Prince Original Graphite Mid Racquets Customer feedback

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Comments: I'm a 60 year old who still feels 35, and I go out for a knock every day with the pro here using this racquet. Although he's 28 and the city champ, he's fortunate to get the ball back when I lay into a good forehand. With this racquet's control it's easy to take a good rip at the ball and keep it in play. Love this frame, along with TW service, and just picked up another.
From: Bill, 6/14

Comments: I was given this racquet when I was 16 years old (early 1990s) and while I have tried to upgrade to modern racquets over the years I have not been able to find one with the feel and control I get from the Original Graphite Mid. I love the thin frame and small racquet head. I reflect on the pros over the last 15 years who, after I ask their opinion on newer racquets I can try for a switch, they respond with, "Why would you ever want to play with any other racquet." I think that says it all right there.
From: Jody, 4/14

Comments: I have always wanted to own Prince Original Graphite Mid Racquet since I first started to play tennis 27 years ago because my recreation tennis teacher had one and my favorite tennis pro, Michael Chang was using Prince. Somehow I couldn't come up with the courage and money to buy it even though I have been the head coach of a varsity tennis team and a professional teacher for years. Finally, after having used and gone through all brands of tennis racquets although mostly Roger Federer's Wilson, I decided to purchase Prince Original Graphite Mid Racquet last week from Tennis Warehouse. It is the best racquet I have used. It has good control and comfort with powerful serve, overhead and volley. It is also excellent for one handed backhand with great slice and spin. The light head makes it perfect control and powerful.
From: Bouaketh, 4/14

Comments: I have been playing with this racquet now for about 3 months. I have had all the others but could not get really comfortable with them due to either balance, arm, wrist issues as I am getting nearer to 65 years old. What I really like about this racket frame is the way the weight is dispersed through the handle and the really very comfortable balance. It is way up there in the power and control department which is absolutely great. I have mine strung with Babolat Excel premium at 57 lbs. No issues in any department. I am a pretty flat stroker but also can still hit some decent serves, with good control and placement. Very stable and a quality finish to the racquet.
From: Graham, 2/14

Comments: Played with the POG many years ago and loved it then. Saw that Prince was making the raquet again at one of the major tourneys. I had been playing with the EXO and loved that raquet. When I saw the POG back in circulation I told the Prince rep that this was one of the best raquets ever. Bought one and haven't put it down since. My big serves are even better and I have more power and control in my ground strokes than ever. This is the best raquet I have ever played with.
From: Chris, 12/13

Comments: Well let me say this for the Prince Original Mid -- there is nothing I have tried to date (Wilson, Head, Donnay, Dunlop, Yonex to name a few) that came close to the crisp, solid, and predictable feedback this frame offers to the player. This is absolutely designed for a skilled player with a solid fundamental stroke style, in order to get maximum returns on this pure stick. A bit of lead at 3 and 9 o'clock gives it the perfect balance overall. May be old technology, but still the best!
From: Anon, 12/13

Comments: This is an awesome stick. Don't let the head size scare you, as the upper portion of the head looks the same as my Babolat Pure Drive. You will not notice the head size difference. I really like the flex feel, especially on serves and groundstrokes. The stick produces a nice heavy ball that your opponent will hate. Another good thing about this stick is blocking heavy shots. If your opponent hits a hard shot, you can easily block it back. I have played with modern racquets including the Head Prestige MP and the Babolat Pure Drive for last 8 years. The 100% graphite feel on this stick is awesome. I strung my POG with Luxilon Alu Power at 56 lbs.
From: Adrian, 11/13

Comments: I played with this racquet for about 10 years back in the 80's. As I got older, I thought I could not maneuver the racquet as well as I used to, so I went through a decade or two with the Diablo, 03 Speedports, Babolat 105s, etc. Over the years of using these other racquets, I realized two things -- my double faults significantly increased and my lobs were everywhere, but especially short. Ground strokes had a lot more pop and volleys hit off center were better. Now at 72, I have returned to a real racquet! I can again hit 30 or 40 serves without a double faulting. I can hit the ball where I want to. If I pay attention, overheads and volleys are winners. Groundstrokes and slices penetrate and don't beg to be plastered by a topspin blast from my opponents. As Clint Eastwood said after stealing the Russian Meg, "What A Machine!"
From: Bob, 11/13

Comments: I had previously (on 2/12) commented on the remarkable solidity and feel of the POG mid, and subsequently had the urge to try the oversize model, perhaps the more famous variation. After all, if the mid was that good, then the oversize might be even better. But to my surprise, I found the oversize to be less solid and feely than the mid -- and also (predictably) less maneuverable. Both had the same stringing at the same tention, but every time I hit with them side by side, it was the mid that struck me as the more solid, playable racquet, one that again struck me as the best I have ever hit with.
From: Gordon, 8/13

Comments: This truly is a classic, and a successful one at that. Perfectly weighted, plush feel and no tinny sound, great on the baseline or net, it can do it all. This racquet was designed with the one-handed backhand in mind. I remember seeing these around 25 years ago, but couldn't afford one. Now I can and I can assure my bag will be full of them.
From: Michel, 7/13

