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Comments: This by far is my favorite shoe. I can put it on and start playing without any discomfort. I have tried other shoes and always come back the the Glaciator. This shoe works great for me.
From: Sue, 7/14

Comments: I bought my Glaciators over a year ago. They still fit well and are still wearing well with good support throughout. I have a wide forefoot and often find the heel slipping if the toe box is wide enough, but this shoe remains secure on the heel without extensive lace configurations. Best shoes I have ever had for tennis. I am a 3.0 player and play 2-3 times a week year round on hard courts.
From: Susan, 6/14

Comments: I read all the comments on the Glaciator going all the way back to 2006. It is the most comfortable and enduring shoe I have ever worn. People who have problems with this shoe should consider they are buying the shoe either too small or too large and wearing the wrong kind of sock. Obviously no shoe will last as long played on hard courts as opposed to clay courts. I have been wearing the Glaciator for about five years and once bought four pair at one time afraid they would be discontinued. They are the best looking shoe ever! Other tennis players are always admiring them and asking what brand they are. I am a 3.5 player and play 3-4 times a week on clay courts.
From: Ginger, 3/14

Comments: I bought a pair of Glaciators about a year ago and have been very pleased with them. They were a little stiff in the beginning, but once they were broken in they were super comfortable. I have a sport orthotic insert that I placed on top of the existing foot bed and it still fits great. This shoe provides great support both for ankles and arches and kept my feet cool. I am purchasing another pair as the soles have finally worn out. I would recommend these shoes.
From: Debra, 2/14

Comments: Fits well but the soles wore out quickly.
From: Margery, 2/14

Comments: I've worn New Balance for years, but the company kept changing the design of the shoe and I no longer found them comfortable. I decided to try another brand and discovered the Glaciator. I am very happy with this shoe. I play two to three times per week. The shoe holds up well and is comfortable while providing good support and stability.
From: Suzanne, 4/13

Comments: I've been wearing this shoe for about 5 years. A few times, I've made the mistake of trying something else, but I end up coming back every time. I order them 2 pairs at a time, so I have a spare pair when one gets worn out. They're cool in our hot climate, dry, light weight, and stable on the ankles. They also have enough room in the toe area without stretching out.
From: JC, 1/12

Comments: I bought these shoes about a month ago and am constantly pleased by their comfort and how dry the allow my feet to stay. The only problem I really have with them is with the mesh on the sides (which is kind of sad because that is what keeps your foot dry in the first place). The first week I got them I played 4 days a week, 3 hours a day. A week and a half later, the mesh on the inside of both shoes was broken. It was much more obvious on the left foot but now the mesh has tears in it on the inside and outside of both shoes. It's really not an issue, the shoes are still very comfortable and very dry, I was just surprised at how quickly they gave out. Yes, I was doing many fitness exercises and playing 12 hours a week for the first two weeks I wore them, but I honestly did except a little better. Nonetheless, I like these shoes and may consider purchasing them again, mostly for the hot summer season.
From: Sarah, 9/11

Comments: I love these shoes. I have been wearing Nike for several years and got tired of ankle rub and how Nike keeps changing their styles. I suggest you try these shoes on to see how they fit your feet. I wear a 1/2 size smaller in the K-Swiss than Nike. I bought another pair and switch each time I play. The shoes are not breaking down and the support is super. I love them and will buy again!!
From: Jenni, CA. 06/11

Comments: I loved the Ultrascendor and have worn them for years. My tennis store quit carrying them and talked me into the new Glaciator. I do not really like them - they rub my ankles raw so I have to wear socks that cover my ankles. They are very stiff too. Since I liked the ventilation, I tried to give them a second chance and bought another pair recently, but I'll go back to the Ultrascendor.
From: Kim, Union, KY, USA, 01/11

Comments: I was extremely unhappy with these shoes. They stretched out through the front after just about 5 wearings - so much, that they were unwearable. I would not recommend them.
From: Kelle, Atlanta, GA. 9/10

Comments: A great looking shoe, but I was disappointed in how quickly the soles on both sides of the ball of my foot wore out. I haven't worn them much at all. I play 2-3 times a week at the 2.5-3.5 levels. In less than 3 months I had to replace them this is the 2nd pair and the same results. The first pair felt comfortable so I bought another pair in spike of the short wear time but after purchasing the 2nd pair I noticed that my left foot would go numb after about 1 hour of playing and my socks would keep slipping down in the left foot.
From: Sonni, Oldbridge Township, NJ 6/10

Comments: I bought these shoes Dec 2009 and wore them until end of April 2010. I am a 4.0 player and play 2 to 3 times a week. These shoes fit my foot well, except after months playing on them I developed problems with my achilles tendons. I was having pain and went to the orthopedic doctor who said I had micro tears in my achilles tendons and pain. The only thing I have ever changed was these shoes. I stopped using these shoes and I have healed and my pain is gone. These shoes are stiff and I do not recommend them to anyone. Having good shoes is very important!
From: Sandy, Yorkville, IL. 5/10

