Gamma Zo Twist 16 String Reel Black Customer feedback

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Comments: I was little bit disappointed with these strings. The spin was decent enough but it lacked in power and feel. It very soft for a poly so if you are a person who has not played with a poly strings before this would be a good start considering it is priced good for what it gives. Personally I think the Dunlop Black Widow is far superior to spin, power and feel than the Gamma Zo Twist. I use Wilson Six one 95 and string at 53 pounds.
From: Wissam, 3/14

Comments: Just finished my USTA match and I have never bageled anyone before today. I play with a Dunlop Areogel 100 4D and had strung one of my racquets with Wilson Spin Cycle 16L and my second 100 4d with Gamma Zo Twist. I was down 5-1 in first set when switched to the racquet with Gamma Zo Twist. After the switch, I didn't lose a game. Won the first set 7-6 and the 2nd 6-0. The amount of spin I was able to produce was incredible, at times unbeliveable. Cross court forehands and backhands had so such zip and spin on them. Love this string and I was fool to buy the cheap Wilson Spin Cycle. Will be using this till they stop producing it. I have used this for a long time and today was special because that string already had about 10-12 hours of play and it still played like a dream.
From: Kishore, 7/13

Comments: This string has been a game changer for me! It gives excellent spin and great control. Additionally, the the durability is way above expectation. If you're looking for spin, control, and durability - this is the string for you.
From: Orlando, 3/13

Comments: It felt really good for the first week or so. I had lots of control and goodpower too, but after a week all the spin and control is lost.
From: SC, 8/12

Comments: This string is amazing! It has tons of spin and control and if you put it in a Pure Drive GT at 58 pounds it turns into a magic racquet that makes the ball twist and spin wherever you want it to go. Amazing - 10/10! Perfect string. The fact that it's black makes it even cooler!
From: Kalino, 7/12

Comments: Received my pair of Dunlop Aerogel 4D 200 Tours from TW today with Gamma Zo Twist @ 48lbs. I have to start off by saying I'm not much of a poly person but at this low of a tension they weren't hard on my wrist at all, pocketed the ball pretty nicely and noticeably increased slice and kick on my serves. They seem to have decent feel for a poly but hit just a tad bit on the springy side. Maybe bumping the tension up just a couple of lbs would help? Overall I'm pretty happy with them and if I can get the string locally or when I get around to picking up a stringing machine I would use it again. I'm not especially hard on strings so I don't expect to break them but I will be keeping an eye on how long they stay playable.
From: Rob W., 6/12

Comments: Spin is super easy with this string, the bite on the ball is superb! Wasn't too hard on the arm either. I got around 20-24 hours of play out of them, which is probably about right for polys. One thing I noticed, they go dead instantly. It's night and day; one minute you've got all the spin you want, the next you can't keep the ball in the court. Maybe that's a plus, once you see the ball sailing it's time to re-string. And for me it was obvious - the hits felt good, but the spin just wasn't there anymore. Given the short life of the string, I'll use it occasionally.
From: Kyle, 2/12

Comments: This is a string that can really put heavy spin on your shots. It is a soft poly and has a lot of power. I strung it at 55 lbs on a Head Speed Pro.
From: Ardanihan, 10/11

Comments:These are great strings, they really give you maximum spin. I used them with my Babolat AeroPro Drive GT at 60 lbs and they were great. Lasted roughly 2 months before I had to cut them because they were starting to lose tension.
From: Gaylord, 8/11

Comments: I switched from a Head Liquidmetal Radical MP with Prince Topspin at 57 lbs to a Head Youtek IG Extreme Pro using Gamma Zo Twist at 57 lbs. I didn't even realize the string was a co-poly until I read other reviews today, even after hitting with it at least 3 times a week for a month. While they are two different racquets with different string patterns (18x20 vs. 16x19) my playing partners say I'm hitting a much heavier ball with a lot more spin (topspin and slice groundstrokes). I haven't felt any harshness with the co-poly. I do notice I have a greater tendency to hit it long more often but that is usually because I'm late on the ball. The strings haven't moved a bit and it certainly holds up to its reputation as a durable string.
From: Dwight, 7/11

Comments: After trying out different co-polys (Pro Hurricane Tour, Big Banger Rough, Wilson Enduro Pro etc.) nothing compares to its spin, power, and control potential. Also another main key to this strings is it holds tension really well among anything else. I have yet to try out and compare this against the Gamma Verve.
From: Ian. 6/11

Comments: A great feeling string with tons of access to spin. It is soft enough to have good feel yet crisp enough to give controlled volleys. My favorite string.
From: Chris. 5/11

Comments: This is a great string that gives much more spin than previous textured strings that I've used. I was a little hesitant to buy this string because of the comment I read saying it shrinks the sweetspot to the size of a dime. This isn't true. I normally play with Prince Synthetic Gut and this felt just about as soft. I get more spin off this that I do off of RPM Blast. I started serving with this and slices curve right in and it feels good when a kick serve drops in for once. Once you really get used to it it will make a difference in your game if you hit with heavy topspin. And I also read that these strings were very powerful and shots tend to go long but I never hit one past a foot inside the baseline.
From: Craig, Orlando, FL, USA. 4/11

