Gamma Supreme Overgrip Pro Pack White (x30) Customer feedback

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Comments: This is my go to overgrip! The tackiness is phenomenal and the absorption is good but not the best. I have never developed blisters while using Gamma Supreme so I highly recommend it!
From: Marc, 9/14

Comments: The chemistry of this grip is very unusal. Many people wrote why they dislike it or like it, but can't seem to pinpoint the experience. Therefore, I will do my best to put it in plain english. This grip isn't good under humid and regular wet conditions, but great on normal (not so wet) conditions. The grip retains moisture and can not wisk the wetness out of the grip fast enough. I've been rotating 4 racquets at a time during matches to get the driest grip. When the grip is wet, the feel is very slippery and extra focus is centered on gripping the racquet to not have it from flying out of your hands. At times, my fingers started to hurt from catching the racquet prior to almost losing it. Under normal conditions, the grip is extremely tacky and has the right amount feel to the grip. Not spongy or hard. In conclusion, I recommend it for those playing simple game of indoor singles/dubs or outdoor cool singles/dubs, but not for anyone who plays in humid areas.
From: John, 6/13

Comments: Consistent with what everyone else is saying below. I should have read the most recent reviews before I just bought another 30 pack. But this used to be the best overgrip. It used to be very tacky, (which is the feel I love) and absorbent and had enough cushion. Now, the overgrip's tackiness wears out much faster and does not absorb as much moisture, and there is not as much cushion (I put lead tape under the grip and I can actually feel it now). I noticed something was different when I first picked up my racquet again with the new overgrip and then noticed that my grip was slipping way more than usual (I don't even sweat that much on my hands). Very upset that Gamma would change its overgrip and not change the name of the product.
From: Mike, 6/13

Comments: The best overgrip I've used. I've used the Tourna Tac but it does not last as long as this one. This grip sticks to your hands, will never slip and lasts much longer than any I've used, including Tourna. I can actually use one Gamma Supreme on my racquet per string job. This grip does not peel like other cheep imitations.
From: Mani, 5/13

Comments: Like others have said, the new grip is not as good as the old one. The tackiness rubs off much sooner than it used to, and I also don't like having the logo in the middle of the overgrip. It's mind boggling why anyone would mess with what was already a successful product.
From: Jim, 2/13

Comments: The new version of Gamma Supreme is bad. If you liked the old Gamma Supreme (before the etched logo and sticky starting tape) then you need to buy Gamma RZR TAC overgrip. That is exactly the same feel as the old Gamma Supreme.
From: Anon, 2/13

Comments: Just like the others, it used to be the best. Be warned if you haven't tried the new version. Don't buy the 30 pack until you have tried it. I just bought it and hate it, I have been using this grip since 2000 and have never changed it, I am now thinking about it. The grip is the same, but they decided to put the words GAMMA SUPREME embossed on it. I understand you want to brand your product so people know which company makes the grip, but they put it right in the middle. It is the exact place where my index finger goes when hitting forehands. I'm still going to keep buying it because it is the best grip, but please move the words higher up the grip closer the the throat.
From: Alex, 2/13

Comments: I absolutely hate this new overgrip! Why would Gamma mess with a winning formula? Is it because it was way too good and the tackiness was lasting way too long on the old stuff so people didn't have to buy new ones so soon? Come on Gamma, bring back the old stuff!
From: H., 1/13

Comments: This used to be my favorite. Gamma recently changed it in 2012. I don't know why Gamma would change it after all the positive reviews. It feels different now, I think it's because of the embossed lettering that's now on the grip, and it's not as tacky as the old version. Gamma, bring back the old Supreme!
From: Jeff, 12/12

Comments: I have been using Tourna Tac for a while but thought that I would give the Gamma Supreme a try. I definitely don't care for this overgrip. It becomes was too slippery after a couple hours of use. For me, I'm sticking with Tourna Tac.
From: Chris, 9/12

Comments: They changed this overgrip!! The new version, which is the only one you can buy now is much thinner, has Gamma embossed on the outside, is cut at an angle at both ends (which is nice), and has a starter adhesive like most other overgrips (also nice). But, I just can't use this stuff anymore. It's way too thin and stretchy. It is now similar the Wilson Pro, which is a shame. Gamma just lost a customer, and according to the forums, many others with me. Bring back the old Supreme Gamma!!
From: Shaun, 9/12

Comments: I have used Gamma Supreme for years now, and I keep coming back to it after trying out other overgrips. And I have tried almost everything available on the market looking for the perfect overgrip. My hands sweat moderately and I think Gamma Supreme is the best, especially in the white color. It is great for both outdoor play on hot and humid days or indoor play. Other overgrips I have tried that come close include Wilson Pro Overgrip, Yonex Super Grap, and Tecnifibre's, but I keep coming back to Gamma Supreme. You can never go wrong with this overgrip!
From: Anon, 1/12