Comments: The VW beetle of tennis racquets. The tango, the copa mundial of the tennis world or like a poster already said, the Les Paul of racquets. A timeless classic. Prince should never stop producing this wonder stick. No need to change anything at all. Please Prince, if you stop making POGs, you will be as good as gone to me and hundreds of thousands of followers.
From: Nacho, 5/13

Comments: I have 6 Prince racquets and haven't really played with anything else, but out of all my Prince racquets (all 90 or 93) this is the one I use the most, you need to have lots of arm for sure if you want to use it properly, but it has lots of control and is very stiff.
From: Andre, 4/13

Comments: I'm really happy that Prince kept at least one really great racquet here with the regular grommets and the thin frame, I appreciate that when I am stringing the racquet. And of course mostly when I'm playing. It feels like real tennis. Perfect weight for me. Always get what I want out of this and get great results from multifilament, higher gauge strings. I'm a middle-aged player, maybe 4.5 with this racquet. I also love the way it looks and like playing with red or black strings cause this is a good-looking racquet as well, which counts for little.
From: Jim, 3/13

Comments: I think the comfort of this racquet is really underrated. Because of the 14x18 string pattern it's supremely comfortable, despite the 66 stiffness rating. Even with poly strung in the lower 60's, I experience absolutely zero shock or pain with this racquet and it feels much softer than stiffer racquets strung in the same range. I also think it plays bigger than a 93, more like a 98 in head size, given the extremely open string pattern. Now Wilson is trying to emulate this in their new Steam S line as something new and innovative. The Prince original is a spin machine that has been around since the mid 80's. Accept no substitutes.
From: Kelly, 2/13

Comments: When I was sixteen years old my coach gave me this racquet and said real players play with real racquets. I haven't been able to hit with anything else. I've tried dozens of new racquets over the years and I haven't been able to make a switch. I love the thinner frame width and stiffness. The racquet has excellent feel for a hard hitting baseliner, but also allows for a hard serve and net game. I agree this racquet is more suitable for an experienced player since it has a smaller head and a fist-sized sweet spot. It's stiffness may not be as forgiving, but the feel is exceptional. I wouldn't shy away from the racquet if you are starting to play tennis and want to take advantage of an inexpensive racquet that provides excellent playability. I wouldn't over tension this racquet; 58-60 is a good feel, although I typically go 54-56, to give the elbow a little cushion and utilize my long swing.
From: Jody, 5/12

Comments: I've been using this racquet for about 2 weeks now and I'm actually really surprised at how much it has improved my game. I'm surprised because I am an older 3.5 player, well below the 5.0 recommendation on TW. I also generally prefer tight string patterns. Groundstrokes and serves (both first and second) are now at a much higher percentage than with anything else I've used previously (yt prestige, yt radical, donnay x-dual pro, pure storm gt) but I find myself shanking a lot more volleys. There's definitely a bit of a power trade off as compared to those other frames but the higher consistency and accuracy I get with the Prince let me construct better points without the need for power. I think this is a funner and more satisfying way to play anyway. I prefer the mid to the OS. The mid feels much more quicker but just as solid and seems to me that it has the same level of power. I think this is due to the high headlight balance which makes this racquet swing really fast. Faster even than my yt radical which is a full ounce lighter. Last but not least are the cosmetics. The Prince is tasteful, elegant and understated, quietly radiating confidence. I'm not gonna lie, the cosmetics are what attracted me to this stick at first. The only downside I can foresee is that the extreme open pattern means more broken strings. Better get two or three sticks and some reels. Luckily the price point is very agreeable.
From: Yarek, 5/12

Comments: This is it! This is the best racquet in the world after my opinion. I don't like to close the racquet head when I'm swinging this racquet give you the spin you need regardless just by hitting from low to high. When you hit like this the feel by impact is much sweeter. The string pattern gives you the edge, the head size gives you confidence to rip the ball. I just don't understand racquet producers today everybody is making the same racquets why. This racquet stand out it have something different 18/14 string pattern, graphite frame and 93 head size.This is a standout from the bunch, don't get blinded by the bling other racquets appear to have it just doesen't matter.
From: Ken, 5/12

Comments: I posted an earlier review of this outstanding racquet, but I now want to post a follow-up comment on what another reviewer has written regarding "vibrations" from the racquet. The other reviewer wrote: "while serving when one hits the top part of the sting bed you feel significant vibrations". I'm commenting on his comment because I believe the vibrations are perhaps a string problem and not a problem with this racquet. I say this because when I strung this racquet with polyester strings, there were indeed vibrations from hitting the top part of the string bed. The problem went away however when I switched to a multifilament (Technifibre X-one biphase). X-one biphase works really well in this racquet. [I've used tensions of 57 and 58 lbs]
From: joe, 3/12

