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Comments: The Gamma RZR 98M has its pluses and minuses. On the most notable plus side, it lives up to its claim as perhaps the most aerodynamic racquet on the market. The curvature on virtually all aspects on the frame allows for lightning swift and buttery smooth strokes. This is particularly advantageous to topspin players who swing with a windshield wiper motion. Now on the minus side, the Gamma RZR 98M has a very brassy feel. Anything hit outside the sweet spot will yield an annoying vibrating ping sound. If you're a player that requires "feel," this is not the racquet for you. I was however, able to neutralize the ping sound by putting extra dampeners while using Synthetic Gut or Multifilament strings as my setup. Still, putting all those vibration dampeners is kind of overkill and Gamma still needs to improve their RZR 98 lines to address this issue. This racquet is very flexible and therefore, very comfortable and easy on the arm. If you can generate your own power, then this flexible racquet is suitable for you. Overall, I'm quite pleased with this racquet but it does have its shortcomings (which most other racquets do anyway) and you'll need to configure it properly to make it work for you.
From: Felipe, 9/14

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