Gosen Sidewinder 16 String Orange Customer feedback

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Comments: Gosen Sidewinder is so soft and has a much better feel then any other poly I have tried. It has all the advantages of using a poly, without the negative (harshness, plastic feel). It is like finding the fountain of youth for my tennis game. Also tried BHBR and BHB7 and Sidewinder is much easier on the arm and without that wire feel upon impact. It also has more power and spin. I have found my new string!
From: Kent, 6/15

Comments: I used RPM Blast in my Pure Strike 16x19 for the first six months of having this racquet. I then reached a point in my season that I could experiment with different strings and someone at my club gave me the Gosen Sidewinder 16g. After trying other poly strings then stringing it up with these I will not be looking back! Very soft, they almost string up like a multi in that they tend to stretch as you string. Control is fantastic and generating spin is easy. My lefty slice serve is a dream with these! I would love to see this in a reel.
From: Jonathan, 6/15

Comments: I prefer to use 17 gauge string, so I'm not sure why I even ordered this string. However, I'm glad I did! I typically use RPM Blast 17 g, so compared to that, the Gosen Sidewinder 16 is so much softer and livelier! I was amazed at how much more feel the string has, makes RPM Blast feel stiff and ridged. I use a Head Radical Pro, strung at 57 lbs, so the orange string looks very good with the orange racquet. Not a reason to buy the string but it is a good look. I might try the 17g to compare as well.
From: Paul, 4/13

Comments: This string is soft and most similar to Tourna Poly Big Hitter Blue Rough 16. It is nice to play, increased ball pocketing and good excess to spin. Some tension loss at the beginning but after first two hours of hitting practice it holds the tension well. Hence, I recommend to string it a bit tighter than most co-polys. Still preferring prince Beast XP due to its crystal clear feedback, crisp feeling and holds tension very well for a long period of time.
From: Rene, 9/11

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