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Comments: The strings have great durability both in terms of playability duration and how long they last before breaking. Actually, they still haven't broken and I'm probably gonna have to just cut 'em out. They're very lively and grab the ball fairly well, though the spin potential is not up to par with RPM Blast or ALU Rough. It feels a lot like Solinco Tour Bite 17g but with more power, sometimes too much. All in all, the strings are pretty good but not alarmingly awesome. I'll probably go back to Cyclone and ALU Power, but I enjoyed trying it out.
From: Brian, 11/12

Comments: I'm a nationally ranked junior tennis player, I guess you could say I'm around a 5.5 player. I strung these at 56-58 on my Speed MP 300. I would say these are great strings with the power and spin I could get on the ball. The only down side would be that I break these strings consistently over 3-4 hours. I don't hit the ball that hard but I use a lot of spin. The ONLY downside I would say is durability.
From: Clayton, 6/12

Comments: These strings are amazing. They have exceptional control and the right amount of spin and power. I will definitely use these strings again.
From: IGW, 4/12

Comments: This is some really nice string. It feels really nice and has lots of control. I will buy some more new time my racquet needs stringing. IGW, 4/12

Comments: Personally, I don't like these strings. Too much power, not enough control. It felt like the ball was slipping off the racquet. No feel whatsoever. Made an awful "ping" sound with every shot, even with a dampener. Not worth the price at all for me.
From: Chris, 2/12

Comments: I was suggested to give these strings a try because I was constantly breaking strings. I was using some multi's and breaking my strings about once a week. I have tried poly's before but found them to be a bit stiff. I used this string for the first time today. Wow! What a string. Great control and power. If you are hard swinger give these a try. I strung at 56 lbs but going to try 52- 53 next.
From: Pauly D, 8/11

Comments: I am a 46 year old 3.5 USTA Player who has been trying out different strings for the past two years. While I have only played with this string for one week, my initial thought is "This is my new favorite!" I have been playing the Babolat Revenge 17. Without a doubt the spin and "pop" of this Gamma string is amazing. I have lowered my tension from 59 to 56 based on web feedback and this feels perfect. This tension also has help my game/mechanics. I would recommend trying this string with two thumbs up!
From: Brad, 8/11

Comments: I have to admit, this string is pretty incredible. I'm not typically a fan of polys. I usually string with anything but (usually a soft soft multi like Gamma Professional 18 or Pro Supex Maxim Touch 17). I decided to give Zo Verve 17 a try. I strung it relatively low at M:48, X:45 (lock out) in my Fischer Pro One 98. While I still find a lot more comfort in the soft multi setup, the difference in ball bite was night and day. My hitting partner and I played for about 1.5 hours. After about 45 minutes with one of my racquets strung with the multi, I switched to the Zo Verve, and my partner commented after about 2 min that my shots had MUCH more bite and felt MUCH heavier coming at him. And I have to admit it. I could swing out a lot more and the balls were dipping faster. The multi "feels" really nice, but the balls had much more tendency to "fly" on me. This is a really good string. I may have to give it a try in hybrid form where there is less stress on my arm. This is worth checking out though. I've tried polys in the past, but never before have I ever considered sticking with one. Until now.
From: Stephen. 6/11

Comments: This string on its own made me switch to Gamma from about everything else. I used this in a hybrid setup (Verve mains @55 and Forten Sweet @55 crosses). I thought I would have broken this setup by now playing 12-15 hours every week but I just tested the tension and it is still at 55lbs after about 7 days of hitting with very minimal notching. It's very spin friendly string and surprisingly easy on the arm. I also love the red and black cosmetics. It looks sweet in my Babolat Pure Storm Ltd. Great job Gamma!
From: Luke, AZ, USA. 4/11

Comments: I've tried literally every shaped poly on the market (Rpm Blast, Black Code, Spiky Shark, Solinco Barb Wire, Signum Pro Tornado, etc..), and none of them have had the same combination of power, spin potential, and tension maintenance as Gamma Verve does. I have tried all of the aforementioned stings in the mains at 57 lbs with either NXT or NRG2 in the crosses at 56 lbs. The Verve/NRG2 combination is by far the best i have ever tried, and I will stick with it as long as Verve is in production. They also lasted about a week and a half, which is more than I expected given the 17g multi in the crosses.
From: Jason, Los Angeles, CA. 4/11
5.0 player, Varsity high school, CIF Division 1, play approx 15 hrs a week

Comments: One of the best polys I've tried to date. Very kind to the arm and offers really good spin and ball control. I strung it at 52/53 lbs in my Head Microgel Radical. I use a vibration dampener. It felt really, really good. Now we'll see how long it lasts. I'm a 4.5 singles player.
From: Billy, Charleston, SC, USA, "The Best Tennis Town in America." 4/11

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