Comments: Have played the POG mid since I bought a handful of them in 1990 (!). Have had shoulder problems the last couple of years (nothing to do with the racquet) and was recommended to find another stick. I have tried so many I have stopped counting....many good and all but when I switch back to the m home. I just can't find any that's comparable. The young guys think I am a dinosaur playing with a club that should be in a museum, but as long as you can beat them around the court who cares:-)
From: Jakob T, 2/12

Comments: They don't make'em like this anymore - and I'm not talking about movies: I just bought a pair of POG mids 4-stripe 1987 models (used, but in very good shape). I took one out to hit with this afternoon. For comparison, I also took along the racquet I had been (happily) using - the Wilson Pro-Staff 90, the frame that Federer first used around 2003 and one of the most solid, no nonsense player's racquet around - better, in my opinion than it's successors: K Factor, etc. Well,the POG made the Pro-Staff seem tinny by comparison, so solid and sure was the feel. The best I have ever hit with,despite the fact that the POG came strung with run-of-the-mill nylon and that I have not yet put any lead tape on it. There's a lot of hype about tennis racquets, but in this case the hype is justified. Now, just how can twenty plus year-old technology surpass the new stuff? My guess is that most of the recent "innovations' are meant to spur sales and that with the POG, racquet technology reached the point of diminished returns.
From: Gordon, 2/12
String type and tension: Nylon, 58 lbs
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 5

Comments: As a teaching pro and coach in my area for almost 40 years, I have had the opportunity to use many different models of racquets. Since 1985 I have used exclusively Prince racquets. It was then I first started to use the Prince Original Graphite Midsize. As an all court type of player and doubles specialist, it has always allowed me to hit any type of shot I want with complete trust and confidence. After trying over the last 3 years different models of EXO3 racquets and even the Tour Diablo Midplus, I am now done experimenting and will stick with my personal Excalibur, the POG 93. I have always served best with it and I get great control and spin on every shot. With a little lead tape at 3 and 9 o'clock, I have great feel for where the racquet head is. This is my personal tribute to a great all time racquet. I will not leave it ever again!
From: Jeff, 2/12
String type and tension:Solinco Tour Bite, 52 lb.
NTRP Rating:4.5, 57 years old

Comments: I believe what makes this racquet special is the combination of the midsize head and 14x18 open pattern. Not too many other racquets have this combination, and it creates the opportunity to hit through the ball fairly flat yet generate enough spin to control the ball. Also, volleys are precise and solid and I find that the touch is unbeatable. I have an oversize as well and actually serve better with that frame, but I prefer the mid for everything else. Highly recommended!
From: Joel, 12/11
String type and tension: 16 gauge, 55 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: After spending almost 30 years away from serious tennis, I returned last year and immediately bought an over-sized lightweight thinking it would help me get my game back. I was wrong. After a month, I purchased a Prince Oversize Graphite and things started falling into place. The Prince Oversize Graphite mid weight is wonderfully balanced and feels like an extension of my arm. It's the type of stick that lets you determine how much power you want, and the smaller hitting surfaced forced me to use good technique. Since my training happened before the heavy topspin era, I am pleased that I get good results hitting both flat and topspin. However, this is definitely a stick that rewards good stroking and will punish you if you are tentative. You must strike the ball with confidence because of it has a small sweet spot.
From: Pat, 9/11
String type and tension: Synthetic Gut at 60 lbs

Comments: Overall very good racquet for an advanced player. It has good feel and stability. It feels lighter than the Wilson BLX Six.One Tour even though they are rated at the same weight. Felt a marked difference when switching between these two. Wilson seems to have less vibrations (which they advertise as the result of the fibers they have in the frame). Switching between the Head Speed Pro and Prince is not so different as compared to switching between the Six.One and Prince. Amazing control, for me control is better in this Prince than in the Wilson or Head. Slices are the best, balls keep very low. Only complaint is that while serving when one hits the top part of the sting bed you feel significant vibrations in the Prince, not so much in the Wilson or Head.
From: MC, 9/11
String type and tension: 60 lbs
NTRP Rating: 5.5

Comments: This frame is great. Prepare early and taking a full swipes at the ball is the formula. Catching a mid court ball (especially the dirtballers heavy top) on the rise, and in the sweet spot, is unbelievably satisfying. The solid graphite construction and the weight/balance allows a guy like me to absolutely "juice" the ball from the baseline; very dependable on either side of the point. The slice capability of this Prince 93 is sick. The frame allows a 17g multi to bite hard; you'll be picking felt out of your sweet spot. Great pop and kick on serves and executes volleys nicely. The frame gives great feedback to the palm of hand as well, with zero arm trauma. My stringer did add .5 ounces of lead. I'm going to play with this frame for a few months and give it a go. Drawbacks? It eats my strings. My last set of 17g lasted 3.5 hours before it popped.
From: Evan, 9/11
String type and tension: Tecnifibre NRG 17
NTRP Rating: 6.0

