Gamma RZR Tac Overgrip Black Customer feedback

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Comments: Love this grip! First off let me start by saying I'm very particular and picky about my grips. I used to use Yonex Supergrap and would change my grip every single time I played (even if only for an hour). RZR Tac has great tacky feel that lasts. My hands get very dry and dirty when I play and my grips usually ware out. RZR Tac lasts the whole session and after I'm done I actually wipe the grip off and because of its material and durability, It remains tacky for multiple sessions. As far as the overall feel is concerned, I would put RZR Tac in between Supergrap and Gamma Supreme in that while I wouldn't say its plasticky, its not clothy either. It's a nice balance between the two. One potential problem with the grip (and I stress potential), is that it gets slippery when your hand gets sweaty. Not saying when your sweating moderatley, but if you're playing in damp humid conditions, combined with the sweat in your hand, the grip can start to slip. Nevertheless this grip is excellent and I would definitely give it a try!
From: Anonymous, 12/16

Comments: Went to this from Wilson Pro last year and have gone through a full 30-pack of black. I will never go back. Now using the white. More tacky and it lasts longer. I've lent these to friends and they have the same comments. Don't stop making these, Gamma!
From: Rich, 11/16

Comments: I've been using Yonex Supergrap for a long time and this Gamma RZR Tac stays tackier, longer. Definitely worth a try!
From: Anon, 11/13

Comments: This is the same as the old Gamma Supreme. If you have been let down by Gamma's recent change of Gamma Supreme and want the old Supreme feel back, then you'll need to change to RZR TAC.
From: Anon, 2/13

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