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Comments: I use this for the crosses in a hybrid setup with Weiss Cannon Silver 17 for the mains on a Head Radical Pro. Weiss Cannon Silver is a very soft poly that really grips the ball. The Revelation gives crisp feel and control. Together these strings do not move even with heavy topspin shots. The Silver is strung at 53 lbs and the Revelation at 55 lbs, which favors control over power.
From: John, 3/14

Comments: I strung a hybrid of Revelation with Live Wire both as the main and then as a cross. I did not like the response from it as a main because it was too stiff and under powered, but it worked great as a cross however, it adds feel to a soft main.
From: Anon, 10/13

Comments: Good response, crisp feel, easy on the arm, and good playability for the price i must say. It moves around a bit, stays lively after hours of play, and I don't think it holds tension well as others stated, but it's worth a try! Note, string it with 5-10% pre-strech.
From: Pete, 11/12

Comments: I have liked the gamma multifilaments. I have Live Wire 16 on a Donnay Yellow-99 racket at 52 lbs...It's a very soft hit but gives good depth on a reflex shot. I have the Revelation 17 strung in a Dunlop 200 4D Tour at 56 lbs. this is very close the the string i demoed the racket with (dunlop explosive syn) which made me like it and get it. The racket mass and the softer Gamma Rev 17s are comfy on the arm and give good direction on ball impact. The strings roughen early on and don't seem to need much, if any, break in period. This combo gives a nice weighty precise feel without the arm-shaking that my previous poly string had, yet with noticable spin effect. These are a good price too.
From: Scott, 6/12

Comments: This string plays very well. I hybrid this with Gosen OG Sheep Micro 17 on the cross and the power and spin is enough needed for the average player. It was string on an 18x20 string pattern racquet, too! There is movement but I felt like it doesn't affect spin much in this heavily dense string pattern. It is kind of greasy. Compared to PolyStar Energy, the greasiness of the Revelation is about half as much.
From: Cho, MN, USA. 4/11

Comments: I used this string with in my Yonex RDiS Tour XL 100 at a high tension and it is nice. The strings do not move a lot and tension has held very nicely for a soft string.
From: Kevin, Charlotte, NC, 10/10

Comments: I remember my first time with this string. Great feel and really responsive. I keep coming back to this string. I like the feel of multifilament. Good pop, bite, spin, and price. I've tried professional, but it seemed to move too much. strung mine at 58lbs KBlade 98. Really recommend.
From: Bee, LAX, WI, USA. 5/10

Comments: I use this string as the crosses on my Head Liquidmetal 4. I string them at 62. My mains are Zo Plus (Gamma doesn't make this string anymore and I'll have to find a suitable substitute soon)strung at 58. This combination gives me the perfect blend of power and control. I am making shots I've never been able to make in my life (and I've been playing since 1974). I haven't had any breakage issues, but I don't hit with a lot of spin.
From: Roddy, Wildomar, CA, USA.
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: If you're looking for a good AND affordable hybrid set-up, use Revelation with either the Gamma Zo Magic or Twist. The Twist will help provide a bit more bite on the ball because of its pentagonal cross-section. Just beware that the Revelation will break before the Magic or Twist in the mains. Interestingly, the Revelation doesn't make any noise at all when it breaks. You could use something a bit more durable in the crosses, but you will lose some feel. Again, I can't emphasize enough that you can't beat the price of this set-up. I am an open level amateur who occasionally plays future pros.
From: Luke, La Mesa, CA, USA. 08/09

Comments: I would recommend stringing your racquets 3 to 5% higher than normal with the Revelation 17g. On the first hit, I felt that I had already lost maybe about 1.5lbs of tension. I've played with this string in one of my kPS88's, and compared it to my other kPS88 (both purchased from TW - thanks guys!!) that had Babolat Addiction 17g. The Revelation string has the similar arm-friendliness, but is half a step lower in the feel and power departments. A decent multi that I'd be willing to put in all my racquets. And the price tag doesn't hurt either.
From: Kristian, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 07/09

Comments: This string is oh so bad let me count the ways. 1. Stringing: This string crushes really easily. So there is no way to clamp it with out leaving marks. I am not sure if this hurts the string but it can't be good for it. 2. Stretchy: This string stretched like a rubber band when I strung it. Crazy far. I almost didn't have enough take up in the stringer to get the proper tension. 3. Loose: Because of rubber band effect of this string my first string job was WAY too loose. I had to string another racket and add 4 pounds and it was still way too loose. I string a third and added 3 more pounds and then it came out too tight. I ran through 3 sets of strings and nothing seemed to work for me. 4. Cheap: Because I am cheap I continued to play with these really loose rackets anyhow. I found that after 5 sets of tennis the string went completely dead. Dead is better than really loose I guess but how could anyone really live with sting like this changing characteristics every few sets. 5. Topspin. Once the strings went dead they lost all bite on the ball. So I could not get any top spin on the ball. I ended up having to hit high and deep and give up on hard driving balls with topspin. All in all this is the most bizarre string I have ever tried. I can't understand how anyone plays with it successfully.
From: Tom, Cary, NC, USA 07/09