Comments: I agree with very many of the reviews here; a number echoed my exact impression of this racquet so I think it well deserves another thumbs up. I have the most fun playing with this racquet. I appreciate a control oriented racquet the most and this racquet offers more control than any other that I have tried. (To date I've demo'd about 30 players racquets and this is easily my favorite which is surprising because I thought I'd have to be a higher level player to be able to use it effectively) It offers a great level of control and power at the mid tension of 58 lbs. The Pro Staff Classic 6.1 95 and K 6.1 95 are similar and are also some of my favorites, but seem shy of offering the high level of control of the Prince Original Graphite Mid (93). Like other reviewers here, I enjoy the game of tennis a lot more when I play with this racquet since it truly does feel like an extension of my arm and hand; if you like feeling "connected" to a racquet then this is a must demo. Proper technique is a needed to serve with any power, but when using the right technique (what we're supposed to do anyway) I've generated a lot of power. I've played a long time with the Prince Original Graphite oversize (107) and found it great for singles but hard to maneuver at doubles compared with more headlight racquets. The Prince Original Graphite Mid (93) is however more headlight and definitely more maneuverable than the oversize (107) and as such is great for both singles and doubles.
From: Joe, 8/11
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast 16 at 58 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: The most influential racket of my tennis-playing life; I've returned to this stick after a decade in the racket wilderness. I wasted 10 years on unnecessary hi-tech, mid-plus rackets when I should've stuck with this all along. This current TW version feels harsher and slightly tinny, probably because of the hollower(?) handle than the foam-filled POG 4-stripe of my youth. Weight and balance remains in the same ballpark as the 4-stripe, so all good. I'm sorry POG Mid 90/93, why did I ever leave you?
From: Julian. 7/11
String type and tension: RPM Blast/Wilson Sensation @ 55/56 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: After using a number of different rackets, I must say I can't find another racket that does the job as well as this one. The technology today just can't beat the pure, 100% graphite feel in my opinion. In terms of comparing to the older models, this one is more headlight, but a little bit of lead tape should do the trick. I put about 7 inches of lead at 3 and 9 and the racket is playing wonderfully for me.
From: Alex, Canada, 7/11
String type and tension: Alu Rough 58lbs
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: One word. Amazing. Amazing racquet. I don't know why more people aren't using this racquet from beginners to advanced. Ultra comfortable, great feel, nice balance, great control, and an overall great all court racquet. I felt it has an adequate sweetspot for the head size as well. I hope they never quit making this racquet. It is the Gibson Les Paul of tennis racquets.
From: Kelly. 6/11
String type and tension: Premier LT 16
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I had been using POG for years and 6 months ago I switched to K90 to see if it worked for me. Though K90 is a great racquet, I decide to switch back to POG. With my eastern grip and mostly flat groundstroke, I just feel that POG can give me an ultimate control of the ball even though it's a little bit stiffer than K90. My serve is also become more speedy and accurate with POG. I would recommend a softer string or gut string hybrid with ALU Power which can "soften" the stiffness of the racquet but not sacrificing control.
From: Allen, Hong Kong. 6/10
String type and tension: Main - Babolat VS Touch @53lbs; Cross - Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power @48lbs

Comments: My friend had this racquet just lying around so I just borrowed it. The great thing about this racquet is that if you cant hit solid shots with proper technique, you absolutely have to learn the basics over again. The 14x18 string pattern is amazing! groundstrokes have lots of depth and pace. Volleys are okay...the only problem is the manueverability. Serves will only work if you have the full follow through motion down. Overall, great racquet if you are absolutely confident in your technique.
From: Kevin, Carrollton, TX, USA. 06/10
String type and tension: Prince Synthetic Gut/Duraflex, 60lb
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I just have to add another post. I am one of the many, many players who is coming back to the game and is falling victim to the "need" to buy something new. Well I have been look at the Babolat Aero Pro and it is a nice racquet. But today, I was in a tough match. I did everything I could and I just couldn't place the ball where I needed to. Down 4-5 in the second set I pulled out "old faithful" the POGmid. Three games down in less than 6 mins. Depth, pace, and placement. It is a great racquet and one I will never get rid of.
From: Dr. Sax, Lincoln, Ne. 5/10
String type and tension: Prince Syn Gut, 60lbs
NTRP Rating: 3.5 (knocking on 4.0)

Comments: This is a "Dynamite" stick, one of the best ever made. I use the newer tour version of the stick so as people have said it is stiffer. But that does not take away anything from the racquet, and in fact you get more pop and more spin that you did with the older versions. I use a grip somewhere between eastern/semiwestern and have a one handed backhand. For those one-handers out there this stick will help you get that topspin that most two-handers can generate. You can really create some massive topspin on your shots from both wings. The serve is exceptional. I have never served better with any racquet; I could hit big kickers, and nice angled slice serves, and flat serves were no problem. This racquet has absolute control at the net, having both precision and the power to put away any shot. This racquet is ideally for the aggressive all courter, but I guess many base liners will find success with it as well. The only downside to this raquet is that the string longevity is terrible. Most of what you string on this thing will die in about a week or two, but that will not deter me from sticking with this racquet!
From: Rasheeq, New York, NY. 4/10
String type and tension: Luxilon M2 plus 56 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I've been playing with POG mid for 2 years now. I wish I found it before. I have both the 4 stripe 1987 version and the newer tour version. The tour version feels stiffer. If tour is power level 600, then original graphite 90 is more like 500. Other than that the newer version is slightly head light. Very good control and really great at volleys.
From: Yehan, Fort Collins, Colorado. 4/10
String type and tension: Unique Big hitter blue 17g 55/55
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I've been playing with the POG for 2 years now. I really can not understand why the racquets currently produced are so lightweight. And further more, why use all those space technologies which you don't actually need. Simply, a full graphite stick at about 350 grams (strung) is simply enough to master the tennis courts. That's why the POG is my all time favorite.
From: Ton, Netherlands. 03/10
String type and tension: Signum Pro Hyperion 1.24 mm, 27 Kg.
Headsize: 93 (mid)

