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Comments: Glaciator is a misnomer. They hold too much heat in the summer because despite the ventilation on the sides, the pleather tongue holds in way too much heat compared to a mesh tongue. That said, I like them in winter. A very solid shoe with very sure footing. A bit heavier than some shoes, but still rock solid if you're looking for a shoe that will really hold your foot like a boot. For serve-and-volleys, that's good because you won't get hammer-toe when you hit the brakes.
From: Michael, 7/14

Comments: Great shoe all around, especially for that price!
From: Gary, 4/14

Comments: Great shoes! The only thing I would suggest is to reinforce the eyelets, they seem to be wearker than the laces.
From: Russ, 9/13

Comments: I first tried the Glaciator nearly 10 years ago. With my previous tennis shoes I had been getting blood blisters on the soles of my feet from friction and heat, particularly when playing on hot hard court surfaces in the hot Australian summers. With a name like Glaciator and marketing claiming these shoes reduced heat, I decided to try them. They worked. The marketing hype was true. I have been using them ever since. Please keep making them KSwiss.
From: Paul, 12/12

Comments: This is a nice looking shoe. Unfortunately, after wearing them, I developed a pain on the sole of the left foot near the webbing of the second and third toes. I think the toe box may be too narrow or the shoe is undersized. I had to stop using these shoes after a half dozen painful matches. Now I'm mostly pain free using my barricade 2's.
From: Robert, 10/12

Comments: I bought a pair of the black ones. I have knee issues (had meniscal tears in both knees and had to have surgery. These shoes were excellent. They provided stability and no pain. I bought a pair of the Lacoste Repels and they bothered my knees. I went back to these shoes and they did not hurt. I ordered another pair.
From: Thom. 07/11

Comments: I have very narrow feet and have great difficulty finding tennis shoes. I also have a number of foot and leg injuries / ailments that are aggravated by most tennis shoes. The Glaciators fit fairly well and don't hurt my legs or feet. I would like the toe box to be even narrower. They're not perfect, but they're the best I can find for my narrow feet. They do have good support and cushioning. Ventilation and durability are not important to me
From: Jack, Ridgewood, NJ, USA, 07/10

Comments: These shoes were extremely comfortable right out of the box, and they are definitely light weight. That's about all the positive feedback I can honestly give. These shoes are too narrow for my feet, and I didn't experience the world class support that everyone else seems to have experienced; I rolled my ankle each of the three times I played in them. I put these on the shelf after two practices and one match.
From: Emile, Seattle, WA, USA. 6/10

Comments: I have to say I am very disappointed with Kswiss Glaciator shoes. I bought one few months ago expecting it was a good shoes to play tennis, but after start using it I found out that the base of the shoes in the middle seems to be smaller than it should be. I'm saying that it seems smaller because there is a "plastic part" in the middle of the shoes that makes the extension of the base smaller than the foot's size (extension). Because of that, the plastic part gets in touch with the foot (laterally) hurting it. I have to say this problem makes impossible to use the shoes for over 30min.
From: Aristides Araujo, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. 06/10

Comments: I love the Kswiss Glaciators. They need no time to be worn in, very very comfortable with awesome ventilation. I'm 5'6", 140 lbs, size 8. They fit so well that this is my second pair. After the first pair, I thought I should go with an Adidas CC genius Novak but they were super tight and unbearable. Threw those out. Go with what works for you! Love my kswiss. Definitely a game changer in my opinion.
From: anon. 02/10

Comments: Good shoe. These shoes fit very snug (narrower), which I personally love for athletics. Some may need to go up a size? No break in was needed. I don't know if I notice my feet being cooler, it has never been a big problem for me. I play in extremely hot climate, so I am just hot and sweaty all the time. Durability wise it is slightly above average, the toe is very durable. The sole has lost tread in a couple of small spots (1 month good use). I don't have a ton of knowledge in different tennis shoes but these are better than the other K-swiss tennis shoes I have used. I would recommend people giving them a go whether they have hot feet or not.
From: Sean, FL. 1/09

Comments: I've worn both the the Ascendor and the Glaciator. The heel support in the Glaciator is firmer and more supportive. My feet are normal and I would definitely purchase this shoe again.
From: Tom, Beverly Hills, Michigan. 9/08

Comments: I have used KSwiss shoes for about 5 months now, and the soles are completely flat. Durability is probably the only thing I can really complain about. After I play, my feet are never sweating because of the amazing ventilation. I myself have normal feet, in the sense that they aren't wide or thin, and they worked fine. These are the first KSwiss pair I've tried, and I will be buying them again.
From: Alex, Raleigh, NC, USA. 12/07

Comments: I have been playing in the Glaciators and a pair of Ascendors for about a year now. The Ascendors having a mesh upper were great to begin with, but became mushy with time. The Glaciators were a little tight at first, but broke- in nicely and really had great traction, support and ventilation. The cushioning was not as nice as the Ascendors, but they lasted longer. I will probably get another pair of these soon.
From: Babar, Burke, VA, USA, 10/07

Comments: Good shoe for tournament play where you exerting yourself a lot and your feet get hot. Ventilation really works and durability is not bad, also there a nice weight and your not aware of the shoe while playing (i.e. no problems or irritation). Will be buying again after eight months use.
From: Jon, Bristol, England. 3/07

Comments: I have had three pairs of these shoes. Loved them! They offer great support.
From: Julie, San Rafael, CA, USA, 01/07

