Gosen OG Sheep Micro 17 660 String Reel Natural Customer feedback

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Comments: After testing other synthetic guts (Forten Sweet 17, Volkl, Prince) and multifilaments (Prince Premier Control, Tier One Triumph, Tourna Quasigut, Weiss Explosiv, Dunlop Hey Fibre), I must say that this is my absolute favorite cross for a hybrid with poly mains. It awakens the racquet, provides better feel, more power, more pop and less arm pain. To me it feels just right. And the price is great. Strung at 58 lbs on a lockout machine in a Yonex DR 98 with WeissCannon Silverstring 16L main at 55 lbs.
From: Yazir, 1/16

Comments: This is probably one of the best values around. First off, it is a great string for arm issues. It is super arm friendly and has a silky feel to it. It's actually my favorite multi to string based on the ease and silky feeling of the string. I recommend it more for hybrids more than a full bed as I found that it is so silky that it does not have the spin or grab that I prefer for top spin and slices. It seemed a little slick for a full bed. It is my number one string to use in the crosses in my hybrids.
From: Brian, 10/15

Comments: Simply the best syn gut there is! Great playability, spin and power. It will hold tension better pre- stretched, but don't go over 55 lbs. This 17G natural version plays best in my opinion.
From: Pete, 10/14

Comments: Great string for the money! I tried it in a full bed for a while, and really liked the pocketing. It has a noticeable pop when you strike the ball hard. My wife and I were playing together one night (I am 4.5 and she is 4.5/5.0 level) and the guy on the court next to us was amazed at how much "booming" was coming off of our racquets! The only downside with this string is the rapid tension loss -- so you have to cut them out after about 6 hours of hard play. Since I was stringing mine, my wife's and my nephews racquets, it became a full time job. So now I only use this in a hybrid setup and it works phenomenally!
From: Brock, 6/14

Comments: This is amazing string! Turns out it played as good if not better than Xcel as a cross in a hybrid, plus it lasts about twice as long and is much much cheaper in a reel. My only problem with these strings is that you shouldn't buy them in black. The problem lies within the black paint coating that after a few hours it starts peeling off and stops the strings from sliding and snapping back naturally, which makes your racquet feel like a board. Aside from that though, the string itself is excellent. Make sure to buy it in natural color and you will be amazed.
From: Anon, 9/12

Comments: This is quite possibly the best value for tennis strings. It is versatile; can be used by itself for a full synthetic stringbed or used with a poly hybrid. It provides good power and spin, and the feel is better than one would expect with synthetic gut. Its durability is on the lower side, but hey, look at the price! As with all synthetic strings, these begin to flatten out, thus reducing spin (a big part of my game), but I usually restring by then. Using as a hybrid with poly helps with this issue. I personally hybrid with Gosen poly (yellow), and love how it plays. Doesn't get quite as much spin as, say, Babolat Hurricane, but is way cheaper and has better overall performance. Don't waste your money on name brand strings, buy this instead!
From: Mike, 6/12

Comments: As a cross for poly, it doesn't get much better than this. It softens the stringbed and adds the feel that most poly's lack.
From: Michael, 1/12

Comments: The Gosen OG Sheep 17 Natural is a great string if you are on a budget. The spin, feel, tension are great compared to other synthetic gut on the market. I use a Babolat Aero Pro Lite and had it strung at 60 lbs. You cannot go wrong with this string. Very crisp and lively. I tried using a poly and it hurt my arms and wrist. I switched back to OG Sheep. Now I can play 4-5 sets a day and no pain in my arms.
From: Jojo, 8/11

Comments: There is no better deal anywhere in the world of strings. Feel, tension maintenance, and ease of stringing are all well above average. Works as a full bed strung on the tighter side for open patterns, or as a terrific cross to soften up polys and kevlar. But for me, where these strings really shine is in an 18x20 pattern. With the tighter pattern, you can string these a little looser, resulting in great feel, nice grab on the ball, and terrific depth control. For what it's worth, I agree that the natural seems to play better.
From: Liam, Phoenix, AZ, USA, 12/10

Comments: These are my strings of choice after wasting hundreds on name brand polyesters. They give you so much feel and comfort. By the time they break you are ready for a fresh set anyway. String it tight as they are elastic and maintain tension very well.
From: Jason, Marietta, GA, USA, 10/10
BLX 90 @ 60 pounds

Comments: If synthetic strings are right for you or you like to hybrid your polys, this is the best option. Never had a problem with it, feels soft on the arm, very crisp and a lot of pop on the impact. I like most the 17g vs the 18g, just for the durability issue. Gosen won't disappoint you.
From: Luis, Caguas, PR, 10/10

