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Gamma Syn. Gut WearGuard 16 Gold 660' Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: Got this string for free with the purchase of the stringing machine. Put it on as the cross on a hybrid setup with alu power today and test it for a few hours. This string isn't bad, good comfort feel, average control, average power, better than many other cheap muti. strings. The price is definitely a bargain. I think the Gamma tnt2, Wilson NXT, or the Tecnifibre biphase do play a little bit better but they're all way overpriced. This is a good low cost cross string. The funny thing is how low Gamma itself rates this string at the back of the package! I guess it does perform way better than they expected. :)
From: Jack, Denver, USA, 03/11

Comments: Overall this is a good string that is affordable. I would say the durability is fair, but be careful when stringing it with a drop weight stringer, I broke string twice while pulling tension. I break string a lot and when I say a lot I mean a lot, like every other day, I hit heavy topspin off my forehand and hit a heavy kick serve, the string was good for my game, it had a lot better feel than what I was using, Signum Pro and Babolat XCel, and was more spin friendly. I still broke this string fairly regularly, but I felt like I went through the reel too fast and need something more durable, but if you're looking for a good string for a little added spin and decent durability, look no further.
From: andrew, McKenzie, Tennessee, United States. 6/08

Comments: A very good and affordable string. It lasts pretty long. I pop these like every 2 weeks or so. But there isn't anything to complain about. I still use them.
From: Michael, Long Beach, CA, U.S. 11/07

Comments: Now my impression on this string after 6 hours of play in 2 days: it seems to have a very solid feel with hardly any movement (strung @58lb). That surprised me as I can move the string easily with my fingers, but when in play it stays in it's place. It is somewhat forgiving on off-center shots, but can hardly say I am impressed, at it has taken away most of the spin my racquet used to have with the old string. My prince triple threat warrior came pre-strung with more playable string.
From: Bobby, Stamford, CT, USA. 11/06

Comments: This is an excellent string that gives you a more natural feeling when you hit the ball. I'm a 4.0 player and I hit a lot of heavy topspin. These strings break pretty easily if you hit a lot of topspin so I wouldn't really recommend it to topspin players. If you want a better string that lasts long you should use Head Synthetic Gut 16.
From: First Name: Brandon, Edmonds, WA, USA. 9/06

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