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Gamma Zo Verve 17 String White/Black Customer feedback

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Comments: I decided to give the strings another go, and I played some of my best tennis ever generating incredible spin and powerful serves. So, I'd like to revise my previous post by saying I'll probably stick with these strings from now on, or at least return to them when I need a reliable string. I'm very impressed with the sufficient power, great spin, and solid feel.
From: Brian, 1/13

Comments: I have put these strings twice in my Babolat Pure Drive 107 at 61 lbs., and the bite, control, power, spin, durability and overall playability is fantastic.
From: Humberto, 12/12

Comments: The strings have great durability both in terms of playability duration and how long they last before breaking. Actually, they still haven't broken and I'm probably gonna have to just cut 'em out. They're very lively and grab the ball fairly well, though the spin potential is not up to par with RPM Blast or ALU Rough. It feels a lot like Solinco Tour Bite 17g but with more power, sometimes too much. All in all, the strings are pretty good but not alarmingly awesome. I'll probably go back to Cyclone and ALU Power, but I enjoyed trying it out.
From: Brian, 11/12

Comments: I tend to break strings quickly, so I switched to poly strings a few years ago. I love the durability of poly strings, but most of them hit with a hard feel that can be tough on the arm. The second and third generation poly strings have improved the elasticity a bit, but these strings represent the absolute best of the breed. The hexagonal texture adds great spin potential and the co-polymer formula really feels more like a multi-filament than any other poly I have ever used. They are not the most durable poly strings, but they do have the softest feel out there. These strings allow me to hit a heavy ball with deep, penetrating topspin or slice, with a very "solid" feel that never feels "hard." I'm totally sold on these strings. Excellent durability, very little string bed movement, very solid feel, while still possessing enough elasticity.
From: Tom, 5/12

Comments: These strings are amazing. They have exceptional control and the right amount of spin and power. I will definitely use these strings again.
From: IGW, 4/12

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