Comments: A lot of comments about this string are right on. This is a very good string. It holds tension well, the feel, control and power is very good. I'm a lefty with a lot of topspin and power(4.5) I use the 17 gauge and I'm impressed with how well it hold up. Try it you'll like it.
From: Lee, Oakland, CA, USA. 04/09

Comments: This string is just awesome. It is one of the 'softest' strings I've ever hit with, but in no way mushy or too soft. The feeling and touch you get from it is incredible, not to mention the serious, satisfying 'pop' you hear (for better or worse, it's one of the loudest strings I've ever played with). It really made my 18x20 AG200 feel more like a 16x19. Every shot of mine was better with this racquet- I am trying to come up with something, ANYTHING, negative about this string but I simply can't think of anything. I have no idea of the durability since I have only used them one day, but I don't particularly care how durable they are, either. Also, for soft, relatively high-gauge strings, they hardly move at all. Not a huge deal, but that is a plus. I noticed that I was getting much more power with a lot less effort, but it's not a 'trampoline' effect where the ball flies where ever it wants- the ball just explodes off the strings. buy this string, don't waste your money on natural gut, which honestly does NOT perform all that much better than this (I used to use Babolat natural gut exclusively and I know how it plays). again- BUY IT!
From: jon, long beach, CA, USA. 3/09
Strung @58 lbs

Comments: Wow is this string a winner. Excellent feel and control for its price, it has a value that can't be beat. I strung it what I consider too loose for my swing style, especially just coming off of playing Pro Hurricane strings at 62lbs, but it definitely added some pop to my serve and backhand. There is excellent access to spin even on my 18x20 LM Radical, however, find myself searching for a little bit more on serves. Currently I have it strung @ 58lbs, and will probably string it at 60-61. Then this baby will really shine. Overall, EXCELLENT string.
From: Parker, CT, USA. 6/07

Comments: Gamma gut has always been my string of choice. Great string, great price. My style, serve and volley, string tension 43 lbs., on Wilson Pro Staff 85 midsize., lots of touch and feel for slice and drop shots, take the ball on the rise, hit flat on approach shots, hate topspin with a passion and mainly using the power of the other guy to my advantage. So the Gamma Revelation 17 is just perfect for all of the above. Minor little flaw is that it shows sign of stress a little too soon. Overall score: 4.95
From: Paul, Santa Barbara, CA, USA. 10/06

Comments: Great string for my old Prestige Midplus. It does open up the tight 18X20 stringbed noticeably (or maybe just feels softer anyway). More grip on the ball without any loss of control. At this low price, the VALUE is definitely there. If it lasts a month or more than 20-25 hours of play, Iíll be a customer for life (of my 2 racquets).
From: Phil, Corona, CA, USA, 12/05
String and Tension: Mains-Head I.Prestige XL @ 59lbs. Crosses- @ 57 lbs.

Comments: Agree with all the prior comments, and would add that the outer coating used for Live Wire Revelation is very effective at reducing/eliminating the surface fraying that most other multifilament strings exhibit. Also, at 1.27mm diameter, this 17 gauge string is really a 16L; this, no doubt, adds to its durability. I find this diameter to play beautifully, with great spin, even in the densely strung racquets I use. A really nice multi.
From: Louis, Boca Raton, FL, USA. 9/05

Comments: I took two customized and matched Prince More Attack Midplus Racquets. One was strung with Gamma Live Wire Revelation 17, and the other with my former 17g syn. gut string of choice. Both were strung at 62 lbs. on a Neos 1000 (lockout) machine. This is my analysis after six hours of play: Revelation has better ball pocketing, more control, a slightly softer feel and similar crispness, adds more topspin with similar effort on my part, and a bit more power, which is most noticeable (and appreciated) on serves. Tension maintenance is excellent for a multifilament, probably among the very best, but the syn. gut is a bit better in this respect. I did not identify the other string as it is an excellent product, and does not deserve to be disparaged, and I would use it again if need be. But Revelation is my new string of choice. For rating is 5.0, with semi-western forehand, one handed backhand and an all-court style.
From:Cal, Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Ntrp rating: 5.0

Comments: Best described as a crisp multi. Seems to hold tension pretty well. Also doesn't move around too much adding to the durability a little. Pretty good deal for the $ especially since it plays far better than Wilson Sensation.
From: Derek, Jersey City, NJ, USA. 4/05

Comments: I found this string soft, but not mushy, offering good power and feel. I usually play a gut hybrid, but this string will be useful in the summer when I play on damp clay.
From: John, St. Louis, MO, USA. 12/04

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