Comments: Been playing with this thing for 15+ years... so happy they brought it back. Everyone talks about the different versions, but I actually prefer the latest one that is out.
From: anon. San Mateo, CA 03/10
String type and tension: gosen og sheep 18 @57
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: OK, so I fell victim to people saying, "You need a modern racquet with more power." The Prince is too stiff, too old, modern technology...yadda, yadda, yadda. So I bought two Becker V1s; good racquet, but all my shots were going long and I could not control anything. I got out the graphite mid and today I was pinpoint....welll not pinpoint, but 85% better. If it aint broke...don't fix it.
From: Paul, NE, USA, 11/09
String type and tension: POGM 60
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: I just got this racquet and hit it tonight in lessons. I have to tell you, other than having to adjust to the smaller head (I used to play on 110) it rocks. After 13 years off I am back playing and I wanted something familiar. This isn't the exact same as the old graphite, but it is, in my opinion, better. I am hitting with 20 somethings with bags full of the new stuff. Here I come in with one racquet (I am getting more soon), no fancy bag and BAM...I am nailing shots. They finally asked, "What are you playing..." Imagine that.
From: Paul, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. 06/09
String type and tension: 60 Tecnifibre
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 3.5-Rusty 4.0

Comments:What can I say...POG OS & Mid are great racquets. If you have good form the Midsize will take you to the next level, trust me. The newer version is 8 pts HL. I put 9" of lead starting at 10 through 2 o'clock & wal-la its amazing! Just ripping shots left and right. I string it at the lower range for more power & amazing spin. If Sampras or Federer played with this they would be praising it too, but secretly. Remember newer doesn't always mean better; these racquets last forever! Keep up the good work.
From: anon. 06/09

Comments: Been searching for a modern racquet for 2 years to replace my graphite's (played with them in high school and college-still continue to use them) and I just can't find anything close. Racquets these days just don't have the feel. This is an excellent racket and instead of looking for a modern racquet, I just bought two more of these old sticks!
From: Scott, San Jose, CA. 04/09
String tension: 60
Headsize: mid
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: Great racquet. Low-powered player's racquet with tremendous access to spin. The weight and swingweight are just right, and the racquet is very stable. A pleasure to hit with. Small sweet spot, but after getting adjusted, not an issue at all. I string my racquets pretty loosely, but it's just personal preference.
From: John, Chicago, IL. 2/09
String type and tension: 51/55 lbs, Pro Supex Big Ace 16 gauge, Prince Synthetic Gut 16 gauge
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: I've gravitated to the prostaff 6.1 line of Wilson racquets from PSC to HPS and nCodes for a long while but never ceased to experiment on several others, until I came across the POGs. I first bought the OS without demoing and liked it but couldn't resist trying out the mid based on the reviews here. I kept going back to the OS for a while, but after I found the right string set-up and some lead tape at 3&9 o'clock positions, I can now agree to all the POG mid accolades. POG mid is now my regular racquet and the quest is over for me. Thanks Prince!
From: Bobby, Houston, TX. 1/09
String type and tension:17g Babolat Xcel Power 57#
NTRP Rating: 4.

Comments: This stick is very strange to me. I have been playing for 20+ years and started my relationships with graphite rackets with the original POG OS and really enjoyed but as a kid probably didnít know why. Since then I have used most variations of modern frames from the Wilson Profile to Volkl to Head Dunlop you name it. I have been having some arm problems the past couple of years and the one frame that really took care of the TE was the Fishers M Speed though I hated the "feel" it was very muted and mushy. I recently picked up a POG mid to try and was a little concerned that I may not have the game anymore to play this frame. I was wrong...this frame does everything well even with a full polylon SP string job its pretty comfortable. It serves well is a spin machine volleys and is very stable on backhands and returns. Anyone looking for a stable comfortable frame should really give this a try.
From: Tony, IN, USA, 12/08
String type and tension: Polylon SP 17 58
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Used since 1987 and simply the best. You have to try one to appreciate it. Fancy racquets won't make you win. It's all about the skills.
From: Jet, Reseda, CA, USA, 10/08
String type and tension: Prince Syn Gut 17; 65lbs
Headsize: Midsize
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: Amazing racquet. Control, maneuverability, power, spin it's all here. Stringing it at mid tension with Big Banger and gut was deadly for the opponent combining spin feel and power. It not a surprise this is a best seller.
Overall 85
Volleys 85
Topspin 85
Slice 84
Returns 83
Groundstrokes 83
Serves and overheads 82
Touch/Feel 86
Comfort 85
Stability 82
Maneuverability 83
Control 87
Power 73
From: anon, Evansville, IN U.S.A. 9/08
String type and tension:luxilon big banger alu rough, natural gut 17
NTRP Rating: 6.0