Comments: These strings are really good. Great spin and my ball has a lot of pop. I have them strung a full set on my head YouTek prestige mp at 58lbs. Overall a great string for a low price!
From: Chris, NY, USA, 03/11

Comments: Good string for spin generation and durability, but be warned how stiff it is (in my personal experiences). Put this in a Babolat pure storm tour GT+ full bed around 58 lbs. I had never had any type of arm problems up to that point. However, dropped tension about 5lbs and hybrided in mains with synthetic in crosses and went back to normal. Overall good string
From: Luke, AZ, USA, 03/11

Comments: I have used this string for a couple of months now and like it more every day. Amazing control, lots of forehands dropping from the added bite on the topspin shots, and tons of power on the serve as well.
From: Richard, Central, NJ, 10/10

Comments: I like this string hybrid with Lux BB Ace. I use this string on Main and BB Ace cross. I am getting good ball pocketing, spin, good control and feel. Playability I say 9 out of 10. This is a good string. It also improve my serve and give a little bit more pop. Groundy is very good. I have similar set up with ZO tour, but this string costs less and is pretty good. Definitely I am repeat customer.
From: KC, CA, Oakland. 6/10

Comments: A very nice string. First I have to say this string is great for spin. I use to use Luxilon bb 16L and tried this because I wanted more spin. I definitely got more spin with this string but I feel like I lost some power. This is the first string that I actually can see and feel the texture on the string. Plus the black looks really nice in my Pure Storm Tour gt. Nice string though. I would definitely buy it again.
From: Chris, WI, United States. 6/10

Comments: Not a terrible string, good for the price for sure. Great spin potential. My serves kick ridiculously high and wide with this string. Slice and drop shots greatly improved. Too much power though. Normally strung the Babolat PHT at 57lbs, but had to string this at 60lbs so i didn't send the ball out by a meter or so. That fixed the problem for the most part.
From: Chris, Redlands, CA, US. 4/10

Comments: Great string as is. I use with BBV1 and spin and control are excellent, especially on back hand slice, drop shots - really bites into the ball. Also helped with my slice serve to deuce court - had my opponents hopping off the court just to get it back in play.
From: Dave, Denver, co 03/10

Comments: Great string overall and it never moves. Used it in 10 or so matches and not on string has moved out of place. Strung at 59lbs on a Head Flexpoint Radical OS. Gives better ability to hit heavy topspin and generates powerful spin on serves. It has good feel for a poly, adequate touch for the net. This string is a definite must have.
From: Presley, Pittsburgh, PA 02/10

Comments: Great spin potential and comfort! However, the string was too powerful for me and many of my strokes tended to go long. I found my ground strokes to be very inconsistent with these strings. Overall, these strings were not my cup of tea.
From: Aditya, Schaumburg, IL, United States 01/10


Comments: I just got my new head youtek speed midplus strung with this stuff. I am switching from the luxilon big banger string and what difference. This string has perfect power and control. Great string and at a low price I am definitely using gamma string for now on.
From: Ian, Forney. Texas, United States

Comments: This string is like many other polys. It has great accuracy, and it feels like it goes exactly where I want it to every time. Don't over think strings though, the difference is so small.
From: Bob, Charlotte, NC, USA 10/09

Comments: If you want added spin and control, this is your string. Due to the shape I would not hybrid.I have used the same set on my racquet for over a month and has not lost any tension. Everyone I gave my racquet to try the strings has raved about them. The only problem is finding them in stores since they are so new.
From: Rick, Buford, Ga. U.S.A. 09/09

Comments: This string is the real deal when it comes to spin and playability. The tennis shop I frequent was given this string by a Gamma rep. to test and they strung it for me on a Prince Graphite EX 03 100 at 56. It was incredible. I have tried most of the spin-oriented strings, including the acclaimed spin strings from Babolat, Head, Sigma, Ashaway, Prince, Technifibre, Top Spin, and of course Luxilon, but this string beats them going away. If you use heavy topspin and/or slice, you need to give the Gamma Twist Zo a Go!
From: Steve, Atlanta, GA USA 09/09

Comments: If you're looking for a good AND affordable hybrid set-up, use Revelation with either the Gamma Zo Magic or Twist. The Twist will help provide a bit more bite on the ball because of its pentagonal cross-section. Just beware that the Revelation will break before the Magic or Twist in the mains. Interestingly, the Revelation doesn't make any noise at all when it breaks. You could use something a bit more durable in the crosses, but you will lose some feel. Again, I can't emphasize enough that you can't beat the price of this set-up. I am an open level amateur who occasionally plays future pros.
From: Luke, La Mesa, CA, USA. 08/09

Comments: Strung this up at 58# in the mains with Head FXP at 58# in the crosses on my Head Microgel Prestige Pros. Lots of great spin and amazingly comfortable! My slice serve is moving WAY more than it did before! It also gave the stringbed more pop for crisp volleys. This is definitely my new string set up of choice.
From: Anon. 7/09

Comments: Great for mains in a tight string pattern to get some extra spin. I paired it with Gamma Syn gut for extra feel and it lasted me a while.
From: Lando. 04/09

Comments: I tried this string from a gamma rep 3 months ago. And this is a great soft feeling poly good string. Oh yeah first review.
From: Josh, USA. 3/09

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