Comments: Either I have a bad batch or something, because it seems like the outer sheath is coming apart. I would string it with Gosen poly 17 gauge on the mains and the Gosen OG sheep Micro 17gauge on the crosses and then after a while the mains would bite into the crosses and tear apart the outer sheathing. The strings are still good and seems to play as usual, but it doesn't look good. once the sheathing comes apart, you can pick at it and pull it apart, exposing the nylon core. I guess other than that...this string plays well and has a lot of pop with the Gosen Poly as the mains.
From: txt858, San Diego, CA. 12/09
(From your description, it sounds not like defective string, rather that the polyester string is simply sawing through the softer synthetic gut. -- TW)

Comments: You just can't beat this string for a cross string in a hybrid set up. My customers love it. It's a great cross string on polys, gut and Kevlar. I have gone through 4 reels and have 2 more on the way!!! You can spend a lot more money, but you want get a better cross string for your hybrid. The mains in a hybrid are the dominant string and the cross string needs to accent the main string, and this one does very well. The price doesn't make it a cheap string. Just a very good string at a great price...
From: Dennis, Burnsville, NC, USA, 06/09

Comments: Great string, great value! Feels great all the way till you break them. I did break them in 2 days (like 5 hours of play) so durability is not great for somewhat strong hitters. Hybrid this!!
From: Kevin, California, USA. 05/09

Comments: Tried this string after reading reviews, great string. Nice ball pocketing, resists string movement for awhile, and more durable then some other syn guts out there. Broke string job in about 20 hours, but hey, for the price I couldn't care less. I have been told though that the Og-Sheep Micro 17 natural plays better than the crystal, so I'll be trying that next.
From: Kai, Cupertino, Ca, USA 04/09

Comments: I use this the Gosen Polyon Ice 17 660 reel in the mains at 57lbs and Gosen OG Micro 17 660 in the crosses at 60lbs. It has a lot of pop and feels great. You can generate a lot of spin. It has a great amount of power, and this combo is tennis elbow free.
From: Andy, Stanton, California, USA. 4/08

Comments: Great string. Good bite, nice feel and nice pops on the balls. I have been buying this string for the last 2 years. I'm actually on my 6th reel. For the price, you can't go wrong at all I can at least string 19 times from the reel!
From: Anon, San Diego, CA, USA, 03/08

Comments: I love this string! I strung my Prince 03 Black with Ashaway Kevlar 18 gauge in the mains @ 50lbs and Gosen OG Micro 17 gauge @ 55lbs in the crosses and wow! I get great control and spin. This combo really bites the ball. I like this combo a lot better than Prince Pro Blend. I'm an all-court player, and it's great for all of my game. Love the spin it gives!
From: Dennis, Burnsville, NC, USA. 1/08

Comments: I belong to string breakers anonymous so I am a big fan of hybrids. I combine this OG 17 with Gosen poly ice 17. What a great ride baby!
From: Kate, Michigan City, IN, USA, 06/07

Comments: If you're a player/stringer this is the best deal you're going to find. For me the durability is perfect in 17g version. I usually get 2-3 matches before the string breaks or goes dead. The ones that go dead or last more than 3 matches are relegated to practice and broken in short order. It's actually nice to break a few strings during a practice session because it looks good to have a few broken frames lying on the side of the court. All said and done, 2-3 matches is a life expectancy I can live with in a string. I can string a racquet in 30 minutes and normally carry 4 clubs in my bag. I also number my racquets and date the string job so I can rotate equitably. This system ensures I'm always playing with a fresh stick. I know when I hit the court and have a fresh bat in my hands it's probably an advantage over a player/non-stringer. There's not a pro on tour that will play with a string job for more than a day. Buying a reel of this stuff is the best combination of feel, playability, and cost -- bar none. I've been using Gosen Micro 17g for 2-3 years.
From: Greg, D.C, USA. 3/07

Comments: The ultimate hybrid string. Great on it's own, but mix it with your favorite poly, and you've got a nice ride. A stellar bargain at twice its' price, this will cut your stringing costs in half and give you unbelievable playability. Don't even think about; just buy a reel now and thank me later.
From: JB, Hotlanta, GA, USA, 07/06

Comments: I used it as a hybrid with Pro Hurricane and it last me 30 hours (playing doubles). Overall Average Spin and Super Value for the price if you own a stringing machine.
From: Ryan, Clementi, Singapore 06/06

Comments: Durability is pretty poor on these strings. But for people who are buying the reel of this, there is no other value that comes close. Sure the string doesn't last long, but they give you 660 ft for cheap! And the feeling that the string gives you is simply awesome. So basic recommendation, if you have your own stringer and don't mind stringing your racquet very often, this string fits the price and playability point perfectly.
From: Hana, Berkeley, CA 05/06

Comments:I have played with this string for about 1 month now and it has been great so far. The spin that you can create with this string is amazing. The only downfall is that the string only lasts me about 2 days before it breaks.
From: Dylan
Pueblo West, CO, USA, 10/05

Comments: I bought the reel for its price and used it on main to hybrid with multifilament. Excellent durability. It takes a long time for the soft multifilament to cut into OG Micro, I guess that's the reason for the improved durability. Hybrid certainly does not feel as good, but the durability gets my vote. I string my C10 Pro 98 at 62lbs.
From: Harry, Illinois, USA. 8/04