Comments: Sorry, these shoes do nothing for me. They've torn in about 4 places within 4 months, although the sole is ok. On top of that, the plastic insert in the sole actually hits the ground from time to time on sharp turns and can cause you to slip. I'm really moving on from Kswiss.
From: Marcel, Johannesburg, South Africa. 12/06

Comments: This shoe fits well, but caused foot problems in the midsole and heel area that I've never had with K- Swiss shoes before. The ventilation is superb, but the cushioning isn't as good in this shoe as it was in the old Glaciators. The toe box is a little on the narrow side.
From: Curt, Apollo Beach, FL, USA. 11/06

Comments: This is a very comfortable shoe. I like the ventilation system, but the bottoms wear out very quickly. I play 2 times per week and the shoes were toast in a few months.
From: Stephen, Long Beach, CA, USA. 11/06

Comments: This shoe is very comfortable. It has good cushion and good traction. I've worn these for about a month now and the bottoms of these are wearing down. They have good ventilation which keeps my foot pretty dry. They feel good every day I wear them. It's a good built shoe but the bottoms are very weak.
From: Clayton, IN, USA. 9/06

Comments: I ordered this shoe based on the comments of previous reviewers. I have thin feet and expected these shoes to be both impact absorbing and fit my size 12B feet. I could not get the right shoe tight enough. Also when playing long sets the toes on my right foot hurt. These shoes should not appear on the search for shoes for people with thin feet.
From: Everett, Valencia, CA, USA 09/06

Comments: This is latest version of a tennis shoe classic, the Glaciator. I've had all the previous versions and this one combines the strengths of the previous version in one package. Firstly, is has the best ventilation of any tennis shoe on the market, period. Second it has great stability and good build quality. I've had a slight problem with my right shoe stretching out a little too much but I think that's because I got a pair a half size too big. The only slight reservation I have with this shoe is durability. The tread isn't as deep as the previous version and Iíve only been using it a while and it's starting to go smooth. And the coloring is pretty bland too. Conclusion: if your looking for a quality tennis shoe with great ventilation and good stability look no further, KSwiss have made the shoe for you.
From: Mohammed Awan, Slough (Near London), UK 09/06

Comments: This shoe offers the right blend of lightweight and support. I most recently played in a lightweight Nike shoe that I felt like I would slide out of. Shoe felt very comfortable from day one. I like the snug fit throughout, which is difficult to find in a shoe. I typically get a good fit at the heel or the toes, not both.
From: Mark, Highland Village, TX 09/06

Comments: Sorry, these shoes are a pain. I bought two pairs, and both put pressure on my right Achillesí tendon. NEVER had that happen to me with any shoe. Also, the plastic piece on the sole is downright dangerous for walking downstairs. There is no traction on it and if you hit the edge of the stairs with that part, you'll slip. I'm losing interest in KSwiss products
From: Anon 07/06

Comments: This shoe is great! They fit very well from day one (they are a little tight, I like that). The ventilation is what stands out in this shoe. I have problems with sweaty feet but with the Glaciator it doesn't seem like a big issue. The weight is good, I feel quicker on the court than I was with my last shoe (Nike Air Resolve, which I didn't like very much) and the grip and cushioning are excellent. Besides that, they look good too.
From: Bas, Hilversum, Noord-Holland, the Netherlands 07/06

Comments: A very impressive shoe. In fact, probably the best shoe I've ever worn. Playable right out of the box. No break-in period necessary. Good cushioning, good traction, good ventilation. Fit is true to size. I don't recommend them if you have wide feet. 12 medium fit my narrow feet perfectly. Also, the laces (only the part of the lace that gets tied) are constructed in such a way as to create a kind of "string of pearls" appearance; i.e. fat, narrow, fat, narrow, etc. Once you cinch them up and tie the laces you can play all day and they will never loosen up. Very clever idea.
From: Roberto, AZ 07/06

Comments: I have to say these are the best, they are really lighter than any shoes. I can run faster and feel like I wear no shoe. I has been playing the heat in this summer and my feet seem without sweating. They are worth the price but if u have wide feet, don't think about it. I think they are better for whom has narrow and long feet like me, anyway I am happy and really love them!
From: Hai huynh, Rome, GA, USA 06/06

Comments: Great shoe! I was looking for a shoe with a little more stability than the Nike Air Breath II and found it in the Glaciator! Nice glove-like fit (I have a narrow forefoot so these fit great), keep your feet close to the ground, very comfortable out of the box, light and snappy on court; plus they are a very sharp looking shoe. Con's would be a bit of extra heat on court because of the leather uppers, soles are not as immediately grippy as the Nike soles (but they do seem to be roughing up with some playing and I'm certainly not sliding around in them). Overall, super-nice shoes! Nice blend of a "game day" shoe and something for 4 days/week on court.
From: Terry, Los Angeles, CA 06/06

Comments: Having worn the Ultrascendor for the past 2 yrs, I wanted to give the Glaciator SCD a try. After 2 months and a mix of hard court tournaments and some clay at the local club I must say that I'm totally happy with these shoes! Excellent stability and support, comfort, breathability, durability, light weight....it's all there! The only negative would be that they seem to fit a little more narrow than most. I don't have wide feet and actually enjoy the snug fit, but for those seeking more room, either go one size larger or look elsewhere.
From: Kevin, Greensboro, NC 04/06

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