Gamma Zo Tour 16 String Reel Orange Customer feedback

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Comments: I just love this string so much. There is so much control, I don't want to use any other string! This polyester lasts actually quite long and holds the tension better than the Solinco Tour Bite and any of the Luxilon strings.
From: Robert, 9/12

Comments: I strung my Babolat with this and natural gut and the performance I got out of it was incredible. I definitely noticed more pop all around, and especially enjoyed a bigger serve. I like the crisp feeling I get with this combo as I had 7 aces down the T where usually I spin my serve. This combo gives me the confidence to play with controlled aggression on shots.
From: Ted, CA. 2/09

Comments: I strung my Dunlop Aerogel 300 with ZO at 60lbs (no I did not do the recommended 10% drop in tension). I can place the ball with pinpoint accuracy compared to most strings. The spin production is not as good as with the Gamma Asterik, but there is still plenty. Serves have plenty of pace, and volleys have plenty of pop, while still retaining the ability to hit perfect drop volleys. Forehand slice penetrates deep and backhand slice is average. The place where this string shines is on topspin forehands. They are powerful, deep, and have plenty of spin. Overall this is the best string that I have played with. Go out and buy it, but you should drop 1-2 lbs off your normal string tension.
From: Adam, Enfield, CT. 6/08
Racket: Dunlop Aerogel 300 (Gamma Zo Tour 60lbs.)
2nd singles EHS

Comments: I love the bite! I can hit wooly-mammoth shots and the ball stays in the court. I'm a 5.0 player and this string is exactly what my game needed. A little softer would be nice, but I doubt softer would give me the same results.
From: Faisal, Falls Church, VA, America. 6/08

Comments: Soft, amazing bite comparable to Luxilon ALU 16, and still had very nice control. A full setup would be softer on the arm compared to any other full poly. Great string, though I'm not quite sure about tension maintenance since I hit with a fresh string job. For the price and lack of further info, I would lean toward ALU 16.
From: AlpineCadet, Los Angeles, CA. 4/08

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