Comments: This is one great string. A bit softer than the Prince Synthetic Gut With Duraflex and standard Synthetic Gut. Great comfort for the arm with good power and spin. I agree with all the other comments on durability. Not very durable for hard hitters or those who use a lot of spin. Hard hitters should consider the 16 gauge. I have tried most brands of synthetic nylon and I really think this Gosen string has the best performance characteristics and comfort.
From: West, Fremont, CA, USA. 6/04

Comments: This is a very good string for the price. I actually like it better than Prince Synthetic Gut, which I have used for years. The power is good and the feel is decent because it's thin, but it's crazy weak. I've never broken a new set of strings in less than 6 hours of tennis, but I did it with this string. I have a stringer and it's cheap, so I guess I can live with it for now.
From: Jason, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 4/04

Comments: Add another one to the list who is disappointed in the durability of this string. I have averaged 4-5 sets per set before breaking the string. I string my racquet at 61-62 pounds and play with moderate spin. I love the feel and play of this string. I get a great feel for the ball and there is enough power to satisfy. I am hooked on the string because of the great play, but I plan on restringing after every match. Good thing the price is right.
From: Quinn, Ogden, UT, USA. 2/04

Comments: This string is pretty good value, especially when you buy it in a reel like this. I feel this string plays a lot like Prince Duraflex. The only differences I noticed are, the Gosen seems to hold tension better, and it's also stiffer. I think that maybe I get more spin out of Prince Duraflex, but I'm not sure. I think I prefer Prince Duraflex over the Gosen because I prefer strings a little softer. However, I still ordered a reel of this Gosen for personal use, as I string for myself, and it's a great value. I've had it for over a month, and I've strung 3 of my racquets with it. So far, none of them have lost noticeable tension. It should play great right up until it breaks.
From: Dave, MI. USA 2/03

Comments: Gosen OG (Generic) Micro 17 feels great, but I have to agree with those who've complained about durability. While I'm a hard hitter, I still expect my string to average more than 8 hours of playing time. Once I broke them within an hour. I do like the feel though. I'll probably try Micro 16 next time in hopes of finding a more balanced string.
From: Kevin, Washington, DC. USA 7/02

Comments: Gosen OG (Generic) Micro 17 (or 16) is hands-down the best string deal on the market today. I've tried them all - from premium to bottom of the barrel. I use a player's racquet so the strings can make an even greater impact on the overall playability of the racquet. I also string my own racquets and for my money no other string comes close to this one in delivering the control, feel and power I need while maintaining tension better than most. I've also found it to be a lot more durable than Prince Synthetic 17 with Duraflex even though it's slightly thinner. Can you buy a more durable string? Yes. Can you buy a more powerful string? Yes. Can you buy a softer string? Yes. Can you buy a string that creates a better balance of these qualities? No.
From: Derek, Grosse Pointe, MI. USA 4/02

Comments: Gosen Og-Sheep Micro 16 (or 17) feels like Prince Synthetic Gut but with much better feel and a little softer, though just as crisp.
From: Silvers, Message Board post, USA, 11/01

Comments: I found Gosen Og-Sheep Micro 17 string to be a good all around string on a racquet strung at higher tensions. It plays well and provides a decent blend of control, power and durability. It has performed to my expectations. I keep it on one of my racquets and, as a stringer, I recommend it to other tennis players looking for a good all-around string. While I believe that some other strings are over priced, you can't beat the price of this string for its overall performance.
From: Michael, Phila, PA. USA 12/00

Comments: Gosen Og-Sheep Micro 17 Natural is a good all-around string for those of us with limited budgets. It doesn't play as nicely (or with as much spin) as the Gosen 18, but it lasts at least twice as long. Where the Gosen 18 lasts me about a week and a half, I can sometimes get as much as a month out of the Gosen 17 before it simply must be changed. Good feel, good control, good price ... I string it up pretty tight because I don't need power from my strings, and it always performs as expected.
From: Greg, Costa Mesa, CA. USA 7/00

Comments:If you're the type of player who finds the thicker, more durable strings too lifeless and lacking in feel, then Gosen Og-Sheep Micro 17 Natural might be the string for you. I get excellent feel and plenty of power with this and will now not use anything else. There may be other strings out there which will give you a little (and I do mean little) extra performance, but you won't find anything to come close to its combination of playability and price. I highly recommend it.
From: Kim, United Kingdom 7/00

Comments:Gosen Og-Sheep Micro 17 Natural has very nice playability and ball bite make it a great deal for an all court type game. It might be the fact that it's thinner than regular 17g. string. You can guess the drawback -- durability. I broke one string after 4 sets which I never experienced before. The feeling of the ball is average but power is plenty. It's as comfortable as some "soft" versions in the Prince line up. Nice baseline string.
From: Jeffrey, San Jose, CA. USA 4/00

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