Comments: I believe this is the greatest racket, ever. I'm done trying to find a modern replacement for it. Even just by the way it feels in my hand I know this is the racket for me. Whereas the newer rackets feel rather big and bulky, the POG Mid, in comparison, is the lightsaber of tennis rackets. Most important, playing tennis with this racket is fun. You can really play an all- court game and enjoy yourself. Even if, while using one of the newer modern rackets, I were to win all my matches, but at the cost of playing a more restricted, reserved, and one-dimensional game, I would still rather lose yet have fun with the POG Mid while playing an all-court, multi-dimensional game with it.
From: Mat, DC. 9/08
String type and tension: Luxilon BB ALU Rough (48)
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: Just got this racket today, tested it today. All I have to say about this racket is nice design, a lot of spin, and I felt like I improved on my volley and slice with this racket. The racket felt really good when hold it. To me it felt like it's one with my arm. I use full western forehand, and it put so much spin on the ball that it made my opponent think twice. I'm getting another one when I have the money. This racket made me regret of ever buying a Prince O3 Speedport White.
From: Hau le, Manchester, NH, USA. 9/08
String type and tension: Tencifibre/Babolat 60/63lbs
Headsize: 93

Comments: Great control, feel and feedback. It responds my grounstrokes wonderfully, a bit of time is needed to get your spin working, but once you get it you'll enjoy it. It takes some energy so I recommend it to advanced players or ones wih a full swing who have powerful baseline strokes, as it provides excellent control, sacrificing some of the power. Still it's the best frame I have and it's my current no.1, actually I use it as a base for choosing my other racquets. So if you're a baseline or all around player who provides his own power and are looking for control, I definitely recommend a demo.
Overall 82
Volleys 77
Topspin 80
Slice 82
Returns 83
Groundstrokes 80
Serves and overheads 79
Touch/Feel 82
Comfort 82
Stability 81
Maneuverability 79
Control 84
Power 73
From: Joe, Toronto, Don Mils. 8/08
String type and tension: Gamma 28kg
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I recently broke my Wilson Hyper Prostaff 5.0. I ended up demoing a Prince 03 or something like that. It was too flexible for me. But it taught me just how stiff the Wilson was, and that it couldn't hurt to have a racket that wasn't as stiff as the Wilson. I bought the Graphite because it was less stiff but still firm, and because I really wanted the 14/18 pattern I loved when I played with Prince Precision 20 years ago. I couldn't believe that they were still making such a frame. I bought this without a demo. Man, I am glad I did. This is a player's racket. Very good feel, and I have more power now and more control. Amazing. It has just a bit of flex, and I think that and the string grid really helped on kick serves. Coming from a very stiff and solid feel, this racket strung like I had it really hits the ball but doesn't attack the arm like the Wilson did (well I never noticed it until now). Serves have more power and control. I noticed that I could really paint the sideline when serving in the add court. Groundies are effortless and you can hit a very controlled but penetrating shot. Volleys are crisp and have more precision than before. I had no problem with slice either or full westerns for that matter. Best racket I have ever had! And it might just be around 20 years from now!
From: Doug, Berkeley, Ca. 6/08
String type and tension: Prince Problend Kevlar for mains, Babolat VS gut for crosses 60/62 lbs.
Headsize: 90
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: This racquet really is solid. I've tried out many racquets, including the prostaff 5.9, Wilson n6, impact, prince extender etc. However, this racquet is incredible. The weight of it makes it so that however much power you put into it is how much you get out. The topspin also is amazing, and full westerns will literally tear the ball apart. The only area I could dislike is the headsize and that it is a bit small for a full western. However, semis will enjoy this racquet very much.
From: David, Corona, CA, USA, 05/08
String type and tension: Luxilon Big Banger Alu power rough
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: This racquet pretty much excels at everything. Serving is quite controlled and 'kick' is very accessible. Topspin, slice and control are a breeze with groundstrokes. Power is pretty much up to you but that's to be expected in a player's frame. Touch and punch volleys are also quite easy to execute. The flex is quite comfortable on many types of shots. It's a classic and does everything an all-round game utilizes. I would submit extreme western forehands probably need the oversize frame for ample "margin" on their shots. One more important note: I personally feel that the handle shape really aids in feel and control of strokes as long as your grip isn't too extreme. I think it's the part of the racquet that is a bit underrated. All and all, it's a classic for good reason--it delivers.
From: Joe, San Diego, CA, USA. 4/08
String type and tension: Wilson NXT 60lbs.
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: I was looking for Wilson ProStaff 6.1 Classic, and I cannot find it in new/good condition in the market with reasonable price. The is "The Racquet" for me. The Pring Original Graphite 93 is the closest thing to the ProStaff 6.1 Classic. The racquet must be heavy 12+ ounces, but light/easy to move with the right balance. With 9 grams of lead in the throat near of the grip, it becomes a lethal weapon. Precision, precision and precision. It is not for faint of heart player. The feel of the impact when the ball touches the string is amazing, like you touch the ball with your palm. Most new racquets models feel muted, maybe due to new material. It is one of the best classic racquets.
From: Ferry, Houston, TX. 1/08
String type and tension: Tecnifibre X-One BiPhase 17 @ 62lbs
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I have hit with this racquet for almost 20 years and cannot imagine using anything else. I still have two frames in my closet that are brand new. I have demo'd several of the newer racquets over the years, mostly for comparison purposes, and for me none of them even come close. This racquet is heavy by today's standards but it's control is without comparison. Just because it's new does not necessarily mean it's better. Prince came up with a thoroughbred with this racquet and it still a winner!
From: Scott, Pensacola, FL, US. 11/07
String type and tension: Prince synthetic gut 16, 63# cross and 68# mains
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments:I spent quite some time trying different rackets and after all of them I landed on this racket. It simply provides the feedback, power, and consistent response across the strings that other rackets simply can't match. It easily holds its own with the power rackets of today and is comfortable on the arm. I would recommend this racket for players at all levels. I stopped using this racket in the late 80s and after 19 years I have come back to it because of the heavy ball with a pure "pop" you get when you hit it solid.
From: Mark, Fairfield, CT, USA, 10/07
String type and tension: Gosen OG Micro 16, 64lbs
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 5.0-5.5