Comments: The best grip I have ever used!
From: Johnny, 1/12

Comments: Wow, this overgrip feels really good. It's tacky but not sticky. Durability seems pretty good considering I usually tape up my fingers like Nadal. The grip is soft and has a bit of a moist feel to it and it's not from your sweaty hands. So if your hands are somewhat dry, this grip will feel great on your hands. As far as durability, this grip has lasted longer than most grips I have used before. I've used Yonex Supergrap, Prince Duratac, and a couple of others that I don't remember at the moment, all of which has not lasted longer than this. The Yonex would come in 2nd as far as durability but Yonex Supergrap tends to be a little dry. Highly recommended.
From: TxT858, 11/11

Comments: This product replaced Yonex Supergrap as my tacky overgrip choice. It is tacky - and stays tacky! Helps with extreme grip changes.
From: Maxxply, 10/11

Comments: The Gamma Supreme Overgrip has improved my game. It is slightly thicker and firmer than Yonex or Wilson overgrips and it has allowed me to wrap without any overlap and it feels like I have so much more connection to my racquet now. It lasts much longer than other overgrips I've tried too. So after a few 3 packs, I've moved on to the 30 pack! Thank you Tennis Warehouse!
From: Vitaly, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 7/11

Comments: Sticky, just how I like it! I prefer this over the Tournagrip.
From: Tony, Orlando, FL, USA, 01/11

Comments: The best one, I try it because of my partner who gave it to me. Love that is so tacky and that it has the two parts of the ending with the thin part, easy to put, great to use, and durable even when gets dirty.
From: Juan, Guanajuato, Mexico, 12/10

Comments: I was wondering what overgrip to buy out of the Supreme and pro overgrip. I am a junior and play 4 days a week my grips usually get dirty after 2 days of use so I want a durable and tacky grip.
(Matt, between Gamma Supreme and Gamma Pro Wrap, the Supreme offers more tackiness so sounds like what you're looking for. -- TW Staff)

Comments: The comfort of the grip and tackiness is very comparable to Wilson and Tecnifibre. I've read good reviews on durability and tackiness for this grip and wanted to compare it to Tecnifibre Player's Wrap. So far it has been nice to play with. The only thing I had trouble with is putting it on. For some reason this grip creates more wrinkles or creases at the butt compared to Tecnifibre.
From: Dave, Portland, OR, USA. 05/10

Comments: Definitely the best grip out there. Stays nice and tacky for a long time, super absorbent, really GREAT JOB, GAMMA!
From: Tommy, CA. 5/10

Comments: The best grip out there. I am not sure about the comments about how its better when not in white. I have only used white and it is by far the best grip. Very similar to the Wilson Pro Overgrip however it lasts much longer. I read a couple comments on the bottom about how this grip is bad but there is only two compared to the hundreds of positive comments. Please listen to the positive comments. Great grip lasts long, better then all the others. Tourna Grip 2 is alright but no durability. This is way better, and it is cheaper.
From: Patrick, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States 01/10

Comments: I love this grip its the best I've ever used by far but I use the back of the grip instead of the front I like it way more it feels a little less cushy witch I like and lasts FOREVER it never slips in your hand and feels great
From: Harry, San Francisco, CA, USA, 01/10

Comments: My friend let me try this grip when I played him. This grip probably goes best over a leather undergrip because it has a good amount of tack and leaves just enough cushion over rough leather. Wilson Pros and Supergraps feel just as good, but they tend to thin out and lose tack too quickly.
From: Alec, Corona, CA. 5/09

Comments: I tried a whole bunch of grips and this by far was the best one, if you want tack that lasts! This is the grip for you!
From: Ashk, Sacramento, CA, USA. 05/09

Comments: These are the BEST. I've used Yonex, Wilson, HEAD, Prince....none of these can compare to the durability and maintenance of tackiness like the Gamma S.O.P. Very comfortable, lasts me 2-3 months (3x w week 3-4hrs each ntrp 4.5) and when it's ready to change, it does not peel (only loses it tackiness). Highly recommended. The White looks sweet n clean.
From: Roberto, Pembroke Pines, FL, USA. 2/09

Comments: I bought this grip after reading all the positive comments on it. I am very satisfied with this grip. It has perfect tackiness that doesn't go away even when the grip gets really dirty. Also very durable. Great product by Gamma.
From: Ryuzaki, Chino Hills, CA, USA. 2/09

Comments: These overgrips are certainly the best I have played with. I have been playing with Wilson Pro Overgrips and have also used Yonex but the Gamma wraps hold up better and have comparable tack and feel. I have only tried the blue and gray thus far, and cannot vouch for other colors. I ordered 60 of them. My new overgrip of choice.
From: Tim, Syracuse, NY USA. 1/09

Comments: This OG gives me the best feel ever. When playing with Supreme OG I feel I can place the ball anywhere I want to cause the feedback I get is amazing. And the durability is incredible also. When Wilson Pro last me about a week and then is useless, with Supreme I can play for an entire month and still feels great. I'm even playing now with a three months old Supreme since in my country it is hard to get the Supreme, and still feels new.
From: ronaldo, lima, peru. 11/08

Comments: These grips are great. I bought them on just a free for all buy and could not find anything close to how good this grip is and I do agree that the color affects the feel. I am a guy but I use the pink grips because the feel better. My bro uses Wilson Pro over grips and they dry out in one game. These will last you for at least one month. I put an overgrip on from Gamma and left on for one year and it still worked and was just like a new one.
From: jelly-Bean, USA. 11/08

Comments: Don't know why the color would make a difference, but it does. I've tried Blue, Black, and Grey, and it stays tacky, which is great. White, however, gets slippery. Go figure! Overall, this is an awesome, tacky grip with fantastic longevity (as long as you stay away from white!).
From: Jeff, Long Beach, CA, USA. 10/08

Comments: Great grip and even has tack after turns brown.
From: Marcus, Lexington, NC, USA. 7/08

Comments: I found the Gamma Supreme Overgrip is the best overgrip I have ever played with. It lasts much longer than any other grip I have played with.
From: Cameron, Hendersonville, TN, USA. 6/08

Comments: My coach gave me one of these at a meet when mine came apart, and I loved it! It's the perfect combo of tackiness, and feel, absorbency is moderate. If you sweat little to moderate, and mine lasted about a week and a half of heavy playing, I just ordered the 15 pack today, and cant wait!
From: Anon. 4/08

Comments: I've tried them all, and this is the best overgrip on the market hands down. I thought Yonex Supergrap was the best kept secret until a buddy had a few of these Gamma overgrips, and I tried one. Wow! More feel than the Yonex, longer lasting than the Wilson. Try it, you won't regret it.
From: Jeff, Orlando, Florida, USA. 4/08

Comments: I've tried Wilson Pro Overgrip, TournaGrip Original, Wilson SuperThin, Wilson H2Overgrip, Wilson X-Tra Tack and to tell you the truth, none of them is better than Gamma Supreme Overgrip. Why? Because Gamma Supreme Overgrip has the comfort and the best durability so far. The grip feels new even after many hours playing with it. It's just tacky enough but not too tacky like the Wilson X-Tra Tack. The grip doesn't get slippery like Wilson Pro Overgrip or TournaGrip Original, and the comfort is better than Wilson SuperThin and Wilson H2Overgrip. It's probably not the best grip for players who sweat a lot because the absorption is average. If you're like me and you rarely sweat, this is probably the overgrip you've been searching for.
From: Albert, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 12/07

Comments: Yeah, totally by far the best grips for winter or summer. My hands don't sweat too much so for me they are just totally perfect. They are also thick so if you want to build up your grip they work, too.
From: Taylor, Arkansas. 11/07

Comments: I read the good reviews for this product and decided to give this grip a try. I was disappointed. It has no absorption and does not stay on the racquet (maybe because I use leather?). It does last longer, but there's no point in a terrible grip lasting so long. Stay with either the Wilson or Yonex grip. Those are much better.
From: Mardy, LA. 11/07

Comments: This is the worst overgrip I've ever used. It feels like the plastic is still on it. In fact it is better if turned upside down, but even that is awful. My hands sweat a lot, so maybe if sweat is not a problem for you, it wouldn't be so bad. I have tried Wilson, Yonex, and Tourna Grip. Wilson is probably the best followed by Tourna and then Yonex. Try one of those before buying Gamma. No absorbency at all!
From: Andrew, Morristown, TN. 10/07

Comments: Very very good grip, tacky and durable. I love to play with this grip on my new Prince O3 Speedport Tour racket.
From: Gagnon, Quebec, Canada, 07/07

Comments: I felt like I lost the feeling of my racket handle with this grip. It was too "cushy" which is a negative for any serious players. Tourna Grip just came out with Tourna Grip II which is a tackier version of the original. I bought the Supreme Overgrip and Tourna Grip II at the same time and Tourna Grip is definitely the way to go!
From: Pete, Austin, TX, USA. 6/07

Comments: The best overgrip I've ever used. Hands down. Both absorbent and tacky and lasts very long
From: Ian, San Diego, CA, USA. 5/07

Comments: Simply a great grip that you don't have to get used to. Comfortable and durable. 10 out of 10.
From: Artem, Christchurch, New Zealand. 2/07

Comments: Just want to confirm to those that are looking at this grip that it is excellent. I didn't have any problems installing, and the grip has worked really well for me after a week's use it's still great. Feels more durable than Wilson pro, I've never tried the Yonex. Definitely in the "feel good" range of tackiness with the Wilson, but probably is the tackier of the two. Also the extra thickness gives a slight cushion to the grip, where I would say the Wilson Pro has next to none.
From: Newt, San Jose, CA, USA 08/06

Comments: Excellent grip! Well cushioned, and very comfortable. The tacky surface makes a firm and solid grip on the racquet easy. I've never had any problem with moisture absorbency either. Great grip!
From: Ian, Ft. Collins, CO, USA 06/06

Comments: This is the best grip I have ever used. It is really thick and soft, and lasts a long time.
From: Richard, Atlanta, GA, US 04/06

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