/09

Comments: I've tried this as a trial set, and was definitely impressed. I would recommend to others to use. As a hybrid, it is good.
From: Steven, Oklahoma City, Ok, USA. 2/09

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