Comments: I love these shoes. I loved the old ones but these are great. Keep my feet cool. Tried another type and lost 2 toe nails over a 3 day tournament weekend. I'm back to stay. I have wide feet and these are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn.
From: Monique, Savannah, GA, USA 09/09

Comments: I love my Glaciators! I always keep a spare pair. Great for summer, cool, and they dry fast, great for winter too. They fit my feet perfectly--I have toes that go around the side of my foot, so need room in the toe box, though my feet are not wide. And I need arch support and shock absorption to protect my heels. K-Swiss has these features, plus the thin insole that dries fast, and the great no-slip laces. All K-Swiss shoes I've tried last longer than any other brand. My Babolats are similar in style, but the inside of the top of the back--the part that nestles against the Achilles tendon--wore away after 3 months. The edges of the worn part started sticking into my tendon. That kind of thing never happens with K-Swiss.
From: Victoria, Istanbul, Turkey. 10/08

Comments: Tennis shoes are just one of those things that you have to find what is the right brand for you. K-Swiss just fit my feet right - my best friend and doubles partner can't wear them, and I can't wear the brand she wears. I LOVE these shoes. So much that once I had worn them a few weeks, I bought 2 extra pairs so I would have more when these wore out. I have worn the same pair for about 6 months and just now noticed that the sole is getting worn, so will switch to the next pair. I play at least 3 times a week, mostly indoors until just recently. The sizes DO run a bit small - I'm normally a 8.5-9, but I wear a 9.5 in these, which is a change from previous K-Swiss shoes that seemed to run more true to size.
From: Pam, Overland Park, KS, USA. 5/08

Comments: I liked the lightweight feel. But, unfortunately they are not very sturdy. The balls of my feet get sore if I play more than about an hour and a half. I'm disappointed and would not buy them again.
From: Susan, Atascadero, California, USA. 4/08

Comments: I love these shoes! I have searched for so long for a comfortable shoe to accommodate my narrow foot, and now it's found! They offer great support and cushioning with minimal break in time. Not sure about the durability, but I won't mind replacing them because the fit is so good!
From: Marcie, Memphis, TN. 4/08

Comments: I love these shoes! No matter how hard I play, the shoe stays cool and dry. They are so comfortable, no matter how long I wear them. (I'm a high school tennis player and, on my team, that can be a pretty long time!) I would recommend this shoe to anyone looking for an improvement!
From: Kristina, Chicopee, MA, USA, 11/07

Comments: Hate these shoes! Too narrow in the toe box, causing toes to fall asleep! Bring back the old Glaciators with the mesh top! I bought the new Glaciator and found them the most un-comfortable. When I tried them on and walked around the store they seems fine, until I hit the courts. They were not as good as I thought they would be. My feet were killing me. I keep giving them at try. I finally had to just put the in my closet. Guess I will find a different brand
From: Rob, Seattle, WA, USA, 10/07

Comments: My old Glaciators accommodated my orthotics with no problem. The Glaciators I bought last year seem to be cut more narrow. The orthotics fit, but when I walk, the shoes squeak. This is off-putting to my doubles partner as well as to me. I guess I'll have to try a different model or brand.
From: Melanie, NY, USA. 2/07

Comments: I was disappointed in how quickly the soles on both sides of the ball of my foot wore out. I haven't worn them much at all. I play 3 - 5 times a week at the 3.5 & 4.0 levels. I haven't had these shoes probably 2 months and they are ready to be replaced.
From: Sherry, Murfreesboro, TN, USA. 10/06

Comments: I loved the shoe. I had no problem with fit or comfort and it looked great. If you are on the court three or more days a week, expect to be replacing them within three months. I was wearing them for a cardio class as well as matches so I was pretty hard on them but a little surprised that I wore through them so quickly.
From: Chris, San Antonio, TX 08/06

Comments: I have worn the Ultascendor and loved them. Salesman talked me into the Galciator and I don't like them as much. They run a lot shorter so my toes are jammed. The toe box seems narrow and not as comfortable. Wish I had kept to the Ultrascendor.
From: Cathy, Shreveport, LA, USA, 06/06

Comments: A great looking shoe with the quality K-Swiss brings to their shoe line. They were comfortable from the time I put them on and offered great support without the weight. I am purchasing another pair.
From: Marie, Tampa, Fl 04/06

Comments: Really comfortable and easy to move in. Wide enough toe box for my C width feet and easy to get into for my high arches. I love them.
From: Diane, Voorheesville, NY, USA. 3/06

Comments: I am very disappointed with K-Swiss - the old Glaciator was the best shoe made for playing in our desert heat. The heat deflection core really works. This new shoe, while very stylish, fits very differently from the old Glaciator - it is MUCH narrower. K-Swiss should have kept the fit the same and just updated the shoe - I would still be their customer.
From: Mary
Las Vegas, NV 2/25/06

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