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Gamma Syn. Gut WearGuard 17 White 660' Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: Using this in the crosses with a poly in the mains for a hybrid. Did a full set of this string at 60 on the PS 88, it lasted only 2 hours but the feel was really great. At about 4 bucks for a whole set, this string is great for tourney play when you want a little more feel. However, the strings did fray to the point where I had to cut them after about 10 hours of play with my hybrid set up.
From: Zach, New Mexico. 2/10

Comments: This is a nice string, with good playability, good comfort, and excellent control. On the downside, after just one session it started to fray really badly. Looks like the wearguard fibers are peeling off rapidly. Granted this was on a rather wet day, but its something I've never experienced with any other synthetic gut with or without anti-wear fibers. Maybe it's a defective batch... Performance was not affected though it doesn't look like it's going to last beyond my third time playing with it.
From: Richard, Malaysia 11/09

Comments: I'd been playing with very thin polyester strings for a few years now, because I like spin and I'd been hitting out too much. After a while, though, I've gotten my control issues somewhat resolved and realized I'd lost pop on my serve and feel for drop shots and even normal volleys. So I switched to these, and I'm amazed at the difference! These strings pocket the ball very well, and are lively without much loss of control. I think I'll be sticking with these for a while. :)
From: Ron, Germantown, MD, USA. 3/09

Comments: I used to hit with Kevlar hybrids with syn. gut due to the solid clean crisp feel. I am surprised that I get a similar feel with this string! Good bit of spin, not too "dull and dead" like the other mono nylons, and it is cheap!
From: T Leung, CA, USA. 11/07

Comments:Fantastic string! I was looking for a more durable alternative to Babolat conquest and I've found it! Even with the thin gauge it mixes very well with Babolat duralast tour. Durability is an issue but if you use single filament mains this string is a fantastic on the crosses! I use Yonex RDS 001 MID strung with Babolat duralast mains, Gamma syn gut wear guard on the crosses @ 55lbs.
From: Pete, Sussex, UK, 07/06

Comments: Excellent string, great feel, really arm friendly and with nice pop. The only downside I find is durability. In my hands it doesn't last more than 3 hours (it breaks).
From: Andrés, Buenos Aires, Argentina 05/06

Comments: This is my benchmark for any string. I try all sorts of strings. If it isn't better than this one, forget it.
From: Rommel, Manila. 7/05

Comments: A great string for feel and power, for a grat price.
From: Max, Canada. 12/03

Comments: An excellent budget choice offering plenty of bite on the ball.
From: Toby, UK. 4/03

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