Comments: I switched to this frame because I wanted a player's frame that was just a tad lighter than the Wilson K Factor 90 that I had. The flex, balance, and weight are perfect. The feel is solid but still offers feedback. What I really like is the open string pattern, which allows me to get some nasty kick on my serve. Prince is smart to keep making this frame for the small niche of players who still want and need a solid player's racquet.
From: Tuan, Houston, TX, USA, 07/07
String type and tension: Prince Syn Gut Multifilament 17, 60 lbs.
Headsize: 93 mid
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I have been playing all of my life. I am 40 years now and still try to play with some of the best young players in my community. I developed severe elbow and biceps/triceps pain. Kept changing racquets and tried them all, honestly! Tried all different brands, weights and balance categories. Tried all kinds of strings too!!! Finally after reading a lot on tennis elbow, decided to play with heavier and flexible racquets so I decided to try this Prince GCO. My arm pain is gone! Took me about a week to get use to the flex and feel (felt so weird in the beginning I must admit) but it was worth it! My serves are powerful again, my groundstrokes very precise. Slice is difficult but I am working on it. Overall very happy to be playing competitive tennis again at my age with no pain! There is a reason some tour pros are still using this racquet. Going to try the oversize soon as many friends tell me is even better, so I will try to let you guys know soon. No longer will I ever play with any racquet less than 12 ounces. Guys I spoke to on the phone at T-W were awesome at giving me advise. Thanks a lot!
From: F. Arzola, Dallas, TX, USA, 07/07
String type and tension: Prince synth multifilament 58
Headsize: mid
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: In my opinion, simply the finest racquet ever produced. Solid feel and ultimate control. It's a true "all court" frame, allowing the best of counterpunching or serve/volley. It'll drive your opponents heavy spin serve back with relative ease, and place volleys with surgical precision. A word of caution however: weighing in at 12oz.+, and a 93 head size, it demands proper technique and footwork, as well as a high level of physical fitness to realize it's full potential. It's a demanding frame that offers unsurpassed performance. (and no, I don't work for Prince!
From: John, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA, 07/07
String type and tension: Babalot Superfine 17
Headsize: 93

Comments: Those that know me well know that I have switched racquets a lot. I am in constant search for the perfect frame for me. I believe I have finally found one to hold on to. The stability and the feel of the POG is like no other. It actually plays larger than a 93", but I imagine that is due to the open string pattern creating the sense of a larger sweetspot. If you have never tried the POG, I highly recommend at least a demo. You never may change you!! I will always play around with different racquets, but I promise there will be a couple POG's in my bag for security.
From: Jeff, Argo, AL, USA. 6/07
String type and tension: Gosen OG 16g @ 60 Lbs
Headsize: 93

Comments: This racquet is something else! I've been using this stick off and on since 1982, even when I was using other racquets I always had 1 in my bag for security! With it I can serve bombs, crush overheads, scream returns, driving heavy top is so amazing & so is knifing through a slice, hitting flat no problem & it has true classical touch that you don't have with most modern rackets. You've got it all in this small but potent mystical Zen tennis sword. Be sure to have some mercy on your opponents next time you play with this stick.
From: Jake, HI, USA. 3/07
String type and tension: Gosen. M @ 55 Lbs X @ 58 Lbs
Headsize: 93 mid
NTRP Rating: 4-4.5

