Gamma Zo Magic 16 String Red Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: It's a bit firmer than advertised. It took me about a good 15 minutes to break them in, but after that they were great. Pretty good spin potential, it doesn't grip the ball as well as a shaped string but it has very good feel and solid control. Since I'm a 5.0, I needed a string that was durable and had good feel. I like them, and would definitely recommend them for a player looking for a feel oriented poly.
From: Jon, Tx. 5/11

Comments: I moved to this string shortly after experiencing the first signs of arm trouble. Not only did my shoulder and elbow pain go away, but I also found a poly string I absolutely love. Soft as advertised, with lots of control and just enough power.
From: Kenny, Chatsworth, GA, USA. 4/11

Comments: Just got some sample sets from Gamma, and I love it. Feel, power, and spin aren't anything like Luxilon, but who wants to pay the $250+ for a reel. This is the longest a poly has lasted in my racquet it years, almost 8 hours of play. Playing pure storm strung at 68lbs loving every minute. I recommend this for the tour players that need a good long lasting string for a 16x19 or 16x20 pattern, 18x20s could suffer from some crazy vibration and lack of spin.
From: Tom, Portland, Oregon, USA 01/10

Comments: I have Gamma Zo Twist 16 and Gamma synthetic gut in my Aeropro Drive Cortex, The Twist in the mains @57 lbs. and the synthetic in the crosses @ 58 lbs. Tons of spin and control but not too much power. Serve, spin and placement is superb. If you hit with a lot of topspin FH and BH, this set up is for you.
From: Marantzbar, NJ 10/09

Comments: If you're looking for a good AND affordable hybrid set-up, use Revelation with either the Gamma Zo Magic or Twist. The Twist will help provide a bit more bite on the ball because of its pentagonal cross-section. Just beware that the Revelation will break before the Magic or Twist in the mains. Interestingly, the Revelation doesn't make any noise at all when it breaks. You could use something a bit more durable in the crosses, but you will lose some feel. Again, I can't emphasize enough that you can't beat the price of this set-up. I am an open level amateur who occasionally plays future pros.
From: Luke, La Mesa, CA, USA. 08/09

Comments: I just had two of my racquets strung one with Magic 16 and the other with Twist 16, both with Head PPS in the crosses. Wow, these are great strings, feel, spin, and pace. The only trouble is now I have to pick one of them. You can't go wrong with either of these, usually poly kills my elbow with in half an hour. Not with these!!
From: C Hillier Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada 08/09

Comments: I really liked the feel of this string. It has a nice crisp feel without being to stiff. I was able to get some nice spin allowing me to take a full cut at the ball without fear of it sailing long. It has a nice feel for a poly on touch volleys also.
From: John, Florida. 04/09

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