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Comments: City, State, Country: Istanbul,Turkey This string really matches its name. It is sweet in many ways. Friendly with the arm. The feel I get from the string bed is great I would highly recommend it to all club players at various levels. I agree with Eric. I don't understand why it is not popular.
From: Ahmet, 5/12

Comments: Poly strings usually last me a few months. This Hybrid broke at the crosses in a few days. Spin and pop is not special either.
From: Nimit, Davis, CA, USA, 01/11

Comments: This string is a big hit both with me and with my stringing customers who are mostly 4.0- 4.5 level. I don't understand why Zo Sweet is not more popular. The co-poly mains give control and spin, while the TNT in the crosses softens things up just enough and gives great feel (very similar to that of a straight synthetic gut string job) and livens up the string bed. As a solid-core synthetic, the TNT does not fray easily like some of the multifilament strings commonly used in these hybrids and helps the strings retain tension and playability for several weeks. I've even seen people keep this in their racquet for months. Again, this is an outstanding string for the player who wants some characteristics of a poly with better durability and longevity.
From: Eric, Newton, MA, USA, 01/11

Comments: I was looking to try some hybrids as I'm used to multi-filaments. This string in my Wilson 5.3 Hammer is outstanding. Playability, feel, and control I think is excellent.
From: Dave Sumter, SC, USA. 06/10
String type and tension: 56/53 tension

Comments: This string holds tension extremely well, for me it was about a few months. Great string for any level of play. I was able to generate phenomenal power and control. A must try for any type of player.
From: Anon, NY, USA, 04/10

Comments: One word. Amazing. These strings have wonderful feel and compared to all my other stringing jobs, they really do feel sweet. I usually used Tecnifibre Pro Red Code (61) mains, and Synthetic Gut (60) crosses, and thought they were the best hybrid in the world, but I guess I was wrong. I really recommend these to any player out there.
From: Nick, Corona, Ca, USA. 8/08

Comments: I have been trying different kinds of strings since I learned how to play tennis about three years ago and my search has finally come to an end after meeting this Gamma string. I have a Wilson nCode black and white racket and I must report victory by using this string. I highly recommend it for all anyone who is looking for comfort durability and control, sweet spot is very sweet on these strings "WOW." All I know is since I started with this string a month ago I have been winning my matches in women's 3.5 singles. Thanks, Gamma.
From: leelee, Bronx, NY, USA. 7/08

Comments: Great string! I am a string breaker and also have had some issues with tendonitis. This string is very forgiving on the arm. The string also holds it tension better than any other polys I have found. Way to go, Gamma! You have a customer for life with this string.
From: CH. 11/07

Comments: I put this string in my Wilson K-Six One 95 16x18 and used it for the first time in two matches yesterday. I am very pleased, trying to hit fewer balls long since I have a long swing. Nice feel, did exactly what I wanted it to do, and enhanced control gave me more confidence to go for shots near the tape. I won both matches so an auspicious start following a change to this string.
From: Ray, Brewster, New York, USA. 10/07.

Comments: Put the string in my Babolat Pure Drive Team Standard looking to take some power out of the frame but was unsuccessful. Would only recommend Zo Sweet for a softer racquet like the 6-1 or O3 Tour.
From: Chris, Atlanta, GA, USA, 05/07

Comments: I got this strung into my Wilson nCode nSix-One Tour 90 with very pleasing results. The string is very playable, is comfortable, and has lasted rather well in terms of durability. It also gives good access to spin and has a decent amount of power. My new string of choice.
From: Barrelli, NZ 07/06

Comments: For string breakers like me who brake strings every 5 days this string is awesome. It stays in my racquet for about 7-8 days before it snaps. Unlike other polyesters though, this string is very playable and offers a sufficient amount of power.
From: Masaru Urquhart, Upland, CA, USA. 04/05

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