Comments: Great racquet, just received it, haven't played with it much, but it feels really nice in the hand, I recommend adding some lead tape to certain areas though (i.e. 3-9o'clock, throat piece, under the grip, and on tail). I used to use an old Dunlop McEnroe Tour 90si head, and this plays much better. For those suffering from tennis related injuries, I suggest going with the OS, it's much, much more friendly on the body than the midplus.
From: Paul, Modesto CA, USA, 01/07
String type and tension: Prince Synthetic Gut With Duraflex, 55lbs
Headsize: 93 sq in Midplus

Comments: This is the racquet everyone should have. I played this racquet 15 years ago for the first time. For the last 10 years I´ve tried to find some new ones but failed, until yesterday. This racquet gives you POWER, SPIN, CONTROL and more, but you have to put on some lead. I highly recommend this racket, and if you want the original feel of the old Graphite 90 then I also recommend the lead tape.
From: Michael, Sweden. 10/06
String type and tension: Prince Syngut @ 57 lbs
Headsize: 93

Comments: I play sparingly. I have a 1984 Prince Graphite 90 that I bought about 10 years ago in a used sports store for $15. It replaced my 1988 version that broke a couple of years before. I have tried many other rackets in the last 10 years but none give me the control and power combination that this racket does. Some have more control on groundstrokes and no power on the serve and others have plenty of power on the serve and nothing with groundstrokes. I would love to find a better racket, but can't. It is the best. Rackets that briefly took the place of my graphite. Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 95, Prince Tricomp 90, Prince Graphite II.
From: Doug, Columbus, OH, USA 08/06
String type and tension: Prince Pro Blend 63lbs
Headsize: 93

Comments: This racquet is a bit different than the original, with the balance point being more head light than the original. I liked the racket even though it was a little different and found greater control and feel over the 'new technology rackets' currently on sale. Over the past couple of weeks I've changed the balance of my newly purchased Graphite Mid using lead tape (from Babolat) to mimic the balance of the old graphite 90. I found that by putting 3" of lead tape at 3 & 9 o'clock (on both sides of the head - so a total of 12" altogether when combining 3 & 9 o'clock), plus 1.5" inches of lead tape on either side of the racket at 12 o'clock gave a balance equal to my old Graphite 90. This has given the racket even more stability when striking the ball than before, while maintaining the same control - power has also subtlety increased. With the lead tape, the head seems to come through the ball more easily giving more spin & penetration, especially when hitting shots off balance & at extension. I highly recommend this racket, and if you want the original feel of the old Graphite 90 then I also recommend the lead tape.
From: Rob, Carlisle, United Kingdom 07/06
String type and tension: Prince ProBlend, 57 pounds
Headsize: 93 Mid

Comments: Don't waste your money on any other frame. If you're a baseliner that likes to make his/her opponent run, this racquet can have you painting the lines on every shot. Lower tensions allow you the ability to hold the ball on the racquet for a longer period of time, making passing shots effortless. Serves are effortless as well, with the weight of the racquet doing much of the work. There's a reason why this racquet is still being made.
From: Rafal, E. Amherst, NY, USA 06/06
String type and tension: Luxilon Big Banger 64lbs and Prince Topspin 54lbs
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 4.5-5.0

Comments: I have had an original Prince Graphite Pro 90 for about 16 years and just love it. I also have many other Prince racquets but always seem to go back to "old trusty". Anyway, I shop around a lot at used stores and scored the best deal ever this week. At Salvation Army, I found a mint condition, fully strung Prince Graphite Pro 90 series racquet (without case) and paid $1.99 + taxes. Total cost of the racquet was $2.15. I couldn't believe it. I was so pumped. The racquet is dated 1984 (two years older than my first Graphite Pro 90) and looks like it was only used for 1 season. I just finished taking it out for a "spin" (no pun intended) and can't wait to unleash it against my friends.I know they sell newer versions of this racquet. Anyone looking for a good solid racquet with a little weight behind it, get this model. You won't regret it.
From: Christian, Milton, Ontario, Canada 06/06
Headsize: 93 (mid)

Comments: I have bought 2 of these from TW but as others mention they differ from the original version. They are the same in weight but the new ones are considerably more head light. I wonder how I have to custom-weight these to get the original feeling.
From: Peter, Hungary 06/06
String type and tension: Luxilon
Headsize: Mid
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Like a fine wine this racket just gets better with age, I have 4 of these beauties, all strung a little differently, trust me, if Prince wanted to, they could have their pro's play with this frame and they would rip the crap out of the ball. This frame is AWESOME and unlike the Babolat frames you won't need a brace for tennis elbow
From: Christo, Walnut Creek, CA 05/06
String type and tension: Pro Hurricane Blue 17g M's, Gamma Revelation 17g X's
Headsize: Mid

Comments: I just hope Prince keeps producing the Prince Original Graphite racquet. I’ve been using these racquets for over 15 years. I have tried many different racquets, but nothing comes close to feel and control of this racquet.
From: George, Aldan, PA, USA. 10/05
String type: Prince Lightning
Headsize: Midsize.
NTRP Rating: 4.0

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