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Comments: I've liked Gamma replacement grips in the past and bought this one because of the reviews. For me at least, I didn't like it. I put a fresh grip on for almost every match. It feels terrific until your hand gets sweaty then it's like slippery wet rubber.
From: Peter, 8/11

Comments: I am very impressed by this grip! If you're smart enough to use "Smart" grip AKA Dermagrip, wrap this overgrip correctly and you'll be very impressed! Tacky, but not overly so. Holds up decently with sweat, but not as well with dirt (same as Gamma Supreme - use wristbands to keep your hands cleaner + drier and your overgrips will last much longer!) To monitor the breakdown over time of the grip, order it in white! Unfortunately TW does not carry the Pro Pack (30 grips) or Tour Pack (15 grips), but they are offered in the same fashion that the other Gamma overgrips are :)
From: Nick, Boca Raton, FL, USA, 03/11

Comments: Personally, one of the best overgrips I have used. I love the tacky feel, very comfortable, and definitely absorbent. Eventually, like 5-6 games in, it gets a little slippery. But either I apply a new one or just wipe it off with a towel and it's good until the end of the set at least. And I have sweaty hands. I usually combine this overgrip with two Babolat vs original grips (which aren't absorbent but much softer) under the gamma grip [I have very bug hands so a 5/8 grip is still about a size and a half too small]. Overall, fantastic.
From: Chris, Redlands, CA, USA. 05/10

Comments: This overgrip is one of my favorites. It has the right combination of tackiness, cushion and reasonable longevity WITHOUT excessive thickness. It is not too tacky to adjust my grip quickly and confidently for quick volleys at the net, but also has enough tack to be able to relax my grip and hit out on groundies and serves without racquet slip. I usually get a couple of matches or so per grip but would be a bargain for me even if I had to change each time I played.
From: Jeff, Johnson City, Tennessee, USA. 03/10

Comments: Definitely my personal favorite. I always seem to be returning to this grip over the other ones I test out. Durability is decent, but even in a worn state, it outperforms others with the same amount of hours played.
From: david, san diego, ca, usa. 3/10

Comments: This overgrip does just what it says - it grips you back. However, it doesn't do that for long, though. The tackiness was only present for about 4-6 hours before the racket starting flying out of my hand. The grip is great when it does "grip you back" for a few hours, but after that, it's time to wrap another one. I think I will try the Gamma Supreme Overgrip.
From: anon. 07/09

Comments: The grip is tacky as said to be, but over prolonged play the grip starts to get slimy and you lose traction of the grip, consider another rip if you have sweaty hands.
From: Eli, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 1/09

Comments: Tremendous overgrip! Probably the best I've ever used. It sticks well but not too much. The tackiness lasts for many hours. When you sweat, it hardly gets slimy at all. Excellent durability too. The people who bashed this overgrip must have taken one tennis ball too many in the head!
From: Gabor, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 09/08

Comments: This is an awfully bad grip. While playing a match, I applied a new one, served once, and my racquet flew out of my hand. Worst grip ever made by Gamma. I'd suggest the Supreme Overgrip from Gamma, it's much better than this one. Also, it's pretty slippery when your hand is sweaty.
From: Phuc, San Jose, CA, USA